1934 The Perkiomen Region References to Hans Peter

1934 THE PERKIOMEN REGION VOL XII Nos 3 and4, October, 1934 Whole Nos 46, 47, Edited and Published by H W Kriegel for THE PERKIOMEN HISTORY AND SCIENCE SOCIETY.

Page 73 {171}

"Hans Peter Umstat, son of Nicholas, was one of the original pioneers. He held land from Mathias Van Bebber in 1706 "for the yearly rent of two Rix dolders." Henry Pannebecker, who later married Eve Umstadt, witnessed the deed.(3) They are buried east of Skippack Village in a cemetery now obliterated.

"Hans Peter Upstead" wass assessed in 1693 for 100 pounds. He wrote his signature in German script.

"Whrs - Wm. Streepers, Thomas Kunders and Lenert Arets, all of Gtn - on 16 Dec. 1685, sold to Hans Peter Umstatt * * where-of ten acres are scituate in the inhabited part of afsd town and fifteen are i the side land toward Plymount * * (4)

"He later owned land in Limerick."


Page 32 {130}

"On 6 Oct. 1694 he (Hendrick Sellen) bought 25 acres from Hans Peter Umsted, the father of Eve, wife of Henrich Pannebecker. The land was in 'Krisheim between Henry Sellen and Dirk Sellen.'"


(3) H 17, p173

(4) Deed H 17-173


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