1. John JR. b. abt. 1728, m. 1st Mary ( ), m. 2nd Catherine Miller

1756 "John Umstadt" was elected constable of Frederick Township. (Bean, History of Montgomery County, Vol 2 p 838.)

6 Jul 1763 Deborah Umstad and Jacob Umstad, executors of the 1759 will of John "NS," release to John Umstad the 150 acres willed to him by his father in 1759 will: "Whereas he was willed the land with the stipulation that he pay to his father's executors the sum of 80 pounds, which he has now paid." Deborah signs with her mark and Jacob with his signature. Wit. Renear Vanderslice and (Unreadable) 29 Oct 1763 Deborah and Jacob "Umstat" appear before John Bull, Justice, and affirm that they are well satisfied with the release. Recorded 23 Nov 1763. (Philadelphia Co Deed Book H 18:450-451)

16 Nov 1763 John Umsted and His Wife Mary sold 25 acres of the 150 acres of land that had been willed to him by his father John "NS" in 1759.
"Between John Umsted of Frederick Township...Yeomen, and Mary His Wife of the first part and Christian Hepler of the same place, Cordwainer of the other part.... Whereas the Honorable John Penn..." From here the record goes through the patenting of the land in 1741, the sale to Jacob Freeh in 1743 to "...Whereas the said Nicholas Beidle and Mary his wife and one Henry Reid (unto whom Nicholas had agreed to sell the land) by indenture dated the 26 day of April, 1751)...sold the 150 acres...unto one John Umsted of Limerick Township ... Yeoman, (who was the father of the said John Umsted party hereto...who by his will written 8 Nov 1759 devised the sd. 150 acres unto said John Umsted." Now John and Mary are selling 25 acres of the land. Mary signed the deed with "M" (her mark), John with his signature. The 29th day of August, 1764 John and Mary appeared before John Koplin, Justice, and affirmed the sale of the land, John Koplin having spoken "secretly" with Mary. Deed Recorded 14 Sep 1764. (Philadelphia Co Deed Book H 19:411)

PA Archives, 2nd Series, Vol 2, shows that Umsted, John and Catherine Miller applied for a marriage license 22 Jan 1768 (p 251). A researcher who has studied these licenses makes this entry: "John Umsted, resides Frederick Township" for this license.

20 Sep. 1771 John Umstad and Catherine, his wife sold the other 126 and ½ acres of the land willed to him by his father John "NS."
"Between John Umstad of Frederick Twp...Yeomen, and Catherine his wife of the one part and John Hildenbeidel of Upper Salford Twp...farmer. John Umstad and his wife Catharine do hereby bargain and sale unto John Heldenbeidel...a certain piece of land situated and lying in Frederick Twp. ....containing 126 ½ acres of land (It being part of 150 acres)." The description that follows shows the same history of the land from 1741 patent through 1751 sale by Biddle and Reed to John Umstad, the willing of John Umstad in 1759 will to his son John Umstad with the 80 pound paying stipulation, which is fulfilled (Deed Book H 18: 450-51 quoted), so the land belongs to John who is selling. The original deed shows that John signed and Catherine made her "X" mark. The signature of John appears to show "Umstead." Witnesses were John Delavan and Jonathan Custer. 20 Sep 1771 John and Catharine appeared before John Bull, Justice, and affirmed the deed. The deed was not recorded until 2 May 1793. (Original Deed file 183.5, Deed 85, Schwenkfelder Library; also recorded Montgomery Co Deed Book 7:416)

Unfortunately this is the last record that we have found for John and Catharine that can be definitely identified as this John Jr., son of John and Deborah. No earlier researcher has given information on him. Charles Major says only that he married “Mary”. A widely-circulated 1932 mistake in Perkiomen Region Vol. 10 pp. 50-51 that John Jr. married Winifred Evans, which he did not, has obviously hindered further research on this family, for those who accepted this undocumented marriage report.


