Hans Peter Umstatt BIBLIOGRAPHY

Compiled by Cris Hueneke

This is a collection of published material and some primary records on Hans Peter UM. Each item is either quoted or mentioned briefly, depending on its content. I've made comments as applicable. It is important to remember, while considering these items, that none was written specifically or exclusively about Hans Peter. It is therefore our job as UM descendants to determine reliability, particularly as compared with original documents. The bibliography is ordered by date because later authors often quoted earlier works, and sometimes made statements without citing a source, so this allows us to consider what information was available to each author at the time of writing. It is never my intention to disparage the work of any of these authors. Their work has provided clues that have enabled me to find the very documents that often disprove the information they present. My purpose here is to give researchers a guide to what's out there and what's in it. I have copies of all items listed unless otherwise noted.

The published material contained in these items is NOT all correct!!! Please don't use it on its own!!! Please read comments and compare it with CORRECT information in items that include original documentation or as found elsewhere on this site!!!




Undated film copy of a compilation of Umstead information which shows Nicholas and Hans Peter as being of Crefeld (Krefeld).

Undated: "The Founders of Germantown," by Francis Daniel Pastorius - according to one of our researchers, it mentions all the families who came on the first two ships from Crefeld, and includes the Umstatts.

Undated: Misc info from the Montgomery County Historical Society Umstat File apparently states that Hans Peter and wife were both buried in the "Mennonite Cemetery east of Skippack," and that their names are obliterated on the tombstones (unverified).

1685, 1689, 1706 Hans Peter's Germantown Land Deeds

1691 Hans Peter's Naturalization as seen in various sources.

1692 Petition, Pennsylvania County, Hans Peter Umstat, p 499, Database: PA Early Census Index. Found on Ancestry.com with this source Information: Jackson, Ronald V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.. Pennsylvania Census, 1772-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1999. Original data: Compiled and digitized by Mr. Jackson and AIS from microfilmed schedules of the U.S. Federal Decennial Census, territorial/state censuses, and/or census substitutes.

1693 Tax List - Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Volume 19, #2, 2002, page 55, "The First Tax List for the Province of Pennsylvania and the Three Lower Counties," 1693, abstracted and indexed by Adams Apple Press, Bedminster, PA, 1994. The list includes Upstead, Hance Peter #536, £0-8s-4d, German Town, Philadelphia County.

1705 Hendrick Pannebecker's date of arrival, the marriage date, Eve's date of death, and birthdates of their children are listed in "Pennypacker Express" March-April 2008, which shows info handwritten by Hendrick Pannebecker in DE WERKEN van den HOOG VERLICHTEN JACOB BRIL (THE WORKS OF JACOB BRIL), published in Dutch in Amsterdam by Barent Visser, 1705. The article in "Pennypacker Express" states on page 4 that Hans Peter et al came from Crefeld. This is of course incorrect and I've asked Pennypacker Mills to print a correction.
The entire article, including the image with a German transcript and an English translation may be viewed and downloaded at http://www2.montcopa.org/historicsites/cwp/fileserver,Path,HISTORICSITES/March-April%202008%20newsletter.pdf,assetguid,91b99947-d9bd-457a-9360e6a492f8762e.pdf

1878 Pennypacker, Samuel W, "The Settlement of Germantown and the Causes Which Led To It," an address before the Pennsylvania Historical Society October 20, 1878," by Samuel W Pennypacker. Published in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol IV, 1880. Quoted in Van Bibber Pioneers E-Newsletter, Vol 4, No 1, November, 1999, as submitted by Alice Schurman.

1880 Pennybacker, Samuel W, "The Settlement of Germantown, and the Causes Which Led To It," The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol IV, No 1. This earlier work of Pennypacker's shows Hans Peter arriving from Crefeld, page 22. He is not mentioned otherwise. Available through PERSI.

