Born 1733, m. Anna Davis (dau. of Enoch Davis Esq. and Catherine DeHaven) of Limerick Twp. Abt. 1761, d. Feb. 13, 1797, Frederick Co. MD bur. Old Family Cemetery on “Umstead’s Inheritance”, Sam’s Creek area. Anna apparently d. in or after 1798.

Nicholas Umstadt in PA Records-
“Umstadt, Anna, wife of Nicolas (illegible), Bap. Jan. 20, 1761.”
“Umstadt Mary dau. Nicholas and Anna , Bap. Oct. 4, 1761, sp. Enoch Davis Esq. And Wife Catherine.”
“Umstadt, Margretha, dau. Nicolas and Anna; b 26, 1765; Bap. March , 1766.” p. 419
(“Pennsylvania German Church Records of Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, Etc. “ From the Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings and Addresses, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, 1983, Trapp Records.)

[Ross Co. OH cemetery records and articles show that Catherine “Crouse”, dau. of Nicholas and Anna, was b. May 1, 1764. As Enoch Davis Esq. was a Vestryman at St. James Perkiomen Episcopal Church at this time, it is probable that both the marriage record of Enoch and Catherine and the Baptism of their daughter Catherine were performed there. The marriage and baptism records of St. James were destroyed during the Rev. War.]

Nicholas in Frederick Co. MD 1766 - Joining him there by 1769 was Enoch Davis Jr. (Wife Elizabeth. Sons Wm. , Samuel , David b. MD) and in May 1771 Enoch Davis Esq., Father-in-law; Brothers-in-law Wm. Evans (son of George Evans and Elizabeth Kendall) and wife Elizabeth, and Abraham Davis.

June 18, 1766 Nicholas “Now of Frederick Co.” bought from Jacob and Margaret Matthews 124½ acres of land being part of a tract called Williams Neglect and a part of a tract called Stinchcombs Friendship, lying and being in Frederick Co. situated on a branch called Justice’s Branch a draught of Sam’s Creek. That same day he bought from George and Barbara Matthews 124 ½ acres of adjacent land. (Deed Book K;561, K:564).

[12th Nov 1789 Nicholas had this land resurveyed and named it Umstead Inheritance as shown in the 1792 land record below]

1790 census of Frederick Co. MD shows: Nicholas with 2 males of 16 years and up, 4 males under 16, and 11 females including heads of family (white). Enoch Umstead with: 1 male of 16 and up, 1 male under 16, and 2 females.

1792 March 5, Nicholas and Ann sold son Enoch Umsted, farmer, of Frederick Co. MD, for 50 lbs. two parcels of land of a Tract called Umsted’s Inheritance, resurveyed for Nicholas Umsted 12th Nov 1789 for 206 ½ acres, 1st tract 63 acres adj.. tract called Joshuas Lott and 2nd tract 10 acres adj. tract called Bear Garden. (W.R. 10:574) Note: The land records that carry the Book #s as above were copied by UM Research Team from Land Recs. of Frederick Co. The W.R. records were copied from the Maryland Archives by the descendants of Enoch Umstead, and sent to us by descendant Susan E. Clark.

1793 May 11, Nicholas Umsted, Farmer of Frederick Co, MD for 64 pounds 7 shillings and sixpence sells part of a “tract of land called Umstedts Inheritance” to Tobias Garner. (WR 11 p. 543, Research of Susan E. Clark.

1794 May 19 Nicholas joined with other neighbors to secure their land rights of their property. (Liber WR12, p. 334 Research of Susan E. Clark).

Will of Nicholas written 1795, proven 1797. (Summary):
1. Gives to David, son, 100 pds., horse and bridle and saddle when he reaches age 24.
2. Gives to Nicholas, son, same, but he gets his when he reaches 21.
3. Wife Ann to have all of real and personal estate (unless remarries). At her death all real and personal property to be sold and money given to children equally:
Mary Root, Catharine Crouse, Margaret Justice, Enoch, Ann Beatty, Elizabeth Umstead, Eleanor Justice, David, Rachel Umstead, Nicholas, Ruth Umstead
Executrix wife Ann, Executors sons Enoch and David. Wit: George Pusey, John Etzler, Phillip Dehoof (DeHaven). (G.M. 3:160)

1798 March 5th, “Whereas the Chancellor of this State in and by a decree in Chancery of October Term 1797 did adjudge and direct a sale of the real estate of Nicholas Umsted deceased and there appointed...Enoch Umsted Trustee of the said Sale...” ; so Enoch Umsted of Frederick Co. MD, acting as trustee for his father’s estate for 257 lbs., 6 shillings, and 2 pence, sold to John Stoner part of the tract of land called “Umsted’s Inheritance”. (Liber WR 17 p. 69-71, Research of Susan E. Clark)

1798 June 19th, John and Ruth (Umsted) Norris of Frederick Co., for 218 lbs, 16 sh., and 3 pence sells to Enoch Umsted of Frederick Co., part of a tract of land called “Umsted Inheritance” , originally resurveyed for Nicholas Umsted in 1789.



