DNA testing has proven Peter to have been a decendant of Johannes Umstadt

Born probably abt. 1735 [he is remembered by a family member as being very old, and just sitting and reading his bible, pre-1820] m. Rachel



1770, 20 June Peter bought 100 acres of Resurvey on Moab. Land record says between James Gassaway of Frederick Co., Province of MD, and Peter Umstatt of the County and Providence aforesaid. Thos. Praither and Wm. Campbell Wit. (Frederick Co. Deed Book N:199--Deed copied from LDS film #003943, but exact page # hard to see).... James had bought it from Benjamen Clary in October, 1765. (Fredrick Co. Deed Book K:103-105)

1772, Md., Frederick Co. debt books: 170, Peter Umstead, part 'Res. on Moab' 100 acres. (Maryland State Archives, film #SR7998; alphabetical) An old receipt from payment of this bill was found in an old family trunk in W VA in later years, but there was no location mentioned on it and the descendants assumed it was in Hampshire Co. VA. [The description of the “Resurvey On Moab” shows it to be in the same general area of Frederick Co. as the land of his brother Nicholas Umsted and his family] (Land abstracts from SusanE. Clark, descendant of Nicholas Umstat, as taken from “Maryland Land Records”)

1783 3rd June, Peter Umstatt and wife Rachel of Hampshire Co., VA, farmer, sell Wm. Cain the 100 acres in Frederick County MD. Wit: George Scott and Wm. Harrison. Peter and Rachel returned to Frederick Co. for the sale. This is the only time Rachel appears in the records of Frederick Co. or Hampshire Co. No namesakes are recorded among her descendants.
(Frederick Co., MD land Rec.: LDS film #0013947)

Peter Died Hampshire Co. VA 1819. Estate Sale 7 Jan 1820. [Mineral County West Virginia was formed from Hampshire Co. in 1865, and many of the family records were found there]

[Note: Peter Umstatt/Umstott is different from the other grandchildren of Johannes, as he is not known to have married into a Mont. Co. PA family, and there are no records of him in Pennsylvania. There is a Limerick Twp. tie in, however, between Herman Umstead of Berk’s Co. and the Peterson family and the migration pattern of Peter Umstott, as seen in the Peterson/Peters family of Limerick Twp]

Three of Peter's descendants (Harold and Dennis Umstott, and Ralph George shared research to compile a list of the Descendants of Peter. They worked from a family Bible written in German, which listed only the sons of Peter and their birth dates. Despite years of research and communication they never found from whence Peter came, and they listed mistakenly that Rachel’s surname was Gut/Good. Their earlier research on the background of Peter reflects the fact that they were not aware at the time that it was published that Peter had ever lived in Maryland. Descendants Helen Bentner and Elizabeth Periman reviewed their correspondence with others and found that the two younger researchers in later years questioned the validity of their earlier conclusions about Peter’s early life and arrival.

Peter's wife’s name is confirmed as Rachel by a land record, but her maiden name has not been confirmed, and no circumstantial evidence supports the Gut/Good theory in either the research of the Umstead family or of the Good family. (Research shared by Bill Good)



1782 Peter is enumerated in the #12 list of Abraham Johnson in the Census of Hampshire Co, with a family of seven, and in the Census of 1784 with a family of eight, a dwelling house, and two other buildings. This indicates that he was living in Hampshire Co. by 1782. Also shown in EARLY RECORDS, HAMPSHIRE COUNTY VIRGINIA, NOW WEST VIRGINIA, Including at the start most of known Va. aside from Augusta District, Compiled by Clara McCormack Sage and Laura Sage Jones, 1969 Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore Maryland], page 97. (See UM Misc Bibliography for full citation and more info from the book).

1783 3 June, Peter Umstatt and wife Rachel of Hampshire Co., VA, farmer, sell Wm. Cain the 100 acres in Frederick County, MD. Wit: George Scott and Wm. Harrison. Peter and Rachel returned to Frederick Co. for the sale. This is the last time Rachel appears in the records of either Frederick Co. or Hampshire Co. No namesakes are recorded among her descendants. (Frederick Co, MD land Rec.: LDS film #0013947)

1789 16 April, Peter was appointed Surveyor of Hampshire Co.

1819 - Peter died in Beaver Run, Hampshire Co, VA, buried on family homestead, but there are no longer even crumbled stones to mark the grave. His youngest son, John was administrator of his estate. The Estate sale was 7 January, 1820 and the sale bill was recorded 15 August, 1820 in Book 6, page 45 of Hampshire Co. records. The estate sale etc. includes all but Peter Jr. of the sons of Peter making purchases. They signed with the name Umstatt, so we don’t know when the name Umstott began to be used. It is probable that Rachel was also buried there earlier.