1881 Coleman, James - see 1925 National Genealogical Society Quarterly

1881 Futhey, J. Smoth and Cope, Gilbert, THE HISTORY OF CHESTER COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA WITH GENEALOGICAL AND BIOLOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES, Louis H Everts, Philadelphia, 1881, page 23:
"The 'ffrancis & Dorthy," from London, Richard Bridgeman commander, Arrived at Philadlephia the 12th of the 8th month, 1685. The passengers names are as followeth: Isaac Shepheard and Gertrude his wife and Margaret his daughter. John Peter Umstat and Barbara his wife, John his sonn, Margaret and Eave his daughters. Garret hendrix and mary his wife and Sarah his daughter. Henry Fry, his servant. Peter Shoomaker and Peter, his sonn, Mary his daughter & Sarah his cosen; Frances and Gertrude, his Daughters. Heny Pookeholes and Mary his wife. Aron Wonderly. John Saxby and Elizabeth his wife and John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Lucy and Ester his children." (Submitted by Dottie Witkop)

1883 Samuel W. Pennypacker, Historical and biographical sketches/01 Settlement of Germantown

1884 "A Partial List of the Families Who Arrived at Philadelphia between 1682 and 1687. With Dates of Their Arrival." Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 8:3, July 1884, page 338. From a manuscript in the Historical Society of PA. Umstat, John Peter and family members listed. I have not seen this, so if anyone has a copy, please let me know.

1894 Pennypacker, Samuel W, "Hendrick Pennebecker, Surveyor of Lands for the Penns, 1674-1754," Philadelphia, 1894, page 14, as appeared in The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, issue unknown, source WFT CD #213.

1894 THE PERKIOMEN REGION, Past and Present, Vol 1, #1, September 1894, republished in book form by Adams Apple Press, Bedminster, PA, 1994, page 2 (of the book) lists Hans Peter Umstat as Eve's father.

1899 Pennypacker, Hon Samuel W, THE SETTLEMENT OF GERMANTOWN and the Beginning of German Emigration to North America, William J Campbell, Philadelphia, 1899

1899 The Pennsylvania-German Society, Proceedings and Addresses at Allentown, Oct. 14, 1898, Vol. IX, published by the society 1899, p 180, quotes 1899 Pennypacker page 128. This issue also includes a copy of the page from Hans Peter's Bible.

1899 (ca) "The Pennypacker Pedigree," by Governor Samuel W Pennypacker

1908 article "Krefeld in America" by Alois Nieszner in Krefeld Anzeiger

1908 Learned, Marion D, LIFE OF FRANCIS DANIEL PASTORIUS, FOUNDER OF GERMANTOWN, Wm J Campbell, Philadelphia.

1911 Jordan, John W, LL.D., COLONIAL & REVOLUTIONARY FAMILIES OF PENNSYLVANIA, VI, The Lewis Publishing Company, New York, Chicago.

1911 Jordan, John W, LL.D., COLONIAL FAMILIES OF PHILADELPHIA, Vol 1, The Lewis Publishing Company. This item is often quoted as a source for UM information, shown simply as "Colonial Families of Philadelphia."

1913 Jordan, John W (Editorial Supervision), "A History of the Juniata Valley and Its People, Vol II, Lewis Historical Publishing Co, New York.

1913 A History Of The Juniata Valley And It's People - Volume 2, published Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1913.

1917 Sullivan, E Ray - in a letter written to the Historical Department Librarian at the Iowa State Library, Sullivan states that Nicholas Umstat died in Crefeld, and that Hans Peter Umstat was born in Crefeld, obviously quoting earlier erroneous published sources. Descendant Darel Coterel found this in a typed document at the Allen County Libaray in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Sullivan's work is also on file at the Iowa State Library in Garden Grove and is available on LDS Film #1020762, Item 10, "Umstead Family."

1922 Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, THE STRASSBURGER FAMILY and ALLIED NAMES OF PENNSYLVANIA, privately printed Gynnedd Valley, PA, pages 384-386. See also Hans Peter's Rotterdam Deed for a full transcript of the Schumacher deed, which is said to be identical to that of Hans Peter. This book also includes a transcript of a later Schumacher deed, which mentions Hans Peter and is shown on this site in Grund- und Lagerbuch.

1924 Pennsylvania German Society Vol 25, Chapter 4 "Germantown," page 96 lists the membership list of the Germantown church of 1708, which DOES NOT INCLUDE Hans Peter. The source is Morgan Edwards, Material for a History of the American Baptists, published in 1770. A bit more from this item in "Burial at Lower Skippack Does Not Constitute Proof of a Mennonite Affiliation."

1925 National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol XIV, #4, December, 1925, pages 49 and 57.

1925 Brumbaugh, G.M. see above NGSQ

1928 Virkus, Frederick A, Editor, THE ABRIDGED COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY; Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1968; World Family Tree CD #200, 1997, has several listings on Hendrick (Pannebecker) Pennybacker which include his wife Eve Umstat. On some listings, she is shown incorrectly as daughter of Nicholas and on others correctly as his granddaughter. Eve was daughter of Hans Peter, not Nicholas. The pages are 124, 234, 762 ("daughter of Nicholas Umstadt, who arrived in Pa. 1685"), 797, and 873. Nicholas did not come to Pennsylvania.

ca 1925 Eyerman Genealogy

1929 Hubben, Wilhelm DIE QUÄKER IN DER DEUTSCHEN VERGANGENHEIT, Quäker-Verlag Leipzig, pages 71 and 72. The source of Hull's error in naming Hans Peter Cassel instead of Hans Peter Umstatt as signer on passport request.

