Letter from Pres Umstead


Letter from Pres Umstead to Mary Elizabeth Tyson, wife of Newton Umstead, according to submitter Don Shaner.




I have posted this letter just for everyone to see. It's kind of cute, but it should not to be taken as a firm source of any of the information it contains.

Here's a transcript, which may not be perfect (including a few logical fill-ins and ?s by me) ...

SALEM cal (Columbiana) co ohio (date?) 1917(?) rd 5
I recken i am a umstead you ne(v)er dreamed of well i am a branch
frum the old tree my (g)rand came frum mont gomery co pa in 1837
my fathre was ROBERT F umstead his father was JOHN this johns
father was jacob JACOBS FAther was HARMON Harmons father was
HENRY henrys fathers was JOHN father was JOHN HANS PETER
this umstead came to german town in 1685 he Brought
with him his wife (unreadable due to crease)
thay came frum a small town in hollandnamed crefelt
i find a large famly ofumsteads in pensylvania i havebin
interested in these people for the last 5 years
can you tell me whicho ne of these names i mention you sprung
frum here thay are HENRY , HARMON,PETER and JOHN and JACOB these
aregrand children of JOHN HANS PETER children of old JOHN whose fa
ther was JOHN HANS PETER.i want to find some trace of
THE harmon who was abrother of HENRY this hermen lived in
PERKIOMAN and skippack town ship in 1768 He died had w(i)fe was at
that time a A BIGAL ADAMS this was his second wife in His will
he says his wife is not to have any share in his estate he
made this a greement in 176(?) he speaks ofhis children JOHN
to have 50 acres that he bought of his father ELIZAbeth
, MARY , and ABRAM under21 years of age
execoters arnold zimerman and john umstead
witnesses attorney sharp and umstead
are these enay of our people if thay are can you tell me
what this HERMAN first wifes name was i have the death notace
of a ABRAM UMSTEAD that died in 1902(?) aged 73 years 3 month 9 days
was this some of your famly i will close forthis time
best regards to all pleas answer this soon

Pres Umstead


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Cris Hueneke 12 March 2003