Hampshire County census returns, alphabetically arranged. It is suggested that if in 1782 a man and his family are listed, but are gone in 1784, that the 1790 census for Pennsylvania be consulted, and the counties in the western part - Alleghany (sic), Bedford, Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland - be especially noticed. It is quite likely that the names will be found there. The census takers had contiguous territory, therefore the same initials following two names indicates that those families were neighbors. The names of these men, and the initials used, are as follows:
.... AJ- Abraham Johnson ...

In 1782, census figures following names indicate free whites; sl denotes slaves. In the 1784 census, the first figure is free whites, the second, swellings, and the third, other buildings.



__ (AJ) 8-1-2


So, for us, the means that Peter had a family of seven in 1782 and had added one in 1784. He also had one dwelling and two other buildings. No slaves.





 Translation from the Family Bible

In the year 1772 the 31st of December God blessed us with a son. His name is Peter.
In the year 1774 the 18th of May God blessed us with a son. His name is Jacob .
In the year 1781 the 31st of July God blessed us with a son. His name is Philip
In the year 1783 the 28th of August God blessed us with a son. His name is Abraham
In the year 1787 the 18th of July God blessed us with a son. His name is Conrad.
In the year 1794 the 3rd of August, God blessed us with a son. His name is John.

Peter's daughters were not listed in the Bible.



1. Peter Umstott Jr. b. Dec. 31, 1772, Frederick Co. VA, m. Anna Marie ( ), d. 1844, Old Washington, Guernsey Co. OH. He was an early settler in Old Washington, originally Baymertown, possibly as early as 1797; was the first postmaster and the first Justice of the Peace of Guernsey Co.
Children: a. Elizabeth m. Daniel Diarmet ... b. John ... c. Peter ... d. Alfred ... e. Harriet m. John Bungardner ... f. Mary ... g. Isaac ... h. Harrison ... j. Porter. (Family Bible of Pat Asher.)

2. Jacob Umstott b. May 18, 1774, Frederick Co. VA, m. Catharine Hambleton; estate probated Feb., 1819 Hampshire Co. VA. Catharine m. 2nd Thomas Reese in Hampshire Co. 26 Dec. 1827, Bondsman John Lambert; d. Wheeling Twp. Guernsey Co. OH, where she went to live with son
Samuel after Thomas died.

3. Elizabeth Umstott b. abt. 1779, m. 1799 Adam Fleek, son of Henry and Susanna Fleek, d. March 16, 1816 in Hampshire Co. VA.
Adam Fleek b. Oct. 11, 1776 m. 2nd widow Mary Ann Putnam Dawson (widow of John Dawson); Apr. 8, 1816 in Hampshire Co.; moved to Licking Co. OH; d. Oct. 1, 1855 in Decatur Twp. Green Co. WI. (History of Green Co. WI, p. 789)

Children of Adam and Elizabeth Umstott Fleek (all born Hampshire Co. VA)

a. Abraham Fleek, b. Abt. 1802, d. Mar 1847, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. IN; m. Christina Marsteller, Beverly Co. VA, 08 Nov. 1826 (now Randolph Co, W VA). Her father, Nicholas, was the son of George Marsteller and Elizabeth Custer.
Children: i. Catherine (1836-1848) ... ii. Charles ... iii. Nicholas ... iv. Henry

b. Conrad Fleek, b. Abt. 1803; m. Nancy Letherman, (dau. of Abraham Letherman b. Frederick Co. MD. Abraham’s great uncle Daniel md. Katerina Boyer.); d. 1845 Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. IN. Two of Conrad’s children had interesting marriages: William Henry Harrison Fleek b. 1841, Lafayette, m. Sarah Minerva Woodling (1846 IN-1906 CA), Jan. 17, 1864, Brodhead, Greene Co. WI; d. Nov. 14, 1927, Riverside, CA. The first listing in Sarah’s line is grandfather, Jacob Woodling who shows on the tax list of Providence Twp. Montgomery, Co.. PA; moves to IN. Sarah was the daughter of Francis, who had a brother named John Holman, and whose sister Ann md. Peter Gotshall, 1825 Union Co, PA. Dau. Margaret Fleek m. Wm. Pugh and had Jennie, Odell, and W.H.H. Other ch: Katherine, m. Charles Dawson ... Elizabeth m. 1st James McKillip, whose 1st wife was a Kendall ... Abraham (1837-1854) ... Nancy m. John Dawson ... Virginia m. Wm Mahin, and one of whose dau. m. Wm Snyder. Note that on the Limerick Twp. Map, the Woodling family were early landowners.
[Other families found in Greene Co, WI West, James Lewis b. Ashtabula Co. OH, 1835, son of Elijah b. 1808, son of Elijah Erie Co. PA, P.P. Havens, S.D. Bull, D. M. Davis, J.C. Zimmerman, Benjamin Zimmerman (son of Isaac), E. T. Fleek, J. H. Woodling, Sebastian Frey, Alpheus DeHaven.... as well as some Davis & Brooks] History of Green Co. WI , pub. 1884. Northcraft,

