Pennypacker/Umstead Marriages

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Hendrick/Heinrich Pannebecker
      +Eva Umstat (daughter of Hans Peter) born about 1680, died 27 November 1739
      Married 14 October 1699 in Germantown, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
NEW INFO March 2008: Hendrick's date of arrival, the marriage date, Eve's date of death, and birthdates of their children are listed in "Pennypacker Express" March-April 2008, which shows info handwritten by Hendrick Pannebecker in DE WERKEN van den HOOG VERLICHTEN JACOB BRIL (THE WORKS OF JACOB BRIL), published in Dutch in Amsterdam by Barent Visser, 1705. The birth dates of the children (last 1725) and her date of death would indicate that Eve was probably born earlier than previously thought, perhaps around 1680.

The entire article, including the image with a German transcript and an English translation may be viewed and downloaded at,Path,HISTORICSITES/March-April%202008%20newsletter.pdf,assetguid,91b99947-d9bd-457a-9360e6a492f8762e.pdf
HARMON Umstead
      +ANN Vanderslice (daughter of Anthony Vanderslice + Margretha Pannebecker)
      Married about 1751 Evangelical Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Jacob Pannebecker
      +Hannah Umstead
      Married probably between 1776 and 1787
 Henry Umstad
      +Magdalena Pannebecker
      Married June 8, 1790 in Skippack, Perkiomen Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
John Adams Pennypacker
      +Hannah Wells (daughter of James Wells + Margaret Umstat)
      Married probably mid-1840s
Henry Harrison Wanger (son of Jacob Wanger + Elizabeth Umstead)
      +Mary Jane Root (daughter of Eli S. Root + Sarah Pennypacker)
      Married about 1866
 J. Harry (Henry?) Grover (son of Mary Elizabeth Pennypacker)
      +Mary C. Umstad
      Married about 1890
Jacob P Markley (son of Louisa Pennypacker - not identified - who was she???)
+Annie L Smith (daughter of Eliza Umstead)

Jacob P Markley and Louisa Pennypacker married after1880 - Jacob, age 25, was still single in 1880 Census. We don't have a marriage date for Jacob P Markley and Annie L Smith, but it was probably about 1902.

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Pannebecker/Pennypacker-UM genealogy beginning with Eve Umstat who married Heinrich Pannebacker is being handled by descendants of the Pennypacker family.  PLEASE CONTACT BRUCE PENNYPACKER at if you descend from Heinrich and Eve.  You'll want to remain in contact with the site for updates on Eve's father Hans Peter and his father Nicholas though.

If you are ever in Pennsylvania, take time to go visit the lovely Pennypacker Mills.
This historic house (Washington really slept here!) is well worth a visit.


Pennypacker Mills
5 Haldeman Road
Schwenksville PA 19473

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