I have not so far been able to connect these UNstadts to our UMs or even to each other, although it is possible that the 1752 immigtants connect with our Monsheim/Kriegsheim/Hohen-Sülzen (NEAR WORMS) Ums. I have not yet seen anything indicating that they left Nova Scotia and came to the US, but it may be out there somewhere.


The Immigrants:

1752 - Anna Catha., Henrick Fredk., and John Peter UNSTADT arrived in Nova Scotia on the ship "Sally" in September, 1752.

Source: NOVA SCOTIA IMMIGRANTS TO 1867, Smith, Leonard H, Jr and Norma H, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1992, p 240
Source cited in above: "A List of German & Swiss Settlers that arrived in the SALLY in September 1752 Victualed at Halifzx between 19th feby & 15th April following 1753 both days included." Original at Public Records Office, Kew, Surrey: CO-217/14/List No. 7. Photostats at Public Archives of Nova Scotia: MG-4, No. 83, pp. 51-58

1752 - George Pieter UNSTADT arrives on ship "Sally" 30 May - 26 Aug 1752. 257 sailed, 218 arrived, 88 days, 39 dead. John Robinson, Master, from Rotterdam to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is shown as age 32, a shoemaker, Men 1, Women 1, 1/2 Frt. 1, Heads 3, FROM WORMS

Source: PUNCH, TERRENCE M. " 'Foreign Protestants' to Nova Scotia, 1752." In Canadian Genealogist, vol. 5:4 (Dec. 1983), pp. 231-240, page 234.

Presumably John Peter and George Pieter are the same, Anna Catharina is the wife, and Henrick Fredrich is the 1/2 fare child.

1757 - Catharina, Frederick, and Peter UNSTADT are shown on "A LIST OF FOREIGN AND OTHER SETTLERS VICTUAL'D AT LUNENBERG IN THE PROVINCE OF NOVA SCOTIA between the 24th Jany 1757 and the 15th May Following, Both Days Included (1313 Names in All)." In Report, Board of Trustees of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Appendix B (1935), pp. 20-33, page 26.

It would appear that this is the same family moving FROM Halifax TO Lunenberg, which is about 60-100 miles southwest of Halifax by road, but is also a seaport and they apparently traveled by ship. NOTE THAT George Pieter/John Peter is SHOWN AS PETER at this point.

http://www.seawhy.com/fpmemor.html shows info on a monument to the first settlers, other than those who came from Montbéliard, France, will be unveiled Saturday July 12, 2003 at 2 pm on Blockhouse Hill. The following family names will be inscribed. UNSTÄDT is included.

http://www.seawhy.com/fifamndx.html shows LUNENBURG TOWNSHIP FIRST FAMILIES, 1750-1784, listing the following:
George Came from Germany; Darmstadt Worms on ship Sally 1752; 30 ac Lot 1753/4; L'burg Victualling List 1755; L'burg Victualling List 1756; L'burg Victualling List 1757; Garden Lot 1760/2; 300 ac Lot 1763/6; Census 1770; Land Transactions 1759-75; Lutheran Church Start 1770-87; and

Peter on ship Sally 1752; Halifax Victualling List 1753; Return of Arms 1753; Live Stock 1754; Town Lot 1753/4; L'burg Victualling List 1757; Town Lot 1760/2; 30 ac Lot 1760/2;

Family Bell's Notes; in Book: Planters & Pioneers; in Book: Nova Scotia Immigrants;

Most of the items under George and Peter Unstatt above are links to further info.


Later US UNSTADT records:

Presumably the same Adam (Addam), John, and George UNSTADT appear on Hanover Twp, Morris Co, NJ Tax Lists from between 1801 and 1819, with spellings varying from UNSTADT to UNSLAUT, UNSTABT, UNSLAUT and UNSTOUT.

1850 Nicholas UNSTADT in Carbon Co, PA Census - BORN IN GERMANY. His age is 38, so he was not a son of the above immigrants.

1870 Joshua UNSTADT in Mason Co, KY Census - our Umstattd presumably.
1870 George UNSTADT in Mason Co, KY Census - our Umstattd persumably.

Everton's (per WFT CDs 13 + 15) lists a Catherine UNSTADT. The one from CD 15 is only shown in a family group sheet. I don't have CD 13.

WFT Vol 12 shows a Catherine UNSTADT married to a John Dobins. Catherine's connection, if any, is unknown as of this posting. Child born Virginia, so presumably from that area.

WFT Vol 13 shows Henry UNSTADT and his son John - these are known UMs with the name misspelled.

Unstat - INDEX only on WFT CD 209, probably misspelling of Jacob Umstat who witnessed a will


19 April 2002


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