A History Of The Juniata Valley And It's People - Volume 2, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, New York, 1913.

As found at http://members.tripod.com/solte/pannebaker.html January, 2002. Quoted on that site is information about Heinrich Pannebecker from 577 - 581 of the book. About Hans Peter Umstat:

"The first record of him is of his marriage at Germantown in 1699 to Eve Umstat, a daughter of Hans Peter and Barbara Umstat, who arrived on the "Francis and Dorothy" from Crefield in 1685." ... "His wife Eve was a granddaughter of Nicholas Umstat, who died at Crefield in the Rhine, October 4, 1682. Her father , Hans Peter Umstat, came with his wife Barbara and three children, Johannes, Eve and Margaret, settling in Germantown. the Umstats brought with them from Crefield, a German Bible, published at Heidelberg in 1508, which has been owned in the family scince 1652."

Comment: The Umstats were not from Crefeld (Krefeld) and the Bible notation on Nicholas's death does not mention Crefeld.


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