The following was taken from info in above wills, the 1790 census, Justice & Umstead Families of Frederick Co. MD 1685-1947, by Mrs. Palmer H. Cushman, 1947, Q929.273 J984c..SLC#., and land and marriage records of Frederick Co.; The marriage records of Ross Co. OH, “The County of Ross”, Henry Holcomb Bennett Editor, 1902, and “A Standard History of Ross Co. OH”, a 1987 reprint of the 1917 edition, 1850 census of Seneca Co. OH, ”History of Seneca Co.”, Consul W. Butterfield, 1848; Bible Records of Seneca Co. Historical Society; “Pioneers of Seneca Co. OH”, Seneca County Historical Society; Cemetery Records of Seneca County, OH

1. Mary b. Jan. 6, 1761, Phila. Co., Bap. Oct. 4, 1761, Augustus Lutheran Church, Trapps, PA, m. James Root 10 Aug. 1779, (James Root d. 1800 in TN.) a. Her Son John Root b. 1783 in Fred. Co. MD, m. Nancy Cox , d. 1850 Clay Co. KY. [Cris's note: I have several sources on file for Mary's date of birth]

2. Catharina b. May 1, 1764 Phila. Co. PA, m. John Crouse 20 May 1780, d. Sept. 12,
1845 aged 81, bur. Ross Co. OH. After 1782 John and Catherine went from MD to PA, then to Orange Co. NC in 1788.. They were in Ross, Co. OH by 1798. Methodist.
[John was the son of John Crouse and Magadalena, late of Philadelphia Co. PA. John’s sister Mary married John Wagner in Frederick Co. MD, where she died. [Phila. Co. Deeds G6:346 and I16:168 show that Enoch Davis and his wife Catherine sold their land in Phila. Co. to the Crouse family in 1771 and that John and Magdalena had moved to Frederick Co. MD]; “a statement from Jacob Crouse Jr. empowering John to Adm. father’s estate is in Fred., MD records. "Jacob Jr. of Limerick, eldest son of Jacob of MD.” [Maryland Genealogical Society Bulleton, Vol 1-38, Vol 19, No3, Summer 1978, Maryland Marriage Licenses]

The children of John and Catharine Crouse will be discussed in the “The Gathering in Ross Co.”

3. Margretha b. 1765 Phil. Co. PA, d. 1813 Ross Co. OH ...Methodist. m. pre 1789 Aquila Justice, son of John Justus/Justice (son of John and Margaret) and Elizabeth. After 1813 the family went to Parke Co. IN.
The children of Margaret and Aquilla were:
i. Katharine b. abt. 1789, Fred. Co. MD d. Parke Co. IN ... ii. Daniel b. 1788, Fred. Co. MD, resided IA. ... iii. James 1790-1870, IN ... iv. Rachel b. 1792 m. 1810 Solomon Finch, Ross Co. OH, d. early, children to IN ... v. Nancy 1794-1860 m. Jacob Baugh, d. Jones Co. IA ... vi. Basil b. 1796 d. Vincennes, IN 1879 ... vii. Margaret b. 1798, d. Parke Co. IN ... viii. Eleanor b. abt. 1800 d. Parke Co. IN ... ix. Delilah b. abt. 1802 d. Parke Co. IN ... x. Aquilla Jr. b.. 1804 d. Parke Co. IN ... xi. William b. abt. 1806 no info. xii Susanna b. 1809 m. Wm Athey Parke Co., d. 1853 Iowa Co., IA...