1929, Smith, Professor C. Henry, "The Mennonite Immigration to Pennsylvania in the Eighteenth Century," Part XXXIII, Prepared at the Request of the Pennsylvania-German Society," published in the Proceedings of the Pennsylvania-German Society, Norristown, 1929, Part II, pp. 1-412. C. Henry Smith, PhD, Professor of History in Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH.

1932 PERKIOMEN REGION Vol X, #2, April, 1932, #7 (as quoted in Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants Vol 6, #1, 1989) mentions Nicholas as dying in Crefeld and Hans Peter Umstat "who came from Crefeld," etc.

1933 BENDER, Harold S in Mennonite Quarterly Review, VOL III, No 3, 1933, p 227, article "The Founding of the Mennonite Church in Germantown 1683-1708," quotes 1929 Hubben error, discusses the religion of Hans Peter and Heinrich Pannebecker.

1933 Hocker, Edward W, GERMANTOWN, ITS EARLY CHURCHES AND LAND OWNERS, Philadelphia, 1933.

1933 Hocker, Edward W, Librarian of the Germantown Historical Society, "250th Anniversary of the Settlement of Germantown," page 12, "Settlers Who Came in 1684," includes Hans Peter Umstat (Umstead) as from Crefeld. This is incorrect - Hans Peter came in 1685 from Kriegsheim.

1934 Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, LL.D, PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN PIONEERS, A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia From 1727 to 1808, two volumes, Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, 1934, reprinted Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1966, contains a description of The Journey to Pennsylvania fifty or so years after Hans Peter and family made the trip. Although it doesn't discuss Hans Peter directly, the information is interesting and it can only be presumed that in 1685 the hardships were even worse than those described. These two volumes include other, later UM immigrants's information, and Volume III, which was not reproduced, but is still available in some libraries, contains photocopies of the original lists.

1934 THE PERKIOMEN REGION VOL XII Nos 3 and 4, October, 1934 Whole Nos 46, 47, Edited and Published by H W Kriegel for THE PERKIOMEN HISTORY AND SCIENCE SOCIETY.

1934 Francis, Reverend J. G. (Jacob Gottwals "Jay), "Our Umstead Kin"

1935 Hull, William I, WILLIAM PENN and the DUTCH QUAKER MIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA, Swarthmore College Monographs on Quaker History, Number Two, 1935 - much of Hull's info has been quoted as applicable on various pages.

1936 Lohr, Otto, "Einwanderer in Pennsylvania vor 1700," in Jahrbuch für Auslanddeutsche Sippenkunde, 1, (1936), 53-54 [Lancour No. 116], is quoted in 1980 Boyer and 1986 "Krefeld Immigrants."

1937 Die Heimat Information transcribed by Nachlass W Niepoth from this publication.

1937 Wenger, John C, HISTORY OF THE MENNONITES OF THE FRANCONIA CONFERENCE, Franconia Mennonite Historical Society, Telford, PA, 1937. "I. Crefeld-Lower Rhine Group: Hans Peter Umstat, Oct. 12, 1685 (with wife Barbara, d. Aug. 12, 1702, son John, daughter Anna Margaretha, d. Feb. 10, 1696, and daubhter, Eve, m. Hendrick Pannebecker, 1699." This item quoted in a letter dated April 25, 1966, from The Bucks County Historical Society, Doylestown, PA, to Mr. Ariel L Crowley, Attorney at Law, of Idaho City, Idaho. The Bucks County Historical Society letter goes on to state: "All of our records on Hans Peter Umstatt give the same information with no mention of other children born after arriving in this country." Note: This book is available for sale online (12/07) at various used/antiquarian booksellers.

Note: Mr. Crowley, later Judge Crowley, died in 2005. He was quite the researcher. He was actually an OLMstead, a descendant of Jabez. His collection of Umstead docs came to me from Dr David Faris's files.

