1933 Hocker


1933 Hocker, Edward W, GERMANTOWN, ITS EARLY CHURCHES AND LAND OWNERS, Philadelphia, 1933, as appeared in Krefeld Immigrants and Their Descendants, Vol 14, #1, 1997, page 4.

"APPORTIONMENT OF LOTS [pp29-30] ... In the town according to this final allotment, there were twenty-one lots on the west side of the main highway, described as being 'toward Schuylkill,' and twenty-three lots on the east side, 'toward Bristol, Bristol having been the name of the adjoining township on the east, later the forty-send (sic - second?) Ward of Philadelphia. Each buyer was to have fifty acres, but as so much land could not be given to those whose lots were situated in the heart of the town, the holdings of each owner were divided, consisting of a tract bordering the main street and a track in the 'sidelands.' The built-up part of the village extended from the vicinity of Wister Street to Washington Lane. The 'sidelands' were below Wister Street, above Washington land or along the eastern and western borders of the township. In Cresheim, from Carpenter Lane to Mermaid Lane, were eight lots; in Sommerhausen, from Mermaid Lane to Rex Avenue, eight lots and in Crefeld, from Rex Avenue to the northwestern township line, five lots.

"The owners of property in 1689 were, beginning at the SOUTHERN end of town: (2)

"West side of the main street -- ... Hans Peter Umbstadt (shown 16th on this list, allowing for the two lots belonging to the Frankfort Company.

(2) Source quoted as Duffin's "Germantown Landowners" article which appeared in various issues of Germantown Crier.


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