Reverend Samuel Umstot 1837 -1923



This story is about Reverend Samuel Umstot, born April 10, 1837, Hampshire Co, Virginia. He lived in Reeces Mill. He died July 18, 1923, Mineral Co, West Virginia, and is buried at Baptist Chapel Cem, Cabin Run, Mineral Co, West Virginia. He married Catherine Hollenback.

On the reverse of the clipping it's mentioned that Emperor William's yacht Hohenzollern "is 11 years old." The date of the yacht's launching was apparently 1902, according to Internet sources, so apparently this clipping was from 1913, making Samuel about 76 years old at the time this happened.



Reverend Samuel Umstot and his Grandchildren 1921

 Boys: Standing left to right

Arthur Umstot, son of Albert
John Umstot, son of John
Llody Umstot, son of Alonzo
Samuel Umstot, Grandpa
Edgar Umstot, son of John
Sam Smith, son of Sarah Smith

 Girls: left to right

Ruth Smith, daughter of Sarah Smith
Katherine Smith, daughter of Sarah Smith
Ethel Umstot, daughter of Alonzo
Julia Umstot, daughter of John
Dorothy Umstot, daughter of Alonzo
Gertrude Umstot (wearing pendent), daughter of Albert
Elizabeth Umstot, daughter of Albert


Ernest Umstot, son of Albert
Fay Anna Umstot, daughter of Albert

The last grandson, Ray Umstot, son of Albert, had not yet been born


Clipping, photo, and info courtesy of Bryan Putnam


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