2. Mary Anna Umstad b: Abt. 1730 m.1757 Reynier Vanderslice (b.abt. 1729 Worcester Twp.), son of John and Frances, and grandson of immigrant Reynier and Ann Vanderslice.
Reynier and Mary Ann Umstad, owned land in Providence Twp. pre 1763. In 1763 Henry “H” Umstad Sr. purchased 166 acres adjacent to their land. This became the land of Henry’s son John and his wife Sabilla Boorse. Reynier and Mary Ann built a separate house on the 166 a cres in Providence, and their family also lived there for many generations. Reynier’s brother Jacob m. Ann Francis dau. of Thomas and Katherine Francis.


3. Deborah Umstad b. 1732, d. March 03, 1817, m. 1750 Phila. Co. Christian Koplin (abt.. 1726-1766) (Youngest son of Matthias Koplin)
Deborah is buried at Lower Skippack Mennonite Cemetery, Creamery, PA Row 16


4. Susanna Umstad b. 2 Feb 1734, d. 22 Apr 1819, m. (Judge) David Wagener b. 24 May 1736, Silesia, Germany, d. 9 May 1796, Easton, Northumberland Co. PA.

David was the son of Anna Waggener who arrived between 1737 and 1741 with sons Christian and David.
David was an associate judge in Northampton Co, PA
David and Susanna removed from Worcester Twp. about 1773 to Easton. They are buried in the Easton Cemetery, Easton, PA


5 . Elizabeth Umstad was the only daughter of John “NS” and Debora who had the surname Umstad in 1759.

Riddle- Did Elizabeth Umstad, as a widow, marry Capt. Arnold Francis, son of Thomas and Katherine???
In April, 2003 Barbara Wentz reported the following: “The marriage of Arnold to Elizabeth is in the St. Michael's and Zions Church records which are in the PA Archives. So I went to the Archives site and found the scanned image in Series 2, Vol. IX, p. 323 under date 1764. It reads: Dec. 29, Arnold Francis and Elizabeth Humsted, (Hamstred in license,), wid., L. I did check and if a man was a widower, widr was after his name so this must pertain to her!”
This gives us no clue as to whether Arnold married widow Elizabeth nee Umstad, or an Elizabeth who m. an Umstead who died pre 1764. In view of lack of clarity on this marriage we opt to keep it as an unsolved riddle.
Apparently no previous Francis or Umstead researcher found the word “widow” in the records they were using, or if they did, they chose the “nee Umstad” option. Most use the 29 Dec 1764 date and mention the Humsted, (Hamstred) phrase, and then show Arnold’s wife as Elizabeth the daughter of John and Deborah.

Here is the picture they give: “Elizabeth Umstad, dau. of John “NS” and Debora, b: 1738 in Limerick Twp. m. 29 Dec 1764 Arnold Francis, (abt. 1733-1802), son of Thomas and Katharine. Elizabeth died Mar. 30, 1808.
Children [Francis]: Thomas ... John ... Catherine ... Debora m. John Vanderslice (1767-1842), son of John and Frances, and grandson of Immigrant Reynier,” and David.”
Thomas ( 1769-1853) m Abt. 1790 Margaret Umstead. (1771-1857), dau. of John B. Umstead, son of Henry “H” and Gertrude (Custer) Umstead...
(Charles Major, #27; Total list of the children is from Historical Society of Montgomery Co, PA Sketches, Vol IV 1910, p 200, “The Francis Family”, from Nancy Colton April 2001, research of Nell Parson Patterson, done before 1969.)

Looking at the will of Thomas Francis below and the inserted documented facts [in brackets] about his children, it is easy to see why they chose the “Nee Umstad” option.

Will of Thomas Francis. New Providence. Co. of Phila., 3 Aug 1765. Proved 4 Oct 1765. Wife: Katherine. Children: Thomas [m. Margaret Umsted, Dau. of John B. Umsted, granddau. of Henry “H” Umsted and Gertrude]... David... Arnold [m. Elizabeth Umstead, widow]... Hannah... Ann Vanderslis [wife of Jacob Vanderslice, son of John and Frances Vanderslice]... Elizabeth Umstad [wife of Herman Umstad, son of John “NS” and Deborah]... Son in law: Jacob Vanderslis. Execs.: Katherine and Thomas Francis, Jacob Vanderslis. Witnesses: John Edwards, John Rositer, Benj. Chesnut. (Philadelphia Co. Will Book N:420.)


