This is a collection of interesting stuff that I've run into. Now I finally have a place to put it. I'm borrowing the word and the concept of Salmagundi from SPELL, the Society for the Preservation of the English Language and Literature, of which I am proud to be a member. Their newsletter, called "SPELL/Binder," is not only informative, it's hilarious, the best laugh I've found so far. You can find SPELL at

In some cases, although the name is Umstead or a variant, the people involved may not actually be UMs. Umpstead, for example, seems to be turning out to be a favorite variant spelling used in the Olmstead family, without stating that as a hard and fast rule. Individuals shown on this page may not yet have been connected or identified, so if you know who they are, please let me know!!!

According to, over a million names were collected and placed on the STARDUST spacecraft, which will visit Comet Wild 2 in 2004. See for more details. These names are included on the list: GARY D UMSTEAD, KATIE L UMSTEAD, ROBYN UMSTEAD, STEPHEN UMSTEAD. shows Death Records from the Gluckstal Parishes, South Russia for the 1840s.
This information was compiled by Dale Wahl and coworkers January 1997 from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical archives published by the LDS and edited by Marty McMahon. "This work may be freely copied for nonprofit purposes. -re (1-15-1997)" Copyright 1997, DLW - 7370 Grevena Avenue NE, Bremerton, WA 98311-4042.
Last, First death year Place Film/Item Page Reg Remarks
Flemmer, Catharina 30 Mar 1842 Gluckstal 1883192/2 299 54 Flemmer-Johannes-62y6m13d, maiden name Umstadt

At you will find an interesting commentary on a poem written by Carl Sandburg called "Elizabeth Umpstead." Heather Zadra says, "Sandburg's 'Elizabeth Umpstead' presents the individualized voice of a black female prostitute, giving the tragic speaker limited agency in a ruthlessly capitalist society."

There is a town called Standard Umpstead in Quachita County, AR. More info can be found at (UMs are seen in Quachita Co, AR censuses. Their connection, if any, is yet to be determined).

There is an Umstead Post Office, according to the "Historical Review of Berks County," VOL XXXV, Autumn 1970, #4, published quarterly by the Historical Society of Berks Co, 940 Centre St, Reading, PA 19601. This item has been moved to its own page: Umstead/Monocacy Post Office.

If you like to fish, try the Umpstead Bridge in (Manns Harbor), Oregon. Check out the Outer Banks Fishing site at

One UM descendant won a major lottery.

Conway Twitty's wife is apparently an UM. Some years ago she contacted a professional genealogist to trace her family. I have been in contact with the genealogist and she will not give me any information. I COMMEND HER FOR THIS!!!!! Still, if any of Conway's descendants should happen onto this site, I'd love to hear from you!!! Any info you choose to share with me will be kept confidential to whatever degree you would like.

According to in a non-UM obit from the Cabot Star-Hearld Obit Listings , there is an Umsted Memorial Methodist Church in Newport (state unknown). Update Jan 04: Betty Umstead Young writes: "This church ... is in Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas. It is named for Rev. Milton Brown Umsted b1847 in Gibson County, TN. He is my great grandfather. " shows an Index to Generations the Newsletter of the Calhoun County (MICHIGAN) Genealogical Society, which includes a listing for UMSTED, James, Vol 6, Issue 4, May, 1994, page 45, however the image for this issue is not yet online as of 6/02. Something to look back at later. (Update 3/03, images are still only up to volume 2)., Midlothian, Ellis Co, Texas, from "This Was Ellis County," a publication of the Junior Historians, Waxahachie High School, 1979, Barker, Midlothian, and "The Mexican Mustang" by Brian Bennett, mentions a "Mr. Umsted of Dallas," who was "investigating the possibility of piping water from the spring to town, and by August efforts were being made to obtain subscriptions for a water works" in 1883. Anyone know to whom this refers??? has an article called "The Power of One" by by Brooks Preik
about Horace Carter's crusade to thwart the Ku Klux Klan. "Carter's career as a crusader got off the ground with an editorial on behalf of the controversial President Graham in the student newspaper. That editorial aroused the ire of two politically prominent brothers, State Senator John Umstead, and then governor of North Carolina, William B. Umstead, who objected to the university president's also serving on the War Labor Board. Carter was summoned to office of Dean Coffin of the School of Journalism where Senator Umstead confronted him and insisted on taking him to Raleigh to the governor's office. Before the meeting Coffin told Carter to stand firm in defense of what he had written, offering these words of advice,' I don't give a damn whether you are right or wrong…you stick with what you wrote.' Carter refused to back down from his position." SEE FULL ARTICLE ON THE WEBSITE LISTED ABOVE.
"The NBA's $2.5 billion television-rights deals with Turner and broadcaster NBC conclude with the 2001-2002 season. (Source: Multichannel News' R. Thomas Umstead)" - shows page 678 of BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES of BERKSHIRE TOWNSHIP, listing a C. D. Perfect who was born in 1833 in Trenton Township (presumably Delaware) who, in 1856, went to Iowa, held several other jobs and then "engaged for one year under the firm name of Umstead & Perfect," then left Iowa and returned presumably to Delaware in 1859.