4. Enoch b .May 31, 1767 Frederick Co. MD, m. Elizabeth Norris (1768-1831), dau. of Lt. John Norris Sr. and Ruth Phillips ; resided Frederick Co. MD through 1829: “1822, Feb. 5, Frederick Co., appointed Enoch Umstead as guardian of Jesse Washington Starr, at death of Richard Roberts; bondsmen, Amos Norris, Jacob Souder. The same day Amos Norris appointed as guardian of John Norris Starr and Maris Taylor Starr; bondsmen John Dudderar, Enoch Umstead.
(Guardianships , HS1: 167, HS2:370- 372)
[The will of John Norris, father of Elizabeth 4 Aug 1810, proved 25 Mar, 1811: The property “Norris Lot” to be divided among my four children, son Amos Norris to have $1, 333, and to be executor; (wife of Amos is Elizabeth Hoy)... dau. Elizabeth to have $533... son Jonathan Norris to receive $1,333... dau. Tabitha Starr $533. Son-in-law Enoch Davis to be an Executor. Tabitha obviously died pre 1822, when Enoch became guardian. This explains why he took his guardianship so seriously.]

Land Records of Enoch in Frederick Co. include:
1794 May 19-Jesse Justice of Frederick County, Maryland, Farmer, for 100 lbs. Sells Enoch 3 parcels of land. Parts of “The Resurvey of William’s Neglect, “Joshua’s Lot” and “Justice’s Delight” were sold per will of John Justice, late of Frederick County, deceased. The will was written Dec. 11 1782; it bequeathed to Jesse Justice 1/5 of the tracts mentioned or money arising from the sale when Elizabeth Justice John’s wife should expire. The said Jessie Justice is selling his fifth part to Enoch Umsted. (Liber WR 12, p. 436-437, Research of Susan E. Clark)

1795 April 17th f or the sum 195 lbs Abraham Pepple sells to Enoch Umsted the said Abraham’s right and title in the 3 parcels of land mentioned in John Justice’s will : “The Resurvey on William’s Neglect”, “Joshua’s Lot” and Justice’s Delight”. (Liber WR 13, p.235-236, research of Susan E. Clark)

1797 June 20th John Clemson for 30 lbs., sells to Enoch Umsted, part of a tract of land called “Bear Garden” . On the same day Enoch sold to John Clemson for 30 lbs. part of a tract of land called “Umsted’s Inheritance”

1798 Nov, 6th Francis McDonald of Frederick Co. sells to David Umstead, of Frederick Co. for 457 lbs. the tract of land called “Moab”. (Liber WR 17, p. 425-426, Research of Susan E. Clark.)

1802 April 26th , Enoch Umstead and his wife Elizabeth, of Frederick Co. for 1,014 lbs. And 25 sh, sell to Basil Simpson of Frederic Co., part of “Umsted’s Inheritance” and “Bear Garden” (WR23 p. 199-202, Research of Susan E. Clark)
Same date Enoch and Elizabeth sell to Basil Simpson of Frederick Co., parts of 3 tracts of land in Frederick Co.: “The Resurvey on William’s Neglect”, “Joshua’s Lott”, and “Justice’s Delight”. (WR 23, p. 202-204, Research of Susan E. Clark)

1803 11 April, Henry Creagar of Frederick Co., farmer, for 1600 lbs. sells Enoch Umsted of Frederick Co., (Farmer) parts of tracts of land called “Safebind (Safefind?)”, “Widows Chance”, “Mt.Pleasant”, and “Spring Garden” . [Parts of this land were sold by the Commissioners for the preservation and sales of confiscated British properties”]
(Liber WR 24, p. 325-330, Research of Susan E. Clark.)

1828 , November 14, David posted the following notice in the Lancaster Co., PA Journal:
A Fine FARM for sale! I Will Sell, at private sale, on accodating terms, the Farm I reside on, eight miles from Frederick Town and near the Lancaster road, situate on Israel’s Creek, and containing 212 ACRES. The improvements are a large brick Dwelling House, two Switzer bartns, a good frame Hourse Stable, and all other necessary buildings. Also two fine springs near the dwelling, an abundance of good fruit trees, twenty acres of first rate meadow, and a good supply of timer. This farm is well calculated for grazing, as it is well watered,) or for raising small grain. Enoch Umsted (Notice contributed by Don Shaner)

1829, June 23, Frederick Co., guardian Enoch Umstead about to remove from the state, appointed Jacob Cramer as guardian of Jesse Washington Starr. (Guardianships, HS 3: 649)

[Enoch m. 2nd Sarah (Ebbert) after Elizabeth’s death. He died April 25, 1841 73 yr. 10 m. 26 days; bur. Greenlawn Cem.Tiffin, Seneca Co. OH.. Will written 30 Sept., 1837, proven 5 May, 1841 Testate. Trustee of Methodist Church early 1800s. The 1830 census shows Enoch and Elisha in Clinton Twp. and Aaron in Eden Twp. of Seneca Co. OH Ely is also on record there. Wife Sarah Umstead lived in Tiffin b. 1767 PA on 1850 census;

