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 John Umstead of Chester Co, PA 1822-1890

John Umstead born about 1872 - MIGHT be John Shupe Umstead 1883-1952, son of Henry Harrison UM and Sallie Shupe/Shoat - ???

Photo of John of Chester courstesy of Don Shaner. Photo of John born about 1872 courtesy of Stacey Anderson.



 Josiah Gotshall Umstead 1834-1914

 Amanda Van Buskirk 1821-1896, wife of
William Henry Harrison Umstattd 1814-1903

Picture of Josiah from A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE GOTSHALL FAMILY, Gotshall Family Association, 1924. Used with permission. Copyright Gottshall Family Association.

I don't remember who sent me the picture of Amanda Van Buskirk, but I would love to give the right person credit, or I will cheerfully remove it upon request. It is never my intention to pirate pictures or to use them without permission, I just don't always know who can authorize their use.

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