1947 Cushman, Mrs Palmer H, "Justice & Umstead Families of Frederick County Maryland 1685-1947," reprinted by Mr Harry M Ball, 1979, Montgomery County Historical Society, Inc, from SLC film Q929.273J984c, which, according to Ball, was in very poor condition. Cushman quotes 1908 "Krefeld in America," and 1691 Naturalization.

1940 Nieper, Friedrich, Die ersten deutschen Auswanderer von Krefeld nach Pennsylvanien ...

1948 Cook, Lewis D. of Philadelphia for Mr Heath T. Coburn of Fontana, CA, UMSTAT OF GERMANTOWN AND OF SKIPPACK, PHILADELPHIA CO, PA.

ca1950-1974 Umstead, Richard Baxter, Jr, of Kensington, MD, a descendant of John Umstead of NC, circulated what he then believed was his UM line, based on the work of earlier researchers. He stated that Nicholas died in Krefeld, that Hans Peter purchased Germantown land "prior to departing Krefeld," and that Johannes was born in Krefeld, which we now know is incorrect. His information on further generations has also been updated elsewhere on this site (see John of NC).

1952 Pennypacker, Bevan A, "Source of a Family," an article in the Germantown Crier, No 1, March, 1952, mentions Hans Peter briefly in a discussion of the Pennypacker family.

1953 Gratz, Delbert L, BERNESE ANABAPTISTS, The Mennonite Historical Society, Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana. This item contains no direct reference to Hans Peter, but is discussed briefly in 1929 Smith.

1959 The Mennonite Encyclopedia, Vol IV, O-Z Supplement

1959 Saylor, Judge Harold D, President of the Germantown Historical Society, EARLY GERMANTOWN, a small 26-page booklet celebrating the 275th anniversary of the founding of Germantown. "With the arrival in 1685 from Krisheim of immigrants who had been subjects of the Elector Palatine ..." (page 4). On page 25, part of the section "Founders of Germantown," he lists "Settlers Who Came in 1684" and "These were from Crefeld," which includes Hans Peter Umstat (Umstead). Saylor's booklet again demonstrates how the erroneous earlier information on Hans Peter Umstat was reprinted many times. His date of 1684 and Hans Peter's coming from Crefeld comes from 1933 Hocker (above), which is one of his listed sources. He states, "The author makes no claim to originality nor does he pretend to have researched early records for new data regarding the ancient community of which we are all so proud. The information given has been gleaned from publications, in and out of print ..." (page 18), and further, "[The author] has used verbatim the phraseology of Mr. Hocker ..."(page 20).

1960's - at some point in or prior to the 1960's, an unknown UM descendant was corresponding with a Karl Friedrich von Frank, of Schloss Senftenegg (sp?), Post. Ferschnitz - Niederosterreich, Austria. The information he provided was handwritten in a letter to Dr Faris. I was nothing new, just info we have seen in published sources.

1964 Seaman, Mrs Vashti, "Early Settlers of Germantown"

1965 Rupp, Prof. I. Daniel, A COLLECTION OF UPWARDS OF THIRTY THOUSAND NAMES OF GERMAN...AND OTHER IMMIGRANTS IN PENNSYLVANIA FROM 1727 TO 1776 ..." Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, page 429, Appendix No. I. "Names of First Settlers at Germantown and Vicinity, From 1683 to 1710." Hans Peter Umbstat is listed on page 432 with no further information. Names having an asterisk (*) were naturalized by an Act of Assembly, 1708-1709. Hans Peter's name does NOT have an asterisk. There is footnoted information on some others, but not on Hans Peter and there is no further source information, which might indicate the existence of an original list with these individuals. This book contains the original German text plus a translation into English.

1965 Michel, Paul, "Täufer, Mennoniten und Quäker in Kriegsheim bei Worms - das Täufertum bis zum 30 jährigen Krieg," published in Der Wormsgau, 7, 1965 - Michel's article, which is written in German, is quoted throughout various pieces on this site. I may add more from it as a separate item later on. See also 1981 Michel. The article may be obtained from: Hessische Landes- Und Hochschulbibliothek, Schloss, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany.

1965 Fry, Laura Valeria (and Della R Ulmer) "Umstead (Umstadt) Loux-Drissel-Pennebacker Genealogy."

1970 Roach, Hannah Benner, "The Philadelphia and Bucks County Registers of Arrivals, Compared, Corrected, and Re-Transcribed." In PASSENGERS AND SHIPS PRIOR TO 1684, edited by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1970, pp. 159-175. (see 1985 Sheppard).

