Umstad Manor


From OLD ROADS OUT OF PHILADELPHIA, John T Faris, J. B. Lippencott Company, 1917
Original photograph by Lincoln Cartledge


Page 201: "Near Perkiomen Creek, on the Egypt Road, are the ruins of the smelter and shaft of the first copper mine in America, while beyond the Perkiomen, on the banks of the Schuylkill, is Umstad Manor, the home of Francis V. Eavenson. Henry Pawling bought the ground from the Penn Estate in 1706. The place was sold to Jonas Umstad, the ancestor of Mrs. Eavenson, in 1768. Thus for nearly one hundred and fifty years the estate has been in the Umstad family. The manor was built in 1785. The present house is the old house remodeled."


Submitted by Barbara Wentz



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