Johannes Bibliography


1.      “The First Map of Germantown: A Neglected Source” by James Duffin, “Germantown Crier”, Vol.. 44, #2, 1992.
2.      Dr. David Faris  M.D. of Philadelphia, an Umstead descendant now deceased, was one of the earliest modern in depth researchers of the Umstead family.  In March 2005 Cris, as Coordinator of the Umstead Family, received an offer from his widow, Carol Faris to donate his research on the Umsteads to her, which she accepted.   His work was never published.
3.      Pennypacker, S.W.,  The Settlement Of Germantown, Publ. by William J Campbell, Philadelphia, 1899.
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“ It seems more than likely that Pastorius was the originator of the proposal to open a school in Germantown, which was approved by the General Court Dec. 30, 1701. This school was opened on the 11th of Jan., 1702, and taught by Pastorius.”  Among the original subscribers to the school were Gerhard Ruttinghusen, Dirck Jansen, Johannens Umstett, Peter Bon, and Dirck Keyser. "It would seem strange that a community like that of Germantown, with a highly educated man like Pastorius at the head, should not have had a school before 1702, nineteen years after the settlement of the town. Seidensticker  thought it likely that an evening school existed before 1702. It seems more likely that the instruction of children was given in the meeting even from the earliest assembling in private houses till the building of the church in 1686." (52):"Cf. Beschreibung, p 34"  .The above account is based on Seidensticker's original notes from the Cash-Book printed in Der Deutsche Pionier, III, 36ff."
          (b) Professor Marion Dexter Learned, “English Translation (Ground and Log Book) of The Germantown Grund und Lagerbuch by Francis Daniel Pastorius, written it Dutch, Prepared by Professor Learned and presented to William S. Vare, the Recorder of Deeds for the County of Philadelphia, in January 1910.
8.      Eyerman, John, The Ancestors of Marguerite and John Eyerman,,  Private Press at Oakhurst House, Easton, PA, 1899, Umstead Family.   Family History Library, SLC, Film # 1486616, item 11, filmed at Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 1985. [John Eyerman was a descendant of John NS and Deborah.]
9.      Land Records (Phila. Co. Deed Book E Salt Lake City  film #s 0021875 and 0021876). (Name spelling corrections from “An Index  to Deeds Recorded at Philadelphia 1682-1743 for lands now in Montgomery County” compiled by Charles R. Barker, 1924, Salt Lake City film #0021595
10.     Detweiler, William N., Sellersville, PA, 1992,  The Creation, Founding and Early Settlers of Bebber’s Township, Philadelphia County, Province of Pennsylvania, 1702 (Now Skippack Townshp, Montgomery County, PA), Published by Adams Apple Press, PO Box E, Bedminster, PA 18910, 1992, including map showing the “Original settlers of Bebber’s Township 1702 to 1724".  (Designated as Detweiler.)  Pages 5 through 12 of the Comments section of the book is a reprint of  The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XXXI, No. 1, by Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, LL.D., published by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 1907.  Page 12  includes the 1713 petition by residents for a Skippack Road.  In endnote #1 of the footnotes of the book, Pennypacker states: “This paper has been prepared mainly from deeds and original documents in my own possession, for some of the most important of which I am indebted to the thoughtful kindness of Mr. Franklin S. Reiff of Skippackville, Pa.”   As this includes some deeds not seen elsewhere, they will be designated as: (Detweiler #2: Pennypacker}.
Note: p. 23 of comments, “Johannes Umstat” includes that Johannes was born in “Krefeld”, Germany and married Mary “Pennypacker”.  As this was contributed by Elizabeth Coles {Betsy) Umstattd in 1992 from “Perkiomen Region, Vol. 10, p. 50, it no longer reflects our current research, including that of Betsy. We now show that he was born in the Kriegsheim area of Germany and married Mary (       ).
11.     “Early History of Lower Pottsgrove Township”, by Rev. Carl T. Smith, Historical Society of Montgomery County Bulletins, Volume VIII, Number 2, April, 1952,  pp. 91-92; Volume VIII, Number 3, October 1852, pp. 192, 199;  , Volume IX, Number 1;  October 1853, pp. 3-9.       [Abstracted by Eleanor Mayfarth, 2006.]
12.     The Journals of Henry Muhlenberg; Translated by Theodore G. Tappert and John W. Doberstein.; Philadelphia: Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania and Adjacent States, 1942-58.
13.     “The Addams Family of America”, by Addams S. McAllister, New York;  A  paper  read at the Reunion of the Early Members of St. James P.E. Church of Perkiomen Montgomery County, Pa. June 4, 1921;  Copy for the Montgomery County Historical Society, With the compliments of the author, Addams S. McAllister, June 6, 1921)
14.     Umstadt:  the Rhine to the Skippack & Beyond _ the Route of a German Settler’s Family by Elizabeth Madison Coles Umstattd, 2nd Revision, 2002  (Designated as Research of Umstead Special Research Team Member, “Betsy Umstattd”.)
