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January 30, 2002 - Virginia Keller has found the connection of the Gerolsheim UMs to our Monsheim/Kriegsheim/Hohen-Sülzen UMs!!!!


For several years, I've been working with Virginia Keller, whose husband descends from these Gerolsheim Umstadts who arrived in New York City 23 Aug 1853 on the "Samuel M. Fox" from LeHavre, according to GERMANS TO AMERICA Vol 5 Pgs 313-317. Virginia says that this is confirmed in the original records.

No exact connection has been made as of yet to our Hans Peter himself, but we're working on it. Gerolsheim is a bit south of Kriegsheim, near Frankenthal, and apparently some of the UMs who stayed in Germany moved there. Gerolsheim baptismal records also show an UM sponsor as coming from Dittelsheim, which is a bit north of Kriegsheim.

Here is some basic information to start with, and there's lots more on Virginia's website which can be found at

Conrad Umstadt was born 05 APR 1798 in Gerolsheim, Bavarian Pfalz, Germany. He was the son of Johannes Umstadt, who in the Gerolsheim marriage record 25 NOV 1782 is shown to be FROM HOHEN-SÜLZEN, and Catharina Elisabetha Hoyer of Gerolsheim. Conrad married Anna Elisabetha Schneider 24 SEP 1823 in Gerolsheim.

Child of Conrad Umstadt and Anna Elisabetha Schneider was Conrad Umstadt who died 26 APR 1873 in New York City. He married Dorothea Catharina Schneider 04 JUN 1850 in Zweibrucken, Germany. This Conrad is the immigrant of 1853.

Monsheim and Kriegsheim are right next to each other and Hohen-Sülzen is down a side road, just outside of Monsheim. It's all the same place. There are UMs living in Hohen-Sülzen today. This is the family of Hans Peter that stayed behind in Germany.

See Virginia's site for Conrad's descendants and more details, this is entirely her research and she knows much more about this family than I do.

If you descend from these people, or have known UM roots in New York City, please contact both Virginia at [email protected] AND Cris Hueneke (for overall connection to the UM family).

Note: all the UMs and others that Virginia hasn't been able to connect yet are on a different page, so you may want to check it too.

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