Jacob Umstead and Hannah Hallman

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 eBay Jacob and Hannah Umstead    

Mar 24, 1777 - Sept 5, 1865
and his wife
Dec 13, 1784 - Nov 8, 1864

Jacob and Hannah's son John Umstead
Feb 18, 1802 - Sep 29, 1873

Jacob and Hannah's great-grandson
Walter Horace Umstead
Jul 10, 1870 - May 13, 1947


Jacob and Hannah's great-grandson Presley "Pres" Umstead
May 11, 1851 - Aug 19, 1925

 Unidentified (full beard)

 Unidentified (tintype)


Jacob and Hannah's grandson
Henry Harrison Umstead
Apr 18, 1844 - Nov 29, 1924

Sallie (Sarah?) Prutzman Shupe
Nov 17, 1842 - Oct 30, 1914
Wife of Henry Harrison Umstead
Susan Gehman, wife of Charles Shupe Umstead, son of Henry Harrison Umstead, and great-grandson of Jacob and Hannah. Children Sarah Emma, John, and Warren.

has an map of Isabel Township, Benson Co, ND, 153N, Range 70W (of the 5th P.M).
I don't know whether it's accessible to the public, may only be viewable by subscription to Ancestry.Com
Section 18 shows Henry Harrison Umstead with 160 acres called Willow Grove Farm and an additional 160 acres in section 24



Labeled "Grandma Brown's Mother,"so PRESUMABLY Minerva Jane Morris, wife of Robert F(avinger) Umstead (grandson of Jacob and Hannah), mother of Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead Brown

 J C Umstead, PROBABLY John C, son of Robert F(avinger) Umstead. John was great-grandson of Jacob and Hannah - obit text mostly torn off, but still partly showing is "... sister, Mrs Maria Brown"


Unidentified Famale, POSSIBLY Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead. The card to the right was found in the same page of the family Bible as this picture
Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead, wife of Hiram W Brown, daughter of Robert F(avinger) Umstead and Minerva Jane Morris, and great-granddaughter of Jacob and Hannah 
Annie Umstead Sentman, daughter of Henry Harrison and Sarah "Sallie" Prutzman Shupe Umstead, with daughter Maude and son Martin


The first six pictures were auctioned on eBay and purchased by me (Cris Hueneke). The two unidentified UM men are presumably from the family of Jacob and Hannah Hallman as they all were together in a batch. This family was known for taking and distrubuting pictures. Jacob and Hannah are from my Henry line and my aunt Ruth Umstead Corfield used to visit Pres and his wife in Salem, Ohio. Drop-dead gorgeous, isn't he??? The pics of Henry Harrison UM and his wife Sallie Shupe courtesy of Stacey Anderson. That's some pumpkin!!! Photo of Susan Gehman Umstead and family, and Annie Umstead Sentman also courtesy of Stacey Anderson. Photos of Minerva Jane Morris, J.C. Umstead, Unidentified Female, and Maria's card courtesy of Jan Nichols Blankenburg.

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