c. Adam Fleek b. Mar. 11, 1803, d. Aug. 22, 1877, Newark, OH. m. (1) Alla Lord Sherwood, (2) Elizabeth Woodworth. Their daughter Martha (Fleek) Wright questioned the spelling of the name Umstadt as Umstot by relatives in W VA in an 1896 letter.
Children: (1) Martha (1834 -aft. 1896)... (2) Mary Elizabeth m. Matthew Newkirk 1878 ... (3) John Sherwood 1837-1902, m. Martha Lang ... (4.) Wm Henry (1841-1863)

d. Mary Magdalene Fleek, m. John Jacob Putnam, 1824, d. Jan. 31, 1871, WI. Had 10 ch. 7 living in 1884.

e. Isaac (1805-1878) m. Eliza Trimm, d. Grayson, Texas

f. Elizabeth (1813 - 1828)

g. John (1809-1849), m. Mary Parker

h. Phillip (1815-1856), m. Rebecca Frazier.

4. Susan Umstatt d. aft. 1860, m. Jacob Flick Oct. 14, 1799, son of Henry Fleek and Susannah.
a. Henry b. June 15, 1800 m. Mary Paulk abt.1 Apr, 1824, Athens Co, Oh (d. 18 Apr. 1854); Henry d. 1876. Dau. Susanna m. Wm. Brookhart. This led to a Brookhart/Wells marriage, which lead to a Wells/Lewis marriage, which produced Jeffrey Wells, who gave us information.
b. Peter
b. 1806; m. Rachel Spencer, Jan. 29, 1828
c. Catherine b. 1819; d. Jan. 30, 1891, m. 1st Jacob Gorgas, m. 2nd Philander Paulk Barrows
d. Jacob (abt. 1811- Jan. 13, 1895, age 83)

5. Phillip b. July 31, 1781, prob. Hampshire Co. VA; m. Elizabeth Long Taylor; died 1850, prob. bur. Simon Umstott cemetery on Cabin Run, Hampshire Co. VA.
a. Simon b. June 1, 1816 Hampshire Co. VA; m. 1st Eliza Adams abt. 1843; m. 2nd Kesiah Elifritz, Sept. 6, 1851; d. July 7, 1888 Hampshire Co. VA.
b. Amos b. July 1, 1818, m. 1st Margaret B. Arnold bef. 1844; m. 2nd Elizabeth Parker; April 1, 1845; d. July 1, 1885, Hampshire/ Mineral Co. VA. Also had with no info c. Susan ... d.Sarah

6. Abraham Umstatt b. Aug., 2, 1783 in Hampshire Co. VA; m. Marie Margaret, dau. of Jacob Biser and Marie Darner, d. 1856 Guernsey Co. OH. Marie Margaret was Bap. 1786 Reformed Church Records, Middletown MD; came to Hampshire Co. with parents from Frederick Co. MD. By 1836 Abraham had moved near Old Washington, Guernsey Co. OH, 1850 census shows them in Richland Twp. (Denis Umstott; Mineral Co. Trails, Tracts, and Traces; Six Biser Journals 1990-1997, compiler/author Mrs. Margaret G. Lebhertz;)
Children listed in Abraham’ s will, probated 7 Jan 1861, who had survived him, include:
(a) Susanna ... (b) Elizabeth ... (c) John W. ... (d.) Anna ... (e.) Jacob ... (f) John ...
(g) Swain. (Mineral Co., Trails, Tracts, and Traces.)
[To these we can add Mary, who m. Thomas Jefferson Rose. In a 1902 letter from Samuel, son of Peter and Rachel’s youngest son, John, written to Mary Rose he said, “Abram Umstot, your father, and Peter Umstot, your uncle both moved to Ohio when young men. He also referred to her brother, Martin, who he had heard was now dead (in 1902)”]

7. Conrad Umstatt b. 1787 m. Sarah Marpool
Children: (a) Elizabeth (1831-1881)... (b) Sarah, (1832-1890) both died unmarried...c. Conrad (1838-1927) m. Emma Wilson, 1885, no issue.

