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Hansen UMSTADT was known to be in Monsheim, Germany in 1556. It would seem reasonable that he was PROBABLY an ancestor of our Nicholas.


Nicholas UMSTATT

Hans Peter UMSTATT (Hans-Peter (pronounced Hawntz-PAYter) could write, as evidenced by his signatures on the passport requests and other documents, and he probably received a reasonable education in Germany. It is likely that his wife Barbara could not write (in that Johannes used a mark), and was therefore unable to teach her children to write.
Johannes Nicolaus Umbstatt PROBABLY son of Nicholas, brother of Hans Peter, presumably stayed in Germany

THREE - Hans Peter's children
Johannes UMSTADT Johannes (pronounced YO-hawn-ness) could not write, neither could his wife Mary, as evidenced by their using marks.
Eve/Eva Umstat

Anna Margaretta Umstat

FOUR - The Children of Johannes Umstadt are in process ...
John "NS" Umstad John "NS" could not write, as evidenced by his mark "NS." Although we don't know for sure, several SPECULATIONS can be made. John's father Johannes was also casually known as John, so some differentiation had to be made, and Johannes used a "J" as his mark. Typically, the Germans had middle names which, unfortunately, were not shown in records. John "NS" may have been John Nicholas, hence the "NS." Another possibility would be that his actual first name was Johannes which would, again, lead to the "NS."
Peter "P VS" Umstat

Margaret Umstat
Henry B? Umstad
Jacob Umstat
Elizabeth Umstat
Harman "h" Umstat

FIVE - The Grandchildren of Johannes Umstadt are in process ...
The Family of John "NS" and Deborah
The Family of Peter "P VS" Umstat

The Family of Margaret Umstat
The Family of Henry B? Umstad
The Faily of Jacob Umstat
The Family of Elizabeth Umstat
The Family of Harman "h" Umstat

Some collateral information that relates primarily to this generation and has given us major clues to the connections we've made:


We will never publish UM lines beyond a certain point, so you don't have to worry about finding yourself listed on this site some day. We've recently figured out who many of our 5th generation "orphans" were, so we'll be adding what we know about them at some point.



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