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Burial information has come to me from many sources including UM descendants, some dedicated grave-hoppers, and from published lists. To all of you who have contributed, and to all those who create cemetery lists, THANK YOU. However, it is not my intention here to faithfully reproduce cemetery lists!!! In many cases, other records or info received from descendants is more accurate than are cemetery or burial records.

If you don't see your ancestors listed, please email me your full DIRECT UM or Pennypacker/UM line ONLY, and include any known burial information. Please don't send me huge gedcoms to wade through.

You will see things like ORPH or other capitalized abbreviations, which are "orphan" designations, meaning simply that we don't have the individual connected to parents. Sometimes there are other designations as part of the name, such as ofButler or mNorwood or PROVEN. These things help me identify a particular individual or orphan. They are NOT part of the name.

You will see Harman "h." In this case, "h" was known to be his mark. We use it to help identify him as this particular Harman.

Most of these markings do not apply to the burial info itself. In some cases they refer to the placement of a child on certain parents or to whether a name or part of a name is correct.

You will see other items in red that are QUESTIONS and if you know the answer, PLEASE let me know, especially the identity of any "ORPHans" you recognize.

Surnames in CAPS are generally my own direct ancestors, with a few possible exceptions. I may redo them at a later update.

(AA) designates African-American UMs. We have not yet determined root ancestry for most of our A-A UMs. We do not know much about these families at this point, and if I have errored in showing someone as A-A who is not, or in not showing someone as A-A who is, please forgive me, and let me know.

UPDATE: February 2019. I have just connected an A-A family to it UM origin. Details will be forthcoming at some point elsewhere on this site.

This burial sites list is not meant to be a source of firm genealogical information. There are often discrepancies between names and dates as they appear on tombstones and in various records. The dates shown are sometimes those from records other than the gravestones. It is up to the reader to determine what dates he or she feels most comfortable using. There are MANY errors!!!!!

In some cases, the same cemetery may be listed in several different ways due to the way the information came to me. I would greatly appreciate any clarification.

The burials are listed by state, then cemetery name, then town and/or county. Sometimes a cemetery is near a town, not in it. They are is listed in this order so that when you go traveling, you can print out the lists for the state(s) you will be in and go visiting and verifying.

Married women are listed under their MAIDEN names. They are in most cases buried or shown on other lists under their married names. Spouse names follow within the listing when I have them.

I realize that in some cases there is only one date behind a name. It may be the date of birth or the date of death. This is due to limitations in my tree program, from which I made the first listing. I will work on that, but it would help if you spot one and tell me. Where dates of death have come from cemetery records, and I had no other source, the date of death listed may actually be the date of burial.

I have no practical way of listing parentage for individuals. If you would like clarification or parentage on someone listed, you may email me for further information. Please limit your requests to your own direct line or specific areas of research.

DOCUMENTED corrections are always welcome.

I've added pages of UMs known to have died in various wars. Please let me know if I've missed someone. It is not necessary to know where they were buried.

If you don't see your UM ancestors listed and you know where they are buried, please send me the info, including cemetery name, city, county, and state, and any brief additional info that makes sense, i.e. directions when a cemetery is unmarked or hard to spot from the road.

Under each cemetery, the person actually buried there is listed first, with date of birth, date of death, then the name of his or her spouse. The spouse is not always buried at the same cemetery. Sometimes I don't know that the spouse is buried there too, so if you know, please tell me. Burial info on the spouses is listed separately when I have it, either at the same cemetery or at a different one.

October 2009: I am going to start listing cremations as that info comes to me, since more and more people are taking this option and I'm still interested in contact with their families, particularly as regards "ORPHans."

PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN!!!!! New info will be added and corrections made on an ongoing basis.





UMs in the Revolutionary War

UMs in the Civil War - under construction.

UMs who died in WWI - none known at this time.

UMs who died in WWII

UMs who died in Korea - none known at this time.

UMs who died in Viet Nam






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