 Children of Enoch and Elizabeth found in Seneca Co. OH, all born Frederick Co MD

a. Delila b. abt. 1791 m. Jacob Souder (abt. 1792 PA-1854 ) Apr. 18, 1811, Frederick Co MD. bur. Greenlawn Cem. Tiffin, Seneca Co. OH

b. Aaron m. Elizabeth Souder May 8, 1812 Fred. Co. MD . Will proven . Eden Twp. Seneca Co. OH, 9 Nov 1844

c. Elisha b. 7 Dec 1795, m. Mary Coe (1799 MD-1877)19 March, 1816, Frederick Co. MD, d. 3 Sep 1886, both bur. Greenlawn Cemetery, Tiffin Seneca Co. OH.

d. Nancy b 1797 m. David Huss (1794 PA-1869) 17 Feb., 1817, Fred. Co. MD, d.1881 bur. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Seneca Co. OH.
e. Rebecca
m. Grafton Bernard 19 July 1819 Fred. Co. MD, d. after 1841.

f. Ely b. abt. 1796 m. Katharine Kinzer 5 Sept. 1825 Fred.Co. MD. He m. 2nd Elizabeth McKee in 1851. Her will written 1854 mentions her as the wife of Eli, still alive, of Tiffin township. He is listed on the 1850 census of Seneca Co., aged 56, born MD. Living with him are: (i.) Margaret Umstead, 21 and (ii.) John E. 20 or 26, both born MD.

g. Susanna m. Jacob Cramer (s. of John) Sept. 14 1826 in Frederick Co. Md,. Was still living in 1841 when father’s will was written.

h. Eliza Umstead is mentioned in her father’s will as being provided for until her death.

5. Ann, “Nancy” b. abt. 1775, d. 1747, m. pre 1795 Edward Beaty b. 1756, d. Dec. 27th 1845. They married after he returned from the war. They settled and lived in Huntington Co. PA for several years and he was Captain of the militia there. They moved to Lee County, VA in 1803, where Edward was taxed on 275 acres of land on Indian Creek in 1814. [The following land record explains the time frames in the move from Huntingdon Co. PA to Lee Co. VA: This indenture 23 July 1809 between Edward Beaty and Nancy, his wife of Lee co., VA of the one part and Jacob Smith of Huntingdon co., PA of the other part for $234 a tract of land in Huntingdon co., Morris of Daniel of Juniata river...thence by lands late of Edward Beaty, Sen.,.....a tract containing 29 acres and 41 poles plus allowance being the same land granted to Edward Beaty, Jr. by patent 6 April 1807.
Edward (his X mark) Beaty
Nancy (her X mark) Beaty]

The children of Ann and Edward Beaty
a. William, who died in 1855.
b. Ann Hogan, wife of John living in Cooper Co., Missouri.
c. Rachel Bales, wife of Alexander Bales living in Hancock Co, Tenn.
d. Robert Beaty, b. 1802, of Cooper Co. Missouri, made a statement about his father’s military service in 1856.
e. Elizabeth Beaty, unmarried, Cooper Co, Missouri.
(Research of Joe Patterson, a Beaty descendant, and part of the Beaty research project: Line 10 of the BP2000 project.)

6. Elizabeth m. abt. 1798 Patrick Beaty, brother of Edward Beaty. She d. before Aug. 12th 1832.
In 1818 when Nicholas Umsted Jr., who had no issue, wrote his will she was Elizabeth Beaty wife of Patrick Beaty of the State of Tenn.
Children of Elizabeth and Patrick
a. Edward b. 1807 d. 1867.
b. Elizabeth d. before Aug. 12th 1832.
(Based on early book of Martha Cushman.. ..BP2000 project.)

7. Eleanor m. pre 1795 William Justice, son of John and Margaret, lived in Ross Co. OH in 1809 when Nicholas Umsted Jr. Wrote a letter to his sister Catherine Crouse and asked her: “please to give my compliments to Aquilla & Margaret Justice and Wm. & Eleanor Justice, and tell them I should have wrote a seprate letter to each of them but have hard work to fill this”
And another letter from MD written by brother Nicholas Jr. was sent to Catherine in 1824, just before he died, saying ,“please give my regards to Wm. & Eleanor”. On March 16, 1835 William was one of several to whom John Crouse sold land for a church. Records show they may have gone to PA briefly before going to Ross Co. There are a number of “Justice” marriages listed in the Ross County marriage list book through 1846, but as parentage is not given, I won’t list them for fear some of them may be older children of his brother Aquilla.