8. John Umstatt b. Aug. 3, 1794, Hampshire/Mineral Co. WV; m. Mar. 22, 1822 Ann Long, dau. of Jacob Long.); d. Dec. 15, 1860 Hampshire Co. VA., bur. Umstott Cemetery #2 Cabin Run.


John and Elizabeth had 10 children, 9 of whom survived to adulthood (all b. Hampshire Co.):

a. Peter b. Jan. 30, 1823; m. 1st Elizabeth Urice, Nov. 7, 1844, Hampshire Co. VA; m. 2nd Nancy Fleek (b. 30 Oct 1825, ), May 30, 1864, Allegany Co. MD; d. June, 26, 1881, Hampshire/Mineral Co. WV. The 1880 census shows Ruth E. Fleek (b. abt. 1810 in home as sister)

b. Elizabeth b. Nov. 12, 1824 Hampshire Co. VA m. Arthur Fleek Mar. 8, 1845, Hampshire Co. VA; d. Nov. 17, 1912, bur. Queens Point Cem. Hampshire/Mineral Co. WV.

c. Jacob W. b. Nov. 28, 1826, m. Rhoda Fleek Jan. 20, 1852, Crawford Co. IL; d. July 30, 1912, Clark Co. IL bur. Olive Branch Cemetery.

d. David b. Mar. 9, 1829, Hampshire Co. VA; m. Julia C. Price, Apr. 11, 1854, Annapolis, Crawford Co. IL.; d. Nov. 25, 1896, Crawford Co., IL.

e. Mary C. b. Sept. 23, 1831, Hampshire Co. VA, m. James T. Dawson.

f. John b. Mar. 3, 1834, Hampshire Co. Va; m. Rachel Hamilton; d. 1901; Mineral Co.

g. Samuel b. April 1, 1837, Hampshire Co. VA,; m. Catherine Hollenback, Aug. 23, 1860. Hampshire Co. d. July 18, 1923, Mineral Co. WV. He was an affluent landowner and businessman. He was also a licensed Baptist preacher. (He was the writer of the 1902 letter to Mary Rose.)
[The following article was found by Helen Bentner in the Democratic Enquirer (Bedford, PA), Sept. 23, 1831: "Married--On the 16th inst. by Jacob Bruner, esq. Mr. Daniel Hollenback of Patterson's creek, Hampshire, Va. to the amiable Mrs. Keziah Hudson, of the same county--the former aged 74, the latter 22! It was fun to find a former “Perkiomen Region” family with this interesting story]

h. Zimri b. Dec. 27, 1839, Hampshire Co. VA; m. Apr. 2, 1863 Susan Ann Rinehart; d. Aug. 26,
1883, Mineral Co. WV. He was licensed to preach 1863.

i. Susan C. b. Jan. 8, 1843, Hampshire Co. VA; m. Thomas Randall; d. Aug. 2, 1927.

j. Sarah Ann (Sep 02, 1845 - Jun 11, 1860)


Elizabeth Periman, deceased 25 Nov 2002, contributed the information on the Umstott surname lines that she received from the early researchers, plus work she had done. Please note that her research carries the surname Umstott for all descendants of Peter, though many of them became Umstead. It will be carried on the index as Umstott/Umstead for descendants to avoid confusion of future researchers tracing back from Umstead.

Helen Benter, now deceased, and Jeffrey Wells have contributed most of the information on the Flick/Fleek family. It has been taken from books, newspaper articles, and County History Books, and verified thru checking marriage records, and other records of the counties involved. Only information that has been checked or which carries documentation with it has been used.


Some information on the Umstead and Flick families is from the following:
(1) Article published in Centennial Edition on Thursday June 21, 1956 of The Independent Register of Brodhead, WI, located just west of Beloit: “Grand Reunion of the Fleek Family , orig. pub October 13, 1876, re: celebration of 100th anniversary of birth of Adam Flick/Fleek on Oct. 11, 1776.”.
(2) Hamilton Vol. I Kelly R. Bates, Cousins , (1997), Appendix 17, 18, 19 of 67
(3) Various books on the History of Green Co. WI , as cited.
(4) Original copies of the Bible in German, and various letters written by descendants of Peter that Helen Benter sent to Cris Hueneke. (SEE ALSO INFO ON PETER PREVIOUSLY SHOWN ON THIS SITE). For the sake of clarity, if that info differs from what's on this page, chances are this page is correct.

See also Henry Fleek Family


For further information on children and additional descendants, please email Cris at the Email link below. Information will often be undocumented and will be offered only as clues for your further research and documenting.

This document comes from the UM research team and was compiled by Eleanor Mayfarth.



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