According to "American Minute with Bill Federer," March 10, 2003: "26-year-old William Penn received from King Charles the charter to Pennsylvania on this date, March 10, 1681, as repayment of a debt owed to his deceased father. An Oxford graduate, Penn had previously converted to Quakerism and suffered imprisonment in the Tower of London. His colony became a refuge for the persecuted peoples of Europe. Before his arrival, Penn wrote to the Indians in America, whom he insisted on treating fairly: 'My Friends, There is one...God....[and He] hath made...the king of the country where I live, give...unto me a great province therein, but I desire to enjoy it with your...consent, that we may always live together as...friends.' History records that Penn's Colony never had an Indian attack." (To subscribe to "American Minute," go to

There is apparently some Umstead connection to the DeLisle family, one of whom wrote "The Marsellaise," the recognized national anthem of the French.

Tory, Cris's little chihuahua who died February 6, 2004 - a memorial.
Chapter XIV of Auburn Powers, History of Henderson County, Tennessee (1930).
Farmville Items in the Lexington Republican on January 5, 1906
"R. Umstead, a prominent farmer, has lost his pocket book which contained $448.00 and can hear nothing of its whereabouts."

Schwenksville has the honor of raising the largest strawberries in the Perkiomen Valley. Fifteen were picked in the patch of Nathan UMSTEAD, that filled a quart berry box.
From "News from Pennsburg," July 8, 1905. (This would be Nathan Gottshall Umstead 1850-1924, married Maria Benner, both buried in Schwenksville).
Pennsylvania Scrap Book Necrology, Volume 66, p. 148, has a reference to a "Musician Umstead" who, with Sergeant Barnes, Corporal Williams, E. Kimes, C. Williams, and Irwin Everhardt, served as pallbearers for James Winters of Spring City, late a member of the 47th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Col. Howe commanding. (Found and submitted by Lynn Marshall). Neither of the two UMs on whom I have any notes relating to their being musicians have any known connection to the 47th Regiment: Isaac Henry Umstead (1836-1915), who the U.S. Pension Office records as serving with the 5th Heavy Artillery Regiment as a musician; and George ORPHAN Umstead of New York, Company I, 140 New York Infantry, who was inducted and discharged as a musician, according to His allegiance was Union. He may have been an OLMstead. Spring City, if it has any relevance, is in Chester Co, PA.

Want to see a distribution of Umstadts in Germany today? Go to The numbers are per million names in the area phone book, so if there are two hundred people listed in an area, the number of UMs doubles. You can search other surnames there, as well.

"North Wales Academy was founded in 1867 by Samuel Umstead Brunner. Since the original school was in Kulpsville, its name was the Kulpsville Academy at that time (less formally, it was often called Brunner Academy). In 1871, the school moved to North Wales to take advantage of the newly built North Pennsylvania Railroad, according to Mrs. John M. Willis in her 1921 paper 'The Brunner Academy of North Wales.' - From "The Academy Acorn," Vol 1, No 1, January 1893, in an article written by Nancy Sullivan, Archivist. Read more at




Please check this page from time to time, I will be adding things as I find them. If you know more about something or someone shown here, please let me know.


*Salmagundi - you'll probably need to dust off the unabridged dictionary if you want to look it up.



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