DNA testing of a descendant has shown a connection to Hans Peter Umstat.


Helen Benter gathered a lot of data on Peter and his family, and submitted all of the following. Much of it probably came from the research of Elizabeth Perimen, as well. Both Helen and Elizabeth are now deceased. We remember them here with deep gratitude.


1 Peter UMSTADT b: Bet. 1740 - 1750 d: Apr 1819 Beaver Run, Hampshire Co, Va [Estate Packet, Hampshire Co, VA, 1819] Burial: On the old family farm
.. +Rachel GOODE/GUT b: Bet. 1740 - 1752 m: Bef. 1772 d: prob. before 1819, Hampshire Co, Va [Not mentioned in Peter's Estate] Burial: On the old family farm

UPDATE July 2005 - PETER UMSTAT/UMSTOTT of MD/VA b. by abt. 1746 m. Rachel Good/Gut in probably Frederick County MD by 1770. In Hampshire County VA (now Mineral County West Virginia) by 1882. Died Hampshire Co. VA 1819. Estate Sale 20 Jan 1820.

...... 2 Catherine UMSTADT - NOT A DAUGHTER or DIED YOUNG, Hampshire Co, Virginia or maybe Frederick Co, MD?? One Catherine Doll, age 81, was in Conrad Umstot's household on the 1850 census. Perhaps sister- or mother-in-law??
.......... +Jacob DOLL - This marriage is doubtful!! A Catherine Dull was a noteholder against the estate of Peter1.
...... 2 Margaret UMSTADT b: NOT A DAU, or DIED YOUNG, Hampshire Co, VA or Frederick Co, MD?
...... 2 Peter Jr. UMSTADT b: 31 Dec 1772 Probably Frederick Co, MD src: Copy of handwritten bible page - and translation from German- only sons were named. d: 22 Mar 1842 Old Washington, Guernsey Co, Ohio [He was 1st Justice of the Peace] Burial: old Washington Cemetery, Guernsey Co, OH
.......... +Anna MARIE b: 1781
...... 2 Jacob UMSTADT b: 18 May 1774 probably Hampshire Co, VA src: Copy of handwritten bible page - and translation from German- only sons were named. d: Bef. Feb 1819 Hampshire Co, Va. src: Estate Packet in Hampshire Co, VA
.......... +Catherine HAMBLETON b: 1780 July 12, 1799 - Is this the marriage date toJacob???? d: 22 Feb 1847 Guernsey Co, OH Burial: Guernsey Cemetery, Wheeling Twp. (surname Reese - second marriage)
...... 2 Susanna UMSTADT b: Abt. 1776 Hampshire Co, Va. (now Mineral Co, W Va) src: 1860 census, age 84, b. VA d: Aft. 1860 Hampshire Co, Va. (now Mineral Co, W Va) src: 1860 Census Hampshire Co, VA
.......... +Jacob FLICK b: Abt. 1774 src: Research of Dave Osborne d: Bef. 06 Oct 1844 perJohn Spencer letter, Hampshire Co, VA Father: Henry FLICK Mother: Susanna VARNER
...... 2 Elizabeth UMSTADT b: Abt. 1779 The year is an estimate only! Prob. Hampshire Co, VA d: 10 Mar 1816 Hampshire Co, Va. (now Mineral Co, W Va)
.......... +Adam FLEEK b: 11 Oct 1776 Brothers Valley Twp, Bedford Co, Pennsylvania (now Berlin, Somerset Co.) src1: Church Records of Berlin, Somerset Co, PA., src2: "100th Anniversary Celebration of his birth, on Oct 11, 1876" m: 14 Oct 1799 Hampshire Co, VA (or Allegany Co, MD?) src: A Short History of the Fleek Family, by George W. Fleek, 1877 d: 01 Oct 1855 Decatur Township, Green Co, Wisconsin src1: Tombstone photo, Moore's Cemetery, Decatur, WI, src2: Notes from Cemetery Inscriptions from Green Co, Wis; Vol 1 & 2, pub. 1975, Vol 3 pub. 1986 Burial: Moore's Cemetery, Decatur Twp, Green Co, WI Sec 20, age 78 yrs, 11 mo, 20 da Source: Notes from Cemetery Inscriptions from Green Co, Wis; Vol 1 & 2, pub. 1975, Vol 3 pub. 1986 Father: Henry FLICK Mother: Susanna VARNER
...... 2 Philip UMSTADT b: 31 Jul 1781 Hampshire Co, VA src: Copy of handwritten bible page - and translation from German- only sons were named. d: 1850
.......... +Elizabeth (Taylor) LONG b: or Elizabeth (Long) Taylor m: Bef. 1816 Father: PERHAPS Jacob LONG
...... 2 Abraham UMSTADT b: 28 Aug 1783 Hampshire Co, Virginia src: Copy of handwritten bible page - and translation from German- only sons were named. d: 1856 Guernsey Co, Ohio
.......... +Margaret BISER b: Abt. 1785 Father: Jacob BISER Mother: ELIZABETH
...... 2 Conrad UMSTADT b: 18 Jul 1787 Hampshire Co, Virginia src: Copy of handwritten bible page - and translation from German- only sons were named. d: 1856 Hampshire Co, Virginia (one source shows 1862, but he is not on the 1860 census with his family) Burial: on his farm, as are his parents, it was their farm
.......... +Sarah C. MARPOOL Burial: on the farm, with Conrad
...... 2 John UMSTADT b: 03 Aug 1794 Hampshire Co, Va src: Copy of handwritten bible page - and translation from German- only sons were named. d: 15 Dec 1860 Hampshire Co, VA. Burial: Umstot Cemetery #2, d. 2/15/1860, age 66y mo, 12da Source: Mineral Co website, Cemetery listing
.......... +Ann LONG b: 14 Mar 1801 m: 28 Mar 1822 Hampshire Co, VA src: letter written in 1902 by son Samuel d: 29 Aug 1865 Hampshire Co, VA Burial: Umstot Cemetery #2, d. 7/29/1865, age 64y 5mo 15da Source: Mineral Co website, Cemetery listing Father: Jacob LONG

