1993 Haller, Charles R


The Migration of German and Swiss Immigrants to America


Page 15, "KRISHEIM TO GERMANTOWN" - "The records show that on May 8, 1685, Gerhardt Hendricks, Hans Peter Umstadt, and Peter Schumacher filed, at HORCHEIM, Germany, a petition for a passport. The request was repeated on June 11, 1685. The petition was granted shortly thereafter. On August 15, 1685, while still in KREFELD, Germany, Hendricks and Schumacher bought 200 acres each from Dirck Sipman (Philadelphia Deed Book E4, vol. 7, p. 180).

"Following a trip down the Rhine to Rotterdam ... and across the North Sea to London, we find further records that Gerrit Hendricks and his group departed London in late August 1685 for the promised land. The trip across the Atlantic lasted about eight weeks.

"So it was that on October 16, 1685, the good ship Francis and Dorothy, under commander Richard Bridgeman, arrived at Philadelphia ..."

Comments - Krisheim is a variant spelling of Kriegsheim. See Hans Peter Passport and Rotterdam for additional and updated information.

Page 125, "THE KRIEGSHEIM QUAKERS OF 1657-1685" - "In recent historical research, the local German historian Paul Michel (1965/66, 1981) reviewed the primary records of the "Kriegsheim" Quakers. Today, those records, located in the Badisches Generallandesarchiv at Karlsruhe, involve the years 1664, 1670, 1684, and 1685. Michel quoted the names of the following Quakers:"

The list includes Gerret Hendricus (Gerhardt Henrich; Gerhardt Hendricks), Peter Schuhmacher (Schumacher) and Hans Peter Umstadt.

Comment: Michel makes reference only to Hans Peter being shown (1685)"elsewhere" in the records. See below.

Page 126, in Table 4.3: "MANUSCRIPT RECORDS OF THE KRISHEIM QUAKERS," (taken from 1935 Hull, p 266, 276, 286, 289, 291-92, et seq.) - Listed last is Hans Peter Umstadt, but showing "o," which stands for NO RECORD, under each of the years 1658-60, 1663-64, 1666, 1670, and 1684.

Comments: The Umstatt family is found in the Kriegsheim (Monsheim) EVANGELISCHE (LUTHERAN) church records of the 1600s, although Hans Peter and his children do not appear. Michel does make a reference in his 1965 article, page 47, to Hans Peter Umstadt being "mentioned elsewhere," with BGLA 4337, fol. 69 as a source. However, fol. 69 is the 1685 Mennonite Census List and neither the original nor the book showing these lists, "Palatine Mennonite Census Lists 1664-1793," includes Hans Peter Umstatt. See 1965 Michel.

Hans Peter is NOT listed in EARLY QUAKER RECORDS OF PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA Vol 1, 1682-1750, by Anna Miller Watring, 1997.

Page 128 shows a listing of the passengers of the Francis and Dorothy which includes "Hans Peter Umstadt, wife Barbara; son Johan, daughters Margaret and Eve," as well as Gerrit Hendricks and Peter Schumacher and their families.

Comment: See Francis and Dorothy.

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