1975 TEPPER, MICHAEL, editor, EMIGRANTS TO PENNSYLVANIA, 1641-1819: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1975. 292p. Repr. 1979, page 16. Listing on Hans Peter is the same as 1970 Roach and 1985 Sheppard, quoted verbatim. This book is also available on WFT CD170.

1979 TEPPER, MICHAEL, editor, NEW WORLD IMMIGRANTS: A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists and Associated Data from Periodical Literature. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979. 568p. and 602p. Repr. 1980. Vol. 1, page 434.

1979 Ball, Harry M, "Justice & Umstead Families of Frederick County Maryland 1685-1947," see 1947 Cushman.

1980 Boyer, Carl, 3rd, Editor, SHIP PASSENGER LISTS, Pennsylvania and Delaware (1641-1825). Newhall, Calif.: the editor, 1980. 289p. 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992.

1981 Michel, Paul CHRONIK VON MONSHEIM (Chronicles of Monsheim), Druckerei Kunke GmbH, 6521 Monsheim bei Worms, Wormser Straße 22, 1981.
"Täufer, Mennoniten und Quäker in Kriegsheim bei Worms - das Täufertum bis zum 30 jährigen Krieg," as published in Der Wormsgau, 7, 1965, pages 180-195 is quoted throughout various pieces on this site. Use this link for additional information from the book itself.

1983 Ulle, Robert F, "Research Notes - Materials on Mennonites in Colonial Germantown," Mennonite Quarterly Review, Vol LVII, #4, October, 1983. An account of Rudolphus Varick, 1690, regarding the Germantown churches. And "The Original Germantown Families," from Mennonite Family History, April 1983.

1983 Smucker, David J and Robert F Ulle, "The River's Source Was a Small Stream Named Germantown," The Genealogical Helper, Sept-Oct 1983. Listed as one of the "first" Germantown families is Hans Peter Umstatt of Crefeld.

1983 Miller, Marcus L, "Germantown Residents Naturalized in 1691." In Mennonite Family History, vol. 2:3 (July 1983), pp. 102-104. See 1990 Filby for quote from this source. I don't have the article itself.

1984 Smucker, David J and Robert F Ulle, "Germans Who Came to Germantown, PA, in 1683 & Later," Orange County California Genealogical Society Quarterly, Huntington Beach, CA, vol 12:1, March 1984, page 21.

1983 Ruth, John L, "The Emigration From Krefeld to Pennsylvania 1683," Mennonite Quarterly Review, Vol LVII, #4, October 1983, does not discuss Hans Peter specifically, but does give us some insight into Dirck Sipman and the land purchase

1984 Ruth, John L, MAINTAINING THE RIGHT FELLOWSHIP, Studies in Anabatist and Mennonite History, No. 26, Herald Press, Scottdale, PA 15683 and Kitchener, Ontario 1984

1984, Ruth, same as above, pages on KRIEGSHEIM HISTORY

1985 Sheppard, Walter Lee, PASSENTERS AND SHIPS PRIOR TO 1684, The Welcome Society of Pennsylvania, 1985.

1985 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 2 #1, page 3, quotes 1899 Pennypacker pages 122 and 128

1986 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 3 #1, page 3, quotes 1936 Lohr and 1980 Boyer.

1987 PALATINE MENNONITE CENSUS LISTS 1664-1793, Guth and Mast, Mennonite Family History, Elverson, PA

1989 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants Vol 6, #1, quotes 1932 PERKIOMEN REGION.

1990 YADON-PENNYBAKER FAMILY HISTORY, compiled by Betty Jo Weaver Windel, Hp Publishing, contains a few minor references to Hans Peter, Nicholas, and Eve Umstat which state that they came from Crefeld. Hans Peter's Bible is also mentioned.

1990 Filby, P. William, Editor with Dorothy M Lower, PASSENGER AND IMMIGRATION LISTS INDEX, 1986-1990 Cumulated Supplements, Gale Research, Inc, page 2425 lists Umstadt, Hans Peter, Germantown, PA 1685 with a reference to 5650 page 104 (1983 Miller), shows wife Barbara and son John, daughter Anna, daughter Margaretta, and daughter Eve. Obviously this is in error regarding Anna Margaretta. On the same page is listed Umstat, John Peter, Philadelphia 1685, with reference to 7585 page 166 (1970 Roach), showing wife Barbara, son John, daughter Margaret, daughter Eave. See full references separately on this list. Note that this is not based on original passenger lists or immigration records, but only on the work of others.

