ca 1925 Eyerman Genealogy


John Eyerman was a descendant of Judge David Wagener and Susanna Umstead, daughter of John "NS" Umstad and Deborah Unknown (NOT Koplin). John Eyerman was born 15 Jan 1867. I don't know when he in fact wrote his family genealogy, but I'm guessing that it was probably in his later years, so I've simply picked 1925 as a target date since other researchers were active at that time as well. The Eyerman family shows up in various WFT CD trees, but I have no knowledge of there actually being anyone still living from this line.

The Eyerman Genealogy is available on LDS film #1020726. Copies of the two Umsted pages were sent to me by Eleanor Mayfarth some years ago.


"Nicholas Umsted or Umstat, was born in Crefeld, near Dusseldorf, Rhenish Prussia, early in the XVIIth century. He married, had issue, including a son Hans Peter ... and died in Crefeld 4 October 1682. His wife died in 1702.

"HANS PETER UMSTED, son of Nicholas, was born in Crefeld. He married Barbara and had John ... Eve ... Anna Margaretta. The family came to America in 1685.

"EVE UMSTED married in 1699 Hendrick Pannebecker, Surveyor of Lands for the Penns,' and from whom is descended the Pennypacker family of Philadelphia.

"Anna-Margaretta died unmarried.

"JOHN UMSTED, of Skippack, Phladelphia, d. 31 Dec 1747. He married Mary, b 1678, and had 'seven children now (1748) of full age,' among whom were John ... and Jacob."



Of course we now know that Nicholas and Hans Peter were OF Kriegsheim and probably were never in Krefeld. It was actually Hans Peter's wife Barbara who died in 1702, not Nicholas's wife, or at least I've seen nothing to indicate that she died that year as well. There are no source documents cited for any of Eyerman's information, which means that we can't rely on any of his dates, however firmly he presents them, without question. Nevertheless, this does show a marriage date of 1699 for Hendrick Pannebecker and Eve UM, and that Anna Margaretta died unmarried, which would indicate that Eyerman may have seen something upon which to base this information.



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