The Nathan Umstead Bibles


All of these wonderful Bible pages come from Ed Sager, on behalf of his wife, Nancy Kline, grand-daughter of Ella Minerva B. Umstead.

Please note that most of the information shown here about these two Nathans should be reasonably sound, but in some cases may not be fully proven beyond what is proven by the Bible pages themselves. The family of P Jacob Umstead is still in process and information is therefore subject to change. I would therefore ask the reader to please document any unproven information before passing it along as fact. We are of course interested in any documented corrections.



Nathan Umstead and Elizabeth Gotshall Family Bible

Nathan Umstead was born November 12, 1799, according to the date on his tombstone and in his Bible (shown on the marriage page below). He was MOST LIKELY son of P Jacob Umstead and Nancy Ann Tyson, who definitely had a Nathan. There has been some published confusion with another Nathan born in 1824, who appears to have been this Nathan's nephew, son of his brother Joseph. The Bible record settles this Nathan's date of birth as 1799. He died April 5, 1852 in Schwenksville, PA and is buried at Eden Mennonite in Schwenksville, PA. He married Elizabeth Hunsberger Gottshall, born June 4, 1811, on December 29, 1830. They lived in the Berks Co, PA area. Elizabeth died September 6, 1892, in Schwenksville, PA. She too is buried at Eden Mennonite.

Nathan and Elizabeth's Bible Title Page

Nathan and Elizabeth's Bible Births Page

Nathan and Elizabeth's Bible Marriage Page



Nathan Umstead and Maria Benner Family Bible

Nathan Gottshall Umstead was born November 14, 1850 and died April 5, 1924. He is buried at Eden Mennonite, Schwenksville, PA, the son of Nathan Umstead and Elizabeth Gotshall above. He married Maria N Benner born February 19, 1853 on September 6, 1873, in Frederick Twp, Montgomery Co, PA. Maria died April 2, 1914 and is also buried at Eden Mennonite.

Nathan and Maria's Bible Marriage Certificate and Record

Nathan and Maria's Bible Births Page

Nathan and Maria's Bible Deaths Page

Harvey Benner Umstead Baptismal Certificate - Harvey Benner Umstead born October 4, 1874, son of Nathan Gottshall Umstead and Maria N Benner, grandson of Nathan and Elizabeth. Also shown is the baptismal certificate of his wife Katie Ellis Smith.

Pictures from Nathan and Maria's Bible


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