15.     (A) “1671 Census of the Delaware” by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig,  The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volume XL_Number 3, Spring/Summer 1998, published by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, 1305 Locust Street, Philadelphia 19107.
                Includes, among others, the following names: Rambo, Jochem/Yokum, Johns/JonesBartlesonHendricks/HendricksonLongenecker/Longacre,   Janson/JohnsonBoon,   Justason/JusticeHelmstetter/HelmsCock/CoxHolstein/Holston, Koenig/King/Keen. Baerents/Barents,   Hoffman.  Nicelius/Nice  Mortonson, Peters/Peterson. 
                (B) Craig, Peter Stebbins, "The 1671 Census of The Delaware, Covers Wharton's 1671 Census, The Upland Court Judicatory, New Castle Judicatory ,West New Jersey and Delaware residents." published by the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, 1999. Includes Index. {privately owned copy reviewed.)
                (C) Craig, Peter Stebbins, "The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware: Familv Histories of the Lutheran Church members residing in Pennsylvania, Delaware, West New Jersey, and Cecil County. Maryland. 1638-1693," SAG Publications, Winter Park, FL, 1993. Includes Index.   {Family History Library Salt Lake City Book 973X4c}
                "is based upon the 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware, a Census taken to document the colonist's argument to Swedish Authorities that there remained a sizable group of Swedes in America who were worthy of help in the form of new pastors for their churches and new religious books in the Swedish language." (Introduction) This census includes the family of Andrew Robeson of Berks Co., son in law of Israel Helms, and the family of Matthias Van Bibber, whose wife was Araminta Peterson.
16.     The Records of Rev. Paulus Van Vlecq (1710-1713)”,  Presbyterian Archives, copied by Sherry Johnson on site.
17.     St. James Perkiomen 1790 Pew Chart with Additions and Corrections by Rita Gerardine,  Joe Patterson, Gene Rooks, Barbara Wentz,  and Eleanor Mayfarth, 2005, HSMC, and St. James’ Archives, also on line at
18.     St. James Perkiomen Church Records:
(a) “The Minutes of the Vestry of St. James’ P.E. Church, Perkiomen, 1738-1859", by Addam McAllister, “Perkiomen Region”, Vol. XIII #1, Jan. 1935, pp 22-35.
(b)“History of St. James Church”, 1899 for St. James Reunion by Rev. A.J. Barlow, Rector, “Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography”, Vol. XXX , pp. 87-95. 
(c)  “St. James’s Perkiomen”, By Rev. A.J. Barrow, Rector, Selections from a paper prepared for presentation at the 50th Anniversary of the present Church Building, Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XIX, 1895, pp. 87-95.
(d) “History of St. James” by L.C. Williams. in Historical Sketches by Historical Society of Montgomery Co.  Vol. V, 1925, pp. 350-365.
19.     Records of the Court of Quarter Sessions of Philadelphia County that pertain to later Montgomery County, 3 Volumes,  plus Index compiled by Edward W. Hocker.  Index includes various spellings used for each family.  Family History Center, Salt Lake City Film # 0021595)
20.     Pennypacker, Samuel W., Genealogy of the Pennypacker family: including those bearing the names of Pennypacker, Pennybacker, Pennebecker..., unpublished manuscript, Pennypacker Mills, Rt. 73 & Haldeman Rd., Schwenksville, PA 19473.  Copied by Sherry Johnson, Pennypacker researcher.
21.     "Genealogical Studies of Some Providence Families and Their Connections", by Ralph Linwood Johnson and David Hendricks Bergey, microreproduction of the original  published in 1934, reprinted from “Perkiomen Region”, October 1934, Vol. 12  #s 3 and 4.  Filmed at the Library of Congress, Salt Lake City Film #1843184.  (Designated as “Johnson”).  Also: The Perkiomen Region Vol X No. 2, April 1932, “Ancestors of Abram Clemmer” by Abram Clemmer;   Vol. X. No. 3, July 1932, # 38, p.110,  “A Note Supplementing Mr.Clemmer’s Article in the April Perkiomen Region, by Dr. Ralph L. Johnson.”  (Designated as Johnson Vol. X)
22.     "History of Harleysville and Historical Sketches of Lower Salford Township: John Isaac Klein", by Jas. Y. Heckler,  Montgomery Co. Historical Society Bulletin Vol. #XXIII, Fall, 1982, #3 p. 213 shows sale to Isaac  Klein.
23.     Lower Salford 1741- 1791 A Pictorial Souvenir of the Township’s 250th Anniversary, 1991, [owned by Barbara Wentz],   Map and sale descriptions by John Alderfer and cartographer John Munro, copyright 1984, pp.  11,12.  This map uses the name of the 1st  warrentees in lower case letter key and names who first purchased from them in number key. 
24.     Egle, William Henry, Early Pennsylvania Land Records, Minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania, Minute Book “H”, pp. 652-3: John Humstat
25.     Pennsylvania Archives Website, p. 319: Book A- No.8, July 1735-July 1738, , p. 129.

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