1990 Duffin, James, "Germantown Landowners, 1683-1714: Installment IV," which appeared in Germantown Crier, Vol 42, #3, 1990, p65.

1991 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 8, #2, pages 65 and 66 quotes 1984 Ruth.

1992 Duffin, James M, article "The First Map of Germantown: A Neglected Source," in Germantown Crier, Vol 44, #2, page 8, briefly discusses Hans Peter's passport requests, quoting Michel. The article contains information about the 1688 map of Germantown, which lists Hans Peter's lot.


1994 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 11 #2, page 60 mentions Hans Peter in an article about Johannes - see Johannes Extras.

1995 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 12, #2, page 48, quotes 1993 Haller page 113 on Krefeld.

1995 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 12, #2, page 48, quotes 1993 Haller page 125.

1995 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 12, #2, page 57, quotes 1992 Duffin.

1996 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants,Vol 13, #1, page 5, quotes Haller page 15.

1996 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 13, #1, page 33, lists a query stating that Hans Peter Umstat was a Quaker, without a source. There has been nothing found to indicate that he was a Quaker.

1997 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 14, #1, page 4 quotes 1933 Hocker.

1997 Watring, Anna Miller EARLY QUAKER RECORDS OF PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA Vol 1, 1682-1750 does NOT show Hans Peter.

1998 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 15 #2, page 74 discusses the Grund und Lager Buch and states only that Hans Peter Umstat's page 231 contains no entry.

1999 Umstattd, Elizabeth (Betsy) UMSTADT: The Rhine To Skippack & Beyond - The Route of a German Settler's Family, privately published, Villanova, PA, 1999. Published prior to new information presented on this site, the book contains some previously published errors which are being corrected on an ongoing basis. The price is $35 plus shipping and it may be ordered via email to [email protected].

1999 "Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 16, #1, page 5 quotes 1911 Jordan, shows Hans Peter from Crefeld and (Jordan) is the source of the infamous "brother-in-law" statement that has presumably caused so much confusion about Hans Peter's son Johannes's wife. See 1911 Jordan for details.

1999 Van Bibber Pioneers E-Newsletter, Vol 4, No 1, November, 1999 - see 1878 Pennypacker.

1999 The Palatine Immigrant Vol. XXIV, No. 4, September, 1999, p 167: "UMSTADT/UMSTAAT, Hans Peter, son of Nicholas, b. Krefeld, Westfalen; d. c. 1700 Germantown, PA; m. Barbara d. 12 Aug 1702 Germantown. Arr: 12 Oct 1685 "Francis & Dorothy" Phila. Children: Johannes; Anna Margaretha; Eve m. Hendrick Pannebecker [pub. Vol XX, No 3 June, 1995] Rel: Mennonite.

2001 The Panebecker Newsletter, Vol 1, No 1, December, 2001, quotes 1913 Jordan, showing Hans Peter from Crefeld and Nicholas dying in Crefeld, along with brief mention of Hans Peter's Bible. Correction was made in a later issue.

2003 Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 20 #1, Spring 2003, page 4, recites info from the Germantown Grund- und Lager Buch same as in 1908 Learned.

2004 "Jacob Gottwals Francis" by David J Bachman, Brethern Roots, Volume 36, Number 1, 2004. See 1934 Francis, "Our Umstead Kin."

2008 Hendrick's date of arrival, the marriage date, Eve's date of death, and birthdates of their children are listed in "Pennypacker Express" March-April 2008, which shows info handwritten by Hendrick Pannebecker in DE WERKEN van den HOOG VERLICHTEN JACOB BRIL (THE WORKS OF JACOB BRIL), published in Dutch in Amsterdam by Barent Visser, 1705. The birth dates of the children (last 1725) and her date of death would indicate that Eve was probably born earlier than previously thought, perhaps around 1680.
The entire article, including the image with a German transcript and an English translation may be viewed and downloaded at http://www2.montcopa.org/historicsites/cwp/fileserver,Path,HISTORICSITES/March-April%202008%20newsletter.pdf,assetguid,91b99947-d9bd-457a-9360e6a492f8762e.pdf


There are numerous websites out there that contain all the old erroneous information on Nicholas and Hans Peter. If you are surfing and you run into them, PLEASE email the site owners and refer them to www.Umstead.ORG.

There are still many more references to Hans Peter in various books and articles. They will be added here on an ongoing basis, as I get to them or as they are found. Please check this page often. Hopefully it will save you the trouble of looking for these items, or, in some cases, will help you to find them. If you are looking for something and don't see it here yet, email me, I may have it.


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