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BOYER, CARL, 3RD, editor, SHIP PASSENGER LISTS, Pennsylvania and Delaware (1641-1825). Newhall, Calif.: the editor, 1980. 289p. 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992. Info here is from the 1992 Edition.

Page 9 - quotes a 1936 Otto Lohr article entitled "Einwanderer in Pennsylvania vor 1700," [Immigrants to Pennsylvania Before 1700] in Jahrbuch für Auslanddeutsche Sippenkunde, 1, (1936), 53-54 [Lancour No. 116], which lists:

Umstatt, Hans Peter, von Krefeld, 1685.

This item is also quoted in "Krefeld Immigrants," Vol 3 #1, 1986.


Lohr correctly spells Hans Peter's name Umstatt, although he shows him as coming from Krefeld. Since we've seen that several other German writers and historians have used Gov S W Pennypacker's information that Hans Peter was from Krefeld, and since Lohr cites no original documentation in his article, we can reasonably believe that he too quoted Pennypacker as regards Krefeld.

I have a copy of Lohr's article in the original German, obtained from Die Deutsche Bibliothek, Leipzig. It contains no further information specific to Hans Peter other than the listing above.


Page 14 of Boyer's books shows another reprint of the "Naturalizations, Germantown, PA, 3/7/1691/92 …"


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