Hans Peter Umstat Film Data Sheet

This item was sent to me some years ago and I don't know its source or remember who sent it to me. If it is copyrighted, I apologize and will remove it immediately upon request of a legitimate copyright holder. What's IMPORTANT TO US is that it shows Hans Peter as having come from Crefeld (Krefeld) and Nicholas Umstat as having died there, which we now know is incorrect. It is presented here solely as part of our effort to STOP the perpetuation of errors in the Umstead genealogy. Anyone know where this comes from??? It is clearly a compilation of information gleaned from various sources that someone presumably submitted to a family file years ago, possibly LDS. If that is the case, the material itself is not copyrighted, as it quotes other published sources, and was not intended to be exclusively available from any source, but rather to be made available to researchers.

There may be other errors in this as well. As with all published material on the Umstead family, this information may be superceded by more current research and should never be taken as fact unless firmly documented.




4 February 2004

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