Additional Adjacent Land in what was to become part of Worcester Township in 1733.
1720 18th May Thomas Shute and James Steel to Johannes Umstat for 119 acres part of 1000 acres that had been released for survey by them on 30 Dec 1718. This land was an adjacent addition to the 204 acres he owned in Van Bebber's Township. The original house that Johannes built there in 1729 was demolished in the 20th century. Johannes sold this tract of land to his son Henry 22 Feb 1739. Recorded 9 Nov 1795. (Montgomery Deed Book 9:219_221)

Peter Bunn also bought 119 acres the same day that was an adjacent addition to his land in Van Bebber's Township [thus adjacent to Johannes]. The other purchasers in this 1,000 acre tract were: Adam Van Fossen, who in 1720 purchased 150 acres, John Bull [in 1745 Thomas Bull owner], Jacob Ingle [Engle], Hermanus Kuster, and Hugh Pugh.

The Van Fossen brothers, John, Adam, and Conrad, also purchased land there.
(Research of Betsy Umstattd *14, p. 54): "Worcester" Sec. 1, 12, Worcester Historical Society; A History of Worcester Township 1976, Worcester Historical Society, Boyertown Publishing Co., Boyertown, PA, Second Printing, 1986, copyright 1978 Worcester Historical Society pp. 358-61.)

*Numbers refer to # in BIBLIOGRAPHY OF JOHANNES.


Research of Eleanor Mayfarth, Betsy Umstattd, Barbara Wentz, and Joe Patterson.


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