6. Harman Umstead b: March 1740/41 in Limerick Twp., m. Feb. 1, 1765 Elizabeth Francis (1735-22 June 1802), daughter of Thomas and Katharine; d: Nov. 11, 1822.

12 April 1796 Herman and his wife Elizabeth sold Valentine Emrich 4 acres of the 250 acres in Limerick Twp. willed to Herman by his father. History of land traces back to purchase by Johannes in 1743 through 1759 will of John “NS”. Herman and Elizabeth (signature) sign. John Umsted and B. Dismant witness. Recorded 18 Apr 1796. (Mont. Co. Deed Book 9: 411.)

12 April 1796 John Umstadt of Limerick Twp., Tanner, and Catherine his wife sell to Valentine Emrich of Skippack and Perkiomen Twp., yeoman, 30 acres in Limerick Twp. This land record includes the complete history of the land as above plus the following, "Whereas the said Harman Umstadt and Elizabeth his wife by their Indenture of Release dated the 25th day of February, 1796 for the consideration therein mentioned did grant and convey unto their son the said John Umstadt of Limerick aforesaid thirty acres of land it being part of the above two hundred and fifty acres of land ..." This land is adj. to Henry Boyer Sr. and the road. Both John and Catharine sign with signatures. Recorded 18 Apr 1796. (Mont. Co. Deed Book 9: 412.)

(Barbara Wentz's description and map of Limerick show these plots to be the edge of Harmon's land, next to Henry and Catherine Boyer's corner and the road.)

Will of Harman Umsted, Limerick written 5 Oct 1819, proved 14 Dec 1822
Estate to be sold and money from sale divided into 6 equal parts. To son Joseph, 1/6 part. To son Thomas, 1/6 part. To son Arnold, 1/6 part. To son David, 1/6 part. To daughter Mary, 1/6 part. To son Jacob, 1/6 part. [Oldest son John has already gotten land from parents]
Execs: Sons: Thomas, Joseph, Arnold, and David. Wit: Peter Longaker, and Jacob Rittenhouse.

There are a number of records of Herman/Harmans in the Revolutionary War.

Children of Harman Umstad and Elizabeth (Francis):

(a.) John (the Tanner)
(4 Oct 1766-1851) m. 1788 Catherine Boyer, b. Aug. 9, 1770, according to the baptismal records of the Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran Church, Montgomery Co., PA. Bur. Brandywine Manor Cemetery, Brandywine Twp. Chester Co., PA.
From 1799 through about 1806 John was involved in land sales in Providence Twp. Mont. Co. of 121 acres and 92 perches which he purchased from the estate of David Kennedy, Esq. of Philadelphia. 4th day of Dec 1770 all of the 293 acres of the land of David Kennedy was sold to David Johnson by Joseph Redman Esq. High Sheriff of and for the City and County of Philadelphia. The land “adjacent to”ownership description in the first deed below reflects the ownership of land as of 4th day of Dec 1770. You will note that tract 2 sold to John is in the part of Providence Twp. adjacent to the land of Uncle Peter Umsted in Limerick Twp. as owned in 1770.

