Die Heimat Article, Handwritten Transcript by Niepoth



This is a handwritten transcript of an article that apparently appeared in Die Heimat in 1937. A copy of this sheet was given to one of our UM cousins when she visited Krefeld. The stamp is that of NACHLAß (Nachlass) W. Niepoth. I assume that this is not Wilhelm Niepoth who wrote "The Ancestry of the Thirteen Krefeld Emigrants of 1683."


This is NOT a primary document and cannot be used as fact!!!






Die Heimat 1937 S[eite] 127

Umtzog [gemeint ist wohl: Umzug] in Germantown:
Umstat: Anna Margaretha, Tochter von Hans Peter.
Umstat, Eva, Tochter von Hans Peter; heiratete Hendrick Kannebecker. [oder
Umstat, Hans Peter; in Germantown 1685, Wag[?]meister;
seine Frau hieß Barbara.
Umstat, Johannes, Sohn von Hans Peter; siedelte 1702 nach "Beblers

Sohn von Nicolaus Umstat und...
+ Krefeld 4.10.1682
Hans Peter Umstat *
+ nach 14.10.1710
kam 12.10.1685 an Bord der "Francois et Dorothy" nach Va.
Wagemeister in Germantown
oo Barbara
+ 12.8.1702deren Kinder:
Johannes siedelte 1702 nach Belbers Township. 1702-09 ...

Anna Margaretha
oo um 1690 Gerhard Rettinghaus * um 1668
Sohn des Wilhelm rettinghaus und...

oo Hendrick Pannebecker

Brief Karl Friedr[ich] v[on] Frank (Schloß Senftenegg) v[om] 25.3.32
an P. Paul Schwalter Weierhof bei Mauchenheim
Die Heimat 1937 S. 127

Transcript by Armin Roether



Die Heimat 1937 page 127

Moved to Germantown:
Umstat: Anna Margaretha, daughter of Hans Peter.
Umstat, Eva, daughter of Hans Peter; married Hendrick Pannebecker
Umstat, Hans Peter; in Germantown 1685, wagonmaker (master carriage/wagon maker - probably)
His wife's name is Barbara.
Umstat, Johannes, son of Hans Peter; moved 1702 to "Bebbers

Son of Nicolaus Umstat and...
+ (died) Krefeld 4.10.1682 (10 October 1682)
Hans Peter Umstat * (* = born, but no date shown)
+ (died) after 14.10.1710 (14 October 1710)
came 12.10.1685 (12 October 1685) on board the "Francis & Dorothy" bound for Virginia.
Wagonmaker in Germantown
oo (married) Barbara
+ (she died) 12.8.1702 (12 August 1702)

their Children:
Johannes moved 1702 to Bebbers Township. 1702-09 ...

Anna Margaretha
oo (married) about 1690 Gerhard Rettinghaus * (born) about 1668
Son of Wilhelm Rettinghaus and...

oo (married) Hendrick Pannebecker

(Apparent source):
Letter (from) Karl Friedr[ich] v[on] Frank (Senftenegg Castle) of 25.3.32 (25 March 1932) to P. Paul Schwalter, Weierhof near Mauchenheim, Pfalz

Die Heimat 1937 page 127

Translation by Cris Hueneke


COMMENTS: Armin adds that Schloß Senftenegg is in Niederösterreich, which would mean "lower" Austria.

Weierhof bei Mauchenheim - Mauchenheim is very close to Kriegsheim and Flomborn. I assume that Weierhof is a very small town near Mauchenheim*, altho it is not listed in my atlas.

The most interesting item in this is the reference to Anna Margaretha marrying Gerhard Rettinghaus (Rittenhouse)!!! But since there is no primary document quoted, there is still nothing to prove the marriage. See additional information on this question elsewhere on this site.

The same old Krefeld error is shown. Otherwise, the information agrees with what we have.

*April, 2007, from Andreas Frohnhaus, who found our web site and sent the following info:
"Weierhof is a very small place west of Worms and southwest of Alzey. Today it is a part of a small village called Bolanden, so its name today is Bolanden-Weierhof [and] ... there still exists a Mennonite community (Mennonitengemeinde) and a Mennonite research center (Mennonitische Forschungsstelle)."


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