1964 Seaman


1964 Seaman, "Early Settlers of Germantown," collected and copied by Mrs. Vashti Seaman, Wauseon, Ohio, briefly mentions Hans Peter.

She shows him on page 3 as owner of lot 13 on the west side of Main Street, Germantown, in 1689, with George Adam Hogermoed owning it in 1714, and John Koch and Christian Meng owning it in 1766. She shows Peter Shoemaker owning lot 14, right next to Hans Peter. Hans Peter did convey 50 acres to George Adam Hogermoed of Germantown by Deed of 14 October 1710.


On page 9, Seaman states "HENDRICK PENNYPACKER (PANNEBECKER), who came in as a surveyor for the Penns about 1695, should also be mentioned here. He was born March 21, 1674, and died 1754. He was of son of JOHANNES PFANNIBECKER of Crefelt, on the Rhine, German(y) and Holland Border. He had a very good education, and easily settled among his kinsmen. He married EVE UMSTETT, a daughter of PETER UMSTETT, who was a son of NICHOLAS UMSTETT, early settlers.


Obviously Nicholas was not a Germantown settler, having died in Germany prior to Hans Peter's arrival in Germantown.

I've seen nothing to indicate that Hendrick Pannebecker came from Crefelt, but to the best of my knowledge, no one really knows where he came from.

Seaman's material was sent to me by someone years ago. It appears to have been obtained from the Hoenstine Rental Library, 414 Montgomery Street, P O Box 208, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648. It contains information on other well-known Germantown settlers, but should be used with caution, as later research supercedes some of it.

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