1925 National Genealogical Society Quarterly

1925 National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol XIV, #4, December, 1925, pages 49 and 57



"Pages 17, 18, (presumably of Coleman's work) are petitioners "To the Representative of the Free-men of this Province of Pennsylvania, and Counties Annexed, in Assembly Convened at Philadelphia the 10th of the 3d month, 1692."

Following is a listing which includes Hans Peter Umstat, 17, which would be the page number and would refer to his being a petitioner in the above. Apparently Hans Peter is not listed else where in this article under the other items mentioned in the title.

"This Index has been carefully prepared by the undersigned and will be found to be an important guide in locating early lot owners ... in and near Philadelphia. This key to the pages of Coleman's Reprint, etc, (published unindexed) will indicate time of participation in Philadelphia activities, and the land records and wills can further be consulted ... " G. M. BRUMBAUGH

* From Coleman's Reprint of William Penn's Original Proposal and Plan for the Founding and Building of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, America, in 1683 - James Coleman, London, 1881.



A quote shown on this page says, "Without genealogy the study of history is lifeless." - John Fiske. I believe I obtained my copy of this item from PERSI (Allen Co, IN Public Library).

Another item of possible interest in this index is the mention of a Lutheran Congregation, page 20 (No. 80), in the census listings. "Pages 19-22, 'Probable date of Original Ms. of Subjoined List is about 1720-1730.' Census includes values, 'Years settled' given thus in '(No. 1 - 4yrs)." The existence of a Lutheran congregation in Philadelphia is interesting, but the distance between Germantown and Philadelphia is probably too great for Hans Peter (or Johannes) to have regularly attended, depending perhaps on the actual location of the church. There are other family names shown as part of the listing on pages 19-22, but no UMs.


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