Land of John, Tanner
Indenture 13 Aug 1799 between Francis Johnson of the City of Philadelphia Esq. and Ann Kennedy of the same place, widow, Administrators of all and singular the goods and chattels Rights and Credits which were of the estate of David Kennedy late of the sd. city Esq., deceased of the one part and John Umsted of the Co. of Mont., Tanner, of the other part.
Whereas the sd. David Kennedy in his lifetime was seized of the following land And whereas the sd. David Kennedy died intestate and the Orphans Court gave permission to sell the below land 14th day of August, 1799.... Now they are selling to John Umsted, the highest and best bidder for the land for 1,000 pounds of gold and silver, a certain 2 tracts of contiguous land located in New Providence Twp.:
(1) All that certain stone messuage and plantation and tract situate in Providence Beginning at a post in the line now or late of Oliver Pennypacker, thence by land now or late of Nicholas Bunn S 44 deg. E 105 perches to a post in a line of land now or late of John Pennebacker, thence by same S 52 deg & 40 min. W. 37 perches to a post and SW 49 perches to a post, thence by land now or late of John Beweiler (viz) [Detweiler], NW 101 perches to a post in the line of land now or late of Oliver Pennebacker, Thence by same NE 87 ½ perches to the place of beginning. Containing 55 acres and 35 perches.
(2) And also all that messuage and two contiguous tracts of land situate in the Township of Providence aforesd. one of them beginning at a post in the line of land now or late of Daniel Rees, thence by a line of marked trees NE 100 perches to a post a corner of land now or late of John Hendricks, thence by the same NW 100 perches to a post thence by land now or late of PETER UMSTED, SW 98 perches to a post also a corner of other land now or late of sd. Rees, thence by the same SE 100 perches to the place of beginning. Containing 61 acres and 141 perches.
(3) And the other of said tracts containing 4 acres and 76 perches consists of two small tracts of land and one of them Beginning at a post thence by land now or late of John Pennebaker N 51 deg E 54 perches to a marked white oak, thence NW 16 perches to a post in the above described land , thence along the same SW 53 perches to a post , thence SE 5 perches to the place of beginning containing 3 acres and 76 perches of land, The other of them beginning at a stone in a line of land now or late of Anthony Vanderslice , thence by the same N 51 deg E ten perches to a stone and by the same NW 18 perches to the place of beginning containing 1 acre of land. and which several tracts or pieces of land above described contain in the whole 121 acres and 92 perches. (Mont. Co. Deed Book 12:383)

John Umstead's Tavern Land

21 Nov. 1799 John Umstat of Providence, yeoman, and Catharine his wife sell to Frederick Beilemann of Douglas Twp. in Co. of Mont. (viz) Practioner and or Physick, a tract of land in Providence Twp. Beginning at a stone in the middle of the Reading road thence down the same S 50 deg. E 3l61 perches and 8/10 perches to a stone, thence by land of the sd. John Umsted S 38 and 3/4 degrees W 47 perches to a post in land belonging to the heirs of David Kennedy, deceased, thence by the same N 51 and 1/4 deg. W 36 and 8/10 perches to a post in the land of Anthony Vanderslice’s land, thence by the same to a post in the line of John Henry Vanderslice’s land, thence by the same N 38 and 3/4 deg. E 87 perches to a stone being the place of beginning containing 20 acres , being part of 121 acres and 92 perches which Francis Johnson and Ann Kennedy admins. of David Kennedy, deceased by indenture dated 13 Aug past did sell to sd. John Umstat. Wit: John Richards...Rec. 22 Nov 1799 (Mont. Co. Deed Book 12:487)

John lived in Brandywine Twp., Chester Co. by 1807, as shown in the following deed:.
John Umsted, Tanner, “now of Brandywine Twp., Chester Co.,” bought land from Thomas England. (Chester Co. Deed Book B3:1807, research of Don Shaner)

(b.) Thomas (22 Feb 1768-1846) m. Elizabeth Rittenhouse (1779-1850). Thomas purchased part of his brother John’s 1799 land purchase.

(c.) Joseph (1769-1843) m. 1825 Sophia Miller (No children)

(d.) Arnold (1 Oct 1772-1852); no living wife; Letters of Admin. to Salathial Umstead, 7 Apr 1852.

(e.) Mary (1777-) m. Jacob Jones at St. James Church Perkiomen 27 Dec 1807

(f.) David (7 Mar 1781-1844) m. abt. 1805, Mary Brooke (1785-1852.) Letters of Admin. issued 10 Sep., both bur. St. James Lutheran Cem., Limerick Twp. They had 10 children*, the 1st one named Matthew. This would indicate that Mary was a grandchild of Matthew Brooke II. (St. James Cemetery Records, Hollenbach #36d)

(g.) Jacob “24 Feb. 1826. Jacob of Perry Twp. Union Co. appoints his brother John of Brandywine Twp., Chester Co to settle the estate of late father Herman Umstead of Limerick Twp...
Cris's note: This is PROBABLY Jacob (1770-1852) who married Mary Kiehle/Keely and died in Harmony, Butler Co, PA. Jacob of Butler County used the name OLMstead, but he's ours, whether he's this Jacob or not. Jacob and Mary had a bunch of kids.


For further information on children and additional descendants, please email Cris at the Email link below. Information will often be undocumented and will be offered only as clues for your further research and documenting.

This document comes from the UM research team and was compiled by Eleanor Mayfarth.



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