1900 Family Group Picture



Photo courtesy of Helen Dumar

I realize that it's difficult to see this small photo. If you hold a magnifying glass up to your screen, you can see the faces a little better. When I enlarge this photo, it gets worse.

Based on what's written "Jeff, John, Press and Dan and Aunt Sis were children of Grandma Umstead - Grandpa and Grandma Umstead would be Robert F(avinger) Umstead born about 1829 in Goshen, OH and died there, and his wife Minerva Jane Morris. They were married in 1850. Their daughter Sis Umstead married Hiram Brown, their children shown are Ella, Minerva and Lenna. Sons Dan B Umstead, Jeff Umstead, Presley "Press" Umstead (1851-1925) shown. Aunt Ida is probably Ida Mae Hitchmen, wife of Morris A Umstead (1861-1958) who is not in the picture. Charlie, Bob, Ward and Kenneth are presumably children of Morris and Ida. I don't know who the rest are.

Based on information received from Jan Nichols Blankenburg 1/03 from from the family Bible of Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead and Hiram Brown, Robert Morris (as previously shown) is actually Robert F(avinger) Umstead and his wife is Minerva Jane Morris. I have more info on this family now, so if anyone is interested, please email me. According to Jan, between Lenna and Rachel is Elizabeth, which fills in the blank space in the listing under "Front Row Sitting."

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