Note: Marriages not sourced are from Traits, Tracks, & Trails



Peter Umstott's Bible page naming his sons.
At one time the Bible was in the possession of Paul N. Umstott. Its current whereabouts is unknown to us.


Peter Umstatt/Umstott is different from the other UM "orphans," (orphan being our word for UMs not yet connected to parents). He is the only one who is neither known to have married into a Montgomery Co. PA family, nor to have had a known sibling who did so. (See Good/Gut family below) In fact, to date there are no known siblings of Peter.

Research has been done on this family for many years, by a number of earlier descendants. The earliest known of those was Ralph George (d. 1998), who in 1939 wrote “Peter Umstot b. in Alsace Lorraine, d. - in the year 1819 - in Hampshire Co, Virginia (now West Virginia), m. in Germany to Rachel Gut.” [src. Papers of Harold Umstot, (d. 1994). THIS IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY. Further, none of his statements are documented with sources, or sources that can be found today, anyway.

He further states that “Peter was paying taxes in Hampshire Co in 1771,” however, it is now known that Peter purchased land in Frederick Co, MD in 1770, and the receipt Ralph George had seen is most likely from MD. His earliest known land purchase in VA was in 177(6?), and we know he was a resident in 1782. [src. Early Census - tax list]

Ralph George was also apparently in touch with Dr. David Faris, a descendant of Hans Peter Umstadt, of Germantown, Pa, who was unable to place this Peter in his family*.

“Another possibility is the name of Peter Umstatt which appears on the ships list of the “Prince of Wales” which arrived in Philadelphia in 1764.” He states the eldest son, Peter, was allegedly born in Germany (Dec 31, 1772), and he also points out the unlikelihood of this scenario. Arrive in 1764, establish himself, purchase land in 1770, pay taxes in May 1771, again in June 1772 (or arrange for someone else to pay them), return to Germany & have a son in Dec, and return in time to pay taxes in July 1773! MOST LIKELY IT WAS AN EARLIER PETER WHO WAS BORN IN GERMANY.

Ralph George also reported that Peter was appointed surveyor for Hampshire Co on Apr 16, 1789, however “his name does not appear on surveys in books A, B, or C of the period. It is possible his work was confined to the Western portion of the County where he lived, which was split off to form Mineral Co” (abt. 1864).

“GOODE - GOOD - GUT - are found in considerable numbers throughout the colonies in the early days. We know of no connection to any other family.” [src. Ralph George.] (Gut has an inverted ‘v’ over the ‘u.') NOTE: Typically in German, an inverted v is frequently used to distinguish between the letters v and n.

Harold Umstott (Warren, Samuel, Samuel, Jacob, Peter) in cooperation with Ralph George, attempted to carry on his work. Also working on this line was Denis Umstot. They may be credited with seeking out many descendants, but no ancestors. However, none has left sources for their work. Denis may be alive and living in Florida.


