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The family of Jacob Umstead and Hannah Hallman:
Jacob Umstead 1777-1865 and his wife Hannah Hallman
Jacob and Hannah's son John Umstead 1802-1873
Jacob and Hannah's great-grandson Walter Horace Umstead 1870-1947
Jacob and Hannah's great-grandson Presley "Press" Umstead 1851-1925
Unidentified UM in full beard
Unidentified UM tintype
Annie Umstead Sentman

Elder John H Umstad 1802-1873 and another bio on him

Corilla A Umsted 1876 -1961

Judge David Wagener 1736-1796 married Susanna Umstead, daughter of John "NS" and his wife Deborah Unknown (NOT Koplin).

Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker 1843-1916 Governor of Pennsylvania 1903-1907

William Bradley Umstead 1895-1954 Governor of North Carolina 1953-1954

Jacob Horace Umstead 1851-1920 Nebraska Legislature

Henry Harrison Umstead 1844 -1924

Marvin Francis "Skip" Umstead, Jr 1942-1973 Died in a Blue Angel crash.

John Umstead of Chester Co, PA 1822-1890

Mary Elizabeth (AA) January 12, 1882 May 1988, wife of Lewis Jonas ORPH Umstead - holding for permission to use.

1900 Family Group Picture Robert F(avinger) Umstead born about 1828-1929 and his wife Minerva J Morris, 50th anniversary.

Squire Alfred Moore Veazey 1818-1895 and Margaret Frances Umstead 1827-1921

Emily Jane Veazey 1835-1909

John Umstead (unidentified) born about 1872

Susan Umstead HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED as wife of CHARLES Shupe Umstead

Abel and Isabella Umstead (1805-1879) Fitzwater



Sidney Albert Umstead 1876-1925, "Smackover Oil Man" - holding for permission to use.

Walkersville United Methodist Church Walkersville, Frederick Co, MD, begun in 1805-06 in the house of Enoch Umstead.

Nathan Umstead b 1799 and Elizabeth Gotshall Bible pages

Nathan Umstead 1850 and Maria Benner Bible pages and pics

Josiah Gotshall Umstead 1834-1914

James Thomas Umstattd 1849 - 1910, Mary Helene Greenleaf 1858-1931, and their grandson James McNutt Umstattd 1922 - 1988

William Earle Umstattd 1894-1973

Amanda Van Buskirk 1821-1896, wife of William Henry Harrison Umstattd 1814-1903

Joseph Shaner Umstead and Elizabeth Kulp family

Samuel U Brunner

Edwin Victor Umstead 1860-1918 Family

Charles William Umstead born November 7, 1894 from 1915 Central High School, Philadelphia, PA yearbook.

Edward and Laurena Umstead Family - Ruth Catherine Umstead 1906 - 2001 - Austin Strawn Umstead 1910-1982

Squire J Umsted and Katy Adams, Arch Franklin Umsted and Minerva Susan Reasor

Dr John Reiff Umstad, Samuel Horning Umstad

Edward Umsted of Circleville, OH baby pic from eBay HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED

Jacob ORPH Umstead and Elizabeth Freed family

Layton William Umstead 1896 - 1963

Minerva Jane Morris Umstead, wife of Robert F(avinger) Umstead and Brown Family descendants.

Richard Umsted 1847-1889

Letter from Pres Umstead

Michael Shupe Umstead Family Photos has pictures from the family of William Parke Stout and Anne
THIS LINK IS NOT WORKING AS OF 7/08. I have no contact info, but would appreciate hearing from whoever it belonged to.

Joel Herstine Umstead and Sarah Ann Holliday family pics

Umstead/Monocacy Post Office

Reverend Justus Thomas Umstead

Morris Umstead

Mary "Polly" Umstead and Jonathan Montgomery family pictures

Daniel (AKA David???) Rittenhouse Umstead and Leah Springer Benner family pictures

John Upton Umstattd and Mary Ellen Wood

Alexander C Umstead and Susan Allebach Cassel

Sophia Umstead Fiel, 1849 - 1928

Clara Umstead's Mystery Photo Album

Milton Brown Umsted and Umsted Memorial Church

Umstead House in Germantown c. 1911

M. Umstead poetry can be found on the Internet at - then scroll to U/Umstead.

Squire D. Umstead 1812-1867

Noah Umstead 1863 - 1931 and family grave stone

Family of Mary Ann Roberts Close, daughter of Robert Roberts and Susanna Umstead, daughter of Jacob Umstead and Hannah Hallman.

Raymond Leroy Umstat photo

Betty Kountz Umstead photo and postcard

Family of Sigurd Nils CEDARQUIST and Minnie UMSTEAD.

Mabelle Ashlyn Umstead 1884-1963.

1947 Umstead Reunion

A "Whopper" of a tale about the Reverend Samuel Umstott 1837-1923, and a pic of him with his grandkids.

Umstad Manor

Gussie Umstead and Ocran Dailey

Unidentified Man MIGHT be an UM

John E Umstot and Salemia Arabelle Whip wedding pic

Check out Denis and Mary Umstot's travels at - lots of great stories and links.

Elizabeth Perlina Umstattd's account of her life, written after turning 100

Birth/Baptismal Certificate Mary Ann Umstadt 1836

Graves of Daniel B Umstead November 1, 1868-Bef. 1962 and Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead Brown

Walter Horace Umstead

Jacob Umstead Family of Danville, Montour Co, PA - William Lloyd Umstead and wife Clara Belva Kinney

For info theMagnolia House Bed and Breakfast in New Martinsville, WV, once owned by Edward Samuel and Elizabeth Umstead Duerr, see

Fort Detrick, Maryland named after an UM - see

ADOLPHUS UMSTEAD HOUSE, Bahama Road, Durham. Pyne Preservation Award - picture and some info at Also two Tilley houses.

John Marshall Holt, husband of Parthenia J Umstead, survives hanging - read all about it.

Four generations pic: James A Umstattd, Chas F. Umstattd, Arthur G Umstattd, Gertrude Umstattd, pics of James's granddaughters, others from this line.

Nehemiah Miller and Catherine Beard

The family of Jesse Umstead, Sr and Barbara Ashenfelter and Washingtonville Cemetery

Jacob Everman and Angeline Umstead Grave

Lydia Umstead Brunner and Family

Charles E Umsted (1858-1916) and the Coatesville, PA Lynching of 1911

John Umstead's tavern land in New Providence Township 1799-1806

John Horning Letter 1832

Bastardy Bonds NC showing a William Umpstead, bondsman


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