1899 (ca) "The Pennypacker Pedigree, written by Governor Samuel W Pennypacker


Included with the Laura Fry material is a copy of a handwritten page from "The Pennypacker Pedigree," by Samuel W Pennypacker. The handwriting appears to be the same as that of the notes Governor Pennypacker wrote in the Bible.

The page says of Eve, daughter of Hans Peter: "My great great grandmother, the wife of Heinrich Pannebäcker, was born at or near Crefeld on the Rhine, and came with her parents to Penna in the year 1685. I suppose her to have been at this time a girl of about ten years of age. She was living Aug 14, 1736 and had died before Dec 11, 1745."


I do not know the source of the dates in the above. Neither agrees with any of the various dates I've seen floating around for her death. I am not aware of any documentation to support any firm date for her death. Anyone have anything???



The page goes on regarding Hans Peter Umstat: "Her father, on the 16 of August, 1685, bought from Dirck Sipman of Crefeld in the County of Meirs, Germany, 200 acres of land in Penna. Soon afterward he set sail in the "Francis + Dorothy," taking with him his family, consisting of his wife Barbara and his children John, Anna Marguerita and Eva, and arrived in Philadelphia on the 12th of the 8th mo 1685. He settled in Germantown in the direction of Plymouth where he bought 25 acres Dec 6, 1685 from Wm Strepers, Tunes Kinders and Lenert Arets and 25 acres more adjoining Dec 17, 1689 from Hermann Op den Graeff. There he was living as a husbandman Oct 14, 1710 and there he doubtless ended his days.

"As the link in my pedigree arising through Eve Umstat does not rest upon evidence amounting to certainty, it seems proper that the reasons which have led me to the conviction of its correctness should be noticed. They are chiefly these:

"Heinrich Pannebäcker about the year 1708 married a woman whose name was Eve. It is a very unusual name. Through a careful study during the last five years of the wills, conveyances and other records of the early inhabitants of Germantown, then but a small village, they have become quite familiar to me, and I know of no maiden Eve save Eve Umstat and no wife Eve save Eve Pannebäcker."


The spelling SWP used may be Pannebächer throughout, it's hard to determine whether it's an h or a k.

SWP may have spelled the county Meurs. It is probably correctly Moers, which is a county in the area near Krefeld, but today Krefeld is its own county (Stadtkreis) and isn't part of another "Landkreis" or typical county. Ruth mentions Krefeld as being "in the land of the Meurs." Krefeld became part of Prussia along with Moers in 1702. It doesn't matter to us anyway, since we know Hans Peter didn't come from Krefeld!!!

Later researchers seem to have settled on a date of 1699 for the marriage of Eve and Heinrich. I'm not aware of any firm documentation on this date either, or even on the marriage itself, although I don't necessarily dispute it.

30 November 2002


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