Work on this line was taken over more recently by Eleanor Mayfarth.

*Cris's note: Dr Faris died in 2001. His correspondence came into my possession and has been or will be forwarded to the appropriate descendants. It is for the most part speculative and undocumented. He corresponded with many known UM researchers and descencants from all UM lines.



Correspondence from Samuel Umstott

Reese Mill, W.Va
January 17th 1902

Mrs. Mary Rose
No. 62 W. 3rd Ave
Columbus, Ohio

Dear Cousin Mary,

I may never be permitted to talk to you face to face in this life. Therefore I will attempt this morning to write you.

Now in regard to our relations it is very hard to find out. Many things I would like to know. I cannot find any papers to show when our grandfather and grandmother, Peter Umstot and Rachel, his wife, came to this country from Germany, nor where they landed. But what we have is that they came to Hampshire County, Virginia and settled 4 miles above or south of where I live on Beaver Run; where all the children were born except our Uncle, Peter Umstot, the oldest child, who was born in Germany. All the rest were born on Beaver Run in Hampshire Co. Va. 2 girls and five sons. Daughters names was Elizabeth who married Adam Fleek and who died in the county and had---ve o----boys and one girl----- ---married Jacob Putnam and you ------ ------ was Martha Wright's father and he had 3 or 4 brothers, Abram and Isaac & John & ----- who was taken by their father Adam Fleek when young to Newark, Ohio.

(Helen Benter filled in some missing parts that were illegible above:
All the rest were born on Beaver Run in Hampshire Co. Va. 2 girls and five sons. Daughters names was Elizabeth who married Adam Fleek and who died in the county and had-(fi)--ve o(r)--(six)--boys and one girl--(Mary-- -(Magdalene)--married Jacob Putnam and you--(know)---- ---(their son, Adam)--- was Martha Wright's father and he had 3 or 4 brothers, Abram and Isaac & John &--(Conrad, my ancestor)---who was taken by their father Adam Fleek when young to Newark, Ohio.)
(Helen also now believes that Philip was their son. He was in IN with the others.)

Susan Umstot, our aunt, who married Jacob Fleek. Raised a large family of children and lived and died here in Hampshire Co. Va. I remember them very well. But they are all dead now.

Abram Umstot, your father and Peter Umstot, your uncle, both moved to Ohio when young men-I think to Washington, Ohio and married and raised up their families there. As Martha Wright wrote me, Uncle Peter died suddenly in 1844.

The other four brothers; Philip Umstot, Jacob Umstot, Conrad Umstot, and John Umstot, my father, all married and lived and raised up their families here in Hampshire Co. VA

Uncle Jacob Umstott married and died before my recollection and his 2 sons went out to Ohio and perhaps you know more of them than I do.

Uncle Philip had 4 children and all dead - his last daughter died last June.

Uncle Conrad bought our grandfather's home and married and raised up 3 children. The 2 girls are dead, but cousin Conrad is living and in Business in Burlington, 7 miles up the creek above me.

page 2

John Umstot, my father, the youngest son of our grandfather, Peter Umstot was married 3 years after the death of his father on the 28th day of March 1822. I have not the exact day of my grandfather's death, but he died in the year 1819. My father administred on his estate and the sale was on the 7th day of Jan. 1820. I have the Hole settlement from the -----in Hampshire County and in this way I know who the heirs were. I have all the receipts of the money payed out and to who.

The oldest tax receipt I have that Peter Umstot, our grandfather paid out was in the year 1771, before the revolutionary war. I went up to his old place a few weeks ago to look for his grave. But there was no stone to mark his resting place. Our grandfather and grandmother and Uncle Conrad and wife and wife's sister are the only ones that are buried there and have a fence around the graves and Murtle all malted over their graves and no tombstone to mark their resting place.

I have one bro. and 3 sisters living yet. Bro. John died last August.

Samuel Umstot

(Note from Harold Umstott: I have visited the old cemetery several times. The first time we went there were crumbled stones left over Peter Umstott's grave. Now nothing is left. Conrad Umstott and wife have a fine granite stone in good condition. Nothing is left of the original home buildings.)

page 3 (or possibly a new letter)

Cousin Mary, I have often thought I would like to come to Ohio this year and spend a few weeks to look up our relations there. Not that I am wanting their property. But know more about our near blood kindred.

I called in Wisconsin about 18 years ago and met John J. Putnam's children their and Benj. Fleek and bro and c, and they insisted for me so hard to stay longer. But I said I will come see and see you, but I have never been able to fulfill that promise. Clay Putnam stopped about 4 years ago and stayed a few days only and told me that some that were there when I was to see them was not there now, but had gone the way of all the earth.