8. David b. Dec. 7, 1773 Frederick Co. MD, m. Catharine Norris, March, 1804 Frederick Co. MD, moved to Green township near Kingston, Ross Co. OH, 1810. Catherine Norris was not the sister of Elizabeth Norris, who married his brother Enoch. There were two entirely separate Norris families in the area. The parents of Catherine were John and Rachel Norris: [Capt. Thomas Norris, (1716-1763) and Avarilla Scott m. 1738 Baltimore Co. MD. Thomas d. intestate in Frederick Co. MD. 1of his children was: William Norris, ,(1739-1767), m. 1st ?, d. intestate Frederick Co. MD. William had dau: Rachel (Abt. 1764-1805/7), m. 1784 John Norris (parents unknown) John and Rachel were the Parents of Catherine (Norris) Umstead, Wife of David: [1812, June 13, Bargis's "Republican Gazette": “Rachel Norris heir at law married John Norris, and their children are the present defendants; Basil, Mary, Lydia, William, H---, Otho, Lot, Deborah, John, and Lloyd Norris and David Umstead and wife Catherine; David Umstead and wife Catherine do not reside in Maryland” (Our thanks to Corinne Hanna Diller, Norris researcher, for sharing her carefully documented research on the family of Thomas Norris.)

David’s story and his children will be discussed in “The Gathering in Ross Co.”

9. Rachel m. June 1, 1798 Nicholas Hoy Jr., son of Nicholas, and lived in Frederick Co. MD 1818.
Known child:
a. Catherine- 1828, May 31"Frederick Herald": married Thursday 22nd by Rev. James L. Higgins, George W. Poole to Miss Catherine U. Hoy, d/o Nicholas.

10. Nicholas b. ca 1776, d. 1823 Frederick Co. issue.
“Nicholas Umstead (Jr.)” bought land in 1812 on the Richlands, most of which he sold in 1821. No wife for Nicholas Jr. appears on this deed. ( J.S. 13:46)

Will of Nicholas Umstead Jr. written March 24, 1818, proven Sept. 1, 1823. No wife or issue mentioned. He wills money amounts to each of his brothers and sisters, explaining about each.....married names of his sisters and where all his siblings were living in 1818:
Will of Nicholas Umstead Jr. sealed March 24, 1818, proven Sept. 1, 1823. No wife or issue mentioned. He wills money amounts to each of his brothers and sisters as follows:
Ruth Steel wife of John Steel of the State of Ohio ... Daughters of Margaret Justice, deceased, who was the wife of Aquila Justice of the State of Ohio ... Eleanor Justice wife of William Justice of the State of Ohio ... Catherine Crouse wife of John Crouse of the State of Ohio ... Mary Root wife of James Root of the State of Tenn.,- deceased ... Ann Beatty wife of Edward Beatty of the State of Tenn ... Elizabeth Beatty wife of Patrick Beatty of the State of Tenn ... Brother David Umstead State of Ohio ... Brother Enoch Umstead of Frederick Co. [He also wills to Rev. Nicholas Zockey and Rev. John Debois of Frederick Co., and to the Sisterhood near Emmitsburg in Frederick Co. Also to Thomas Gibson (son of Thomas Gibson deceased) of Frederick Co.? The residue of his estate both Real and personal was willed to sister Rachel (wife of Nicholas Hoy of Frederick Co.). He included that Nicholas Hoy was to be sole Executor. Wit:
Joseph Taney, John Head, and John Darby. (H.S. 3:185)

1812 17th of April Nicholas bought from John Gibbony of Frederick Co. for 912 lbs. 2 tracts of land containing in all 113 and ½ acres. (Rec. 4 Jun 1812, W.R. 42-403)

1821 9th of April Nicholas sold for the sum of $4, 368 dollars &43 cents to John Riner 1,009 acres, including all buildings. J.S. 13-46.

1823 2nd April Nicholas and his brother-law Nicholas Hoy (husband of his sister Rachel) bought from the heirs of Peter Smith, deceased, for $9, 900 282 acres 3 Roods, and 19 perches. Recorded 10th June,1823, J.S. 18-65. [This was in accordance with the stipulation in the 1818 will of Nicolas Umsted Jr. “The residue of my estate both Real and personal I will to sister Rachel (wife of Nicholas Hoy of Frederick Co.). He included that Nicholas Hoy was to be sole Executor]

11. Ruth m. John Steel, Nov. 27, 1800, moved to OH. (Surname mentioned in Ross Co., no info)


This document comes from the UM research team and was compiled by Eleanor Mayfarth.


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