Jacob Umstead and Ann Adams Graves


The small stone on the left, AU 1796, is believed to be that of Ann Adams Umstead, wife of Jacob Umstead. Its proximity to Jacob's stone would lend credence to this probability. The graves are in Row 15, according to the Reinford list. We believe Ann Adams to have been born before February 18, 1717/1718.

The large stone on the right reads "In Memory of Jacob Umsted who departed this life Jan the 31st 1785 Aged 76 Years 1 Month __ Days. The lettering on the stone is old script and the s in 31st looks like an f. Barbara says that no number of days appears and none are shown in the Reinford listing. Jacob was born about December 31, 1708.

For more information on Jacob and Ann, and the basis for Ann's date of birth, please see Corrections to Jacob Line.







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