Cousin, is all your brothers and sisters living that were living when I visited you in Senecaville, Ohio. In some way it appears that I heard cousin Martin was dead. Do hope you will write and tell me where your bro and sisters are, etc. I might take a little visit when you least expect me.

I feel that life is growing very uncertain with me, altho I am busy every day and hour too.

I have been looking for my sister, Susan for the last 2 weeks to come. She lives in Kans, but in the fall when I was in Kans, she came as far as Ill and I went on to Bufellow and she said she would come in about New Year -- but have not come yet.

Alonzo, my son, was in a few weeks ago from Kans and go home again. He shipped his cattle and hogs to Kans City and then came on in about 2 weeks. John, my oldest boy, who was living in Kans, moved home last March to help me here. So Alonzo is the only one in Kans living now. John is in Business in Keyser, our county seat. And Sallie married Last Oct a year ago and lives in Grant County, about 35 miles away. And Albert, my youngest son, is the only child we have at home. Him and his mother is still keeping house and I board with them when at home. If it was not for Albert, we would not have any home. He just stays there and works and holds on.

(Note from Harold Umstott: I called Alonzo shortly before his death while I was in Kansas City on business.)

Well, Cousin Mary, it is not necessary for me to tell you about such things----y -----y in----y see for yourself. But will try to ans a question asked sometime ago. What kind of a country do you live in. I would say mountains and valleys. In 1863 Hampshire Co. was divide and called Mineral County. Keyser is our county seat. Keyser is situated at the mouth of New Creek on the bank of the north branch of the Patomic, 20 miles west of Cumberland, Md. We live 10 miles due east acrosst Knobley mountain from Keyser, east to cabin run valley, continuing east crossing ridge called Cabin Run Ridge, to Patterson Creek Pike at Resses Mill. We live up the Creek above Reeses Mill.

You ask the question; what kind of town is Reeses Mill. It is no town at all. Now a little one horse store and post office and dwelling house, then one house standing east 150 yards and one west about the same distance. And no mill closer than 8 miles. The old mill that was located there was burned down 15 or more years ago.

Now we have a valley running N. and South between Knobley Mountain and Middle Ridge, running parellell with Pattersons Creek-a distance of about 40 miles. This creek empties into the North Branch 8 miles east of Cumberland, MD. A butiful little valley and no stone on the upland, near bottom land between these 2 mountains and a good road along the valley. The people that live in this valley are generally related and have a habit of calling everybody cousin, whether they are kin or not. I believe as a general thing (that) when a stranger comes to Pattersons Creek, they want to come back again.

Well, cousin Mary you never said word about Robert. Is he married or located in Columbus or where?

I will close this scrible and will you please tell me what you know about our people in Ohio.

My father died in 1860 and was 66 years old. Do you know how old your father was when he died-he was some older than my father. Uncle Peter was the oldest child and I expect all his children is dead-But tell what you know about it. And your brother John and Martins families and hour half sister in Senecaville etc-for I may come along some day when you are not looking for me. I am a poor hand to visit. I have not got time to stay very long in one place.

I remember your brother John was digging for coal at Senecaville when I was there. Did he get any? How far is Washington from Cambridge. What is the name of the place east of Cambridge that this line of R.Road Cross the maine B&O to Senecaville.

I have one brother in Crawford County, Ill, Jacob. Brother David lived there-he died 4 years ago. But both have families there. Brother Jacob married Rhoda Fleck of Newark, Ohio, Solomon Fleck's daughter. She told me she knew Martha Wright and her father Adam Fleek.

Well cousin I will close. Hope we may meet each other in this life, and know each other better than we now do. But if we should not let try to live such lives here that we may meet in Heaven to part no more forever. Dear Cousin Mary-Farewell-Sam.

Do give my kind regards to all who may ask after me-your unworth - Saml.

Helen suspected that Rachel was the daughter of Jacob Good, who died in Hampshire Co, VA in 1780, however this remains unproven. Only 3 sons named in Jacob Good's will, but "all my children" mentioned. He had had a land grant there in the 1740s or 50s from Lord Fairfax, but went back(?) to Frederick Co, MD, and relinquished it. Many left their grants because of the Indians. We believe it to be the same Jacob. He returned about 09 Aug 1773 (lease date), after selling his land in Maryland on 17 Nov 1772. (Purchased 22 Nov 1771 from Thomas Lane)

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