JOHN OF BERKS CO. PA ( 1730- 1815) m. Elizabeth Unknown (abt 1735-1811)


John ( 1730- 1815), the son of Peter “PVS” Umstead of Limerick is documented as the brother of Mary Umstead DeHaven of Limerick Twp. and Berks Co., whose records indicate her to have been the daughter of Peter “PVS,”son of Johannes and Mary, and grandson of immigrant Hans Peter. Mary’s husband Harmon DeHaven died in abt. 1761 in Berks Co.

From the estate records of HarmonDeHaven:
Feb 23, 1775 - Petition by Jacob Dehaven for a guardian. The front of this petition states John Umsted chosen and appointed. Above Umsted are the words “uncle of the Petr” (r is raised to indicate abbreviation.)
Feb. 23, 1775 Orphan's Court Book II, p. 201, states Pet. of Jacob Dehaven, minor above 14, chose John Umstead, his uncle.

John and his wife Elizabeth are buried at St. Gabriel’s cemetery. “John Umstead Sr.” June 23, 1815 aged 85 years.” Rev. War flag by grave, now illegible. “Elizabeth Umstead Sept. 6, 1816 aged 76 years.” The maiden name of Elizabeth is not known.

John’s brother-in-law Harman DeHaven is on the 1752 tax list of Alsace Twp., and John is on the 1756 and 1759 Alsace Twp. tax list. He is on the 1760 tax list as of Union Twp. Berks Co., and attended St. Gabriel’s Church, Douglasville- - d. Union Twp. Berks Co., bur. St. Gabriel’s.Church. [St. Gabriel's, Dougasville, was originally Swedish Lutheran, and became Episcopalian about 1762]
[Pastors and People Lutherans in Berks County]
There is no extant land record of the purchase of his land in 1760, nor have we found any estate records for him. We know that he had a son John living in 1815, per his name listed on tombstone as John Sr.

In 1792 John and Elizabeth Umstead sold to their son Jacob, “for natural love and affection which they have towards their son Jacob Umstead” 100 acres. Land: Beg. West side of River Schuylkill, corner of late Jacob Stover, of late John Pennebacker. 100 A part of 550 A patented to Anthony Morris.....April 14, 1761 to John Pennebacker with wife Anne who sold 100 A. to Joseph Millard Esq..........later June 13, 1772 an Adam and Mary Young sell it to John Umstead.
The estate records of his son Peter show land that had been sold to Peter by John and Elizabeth (unrecorded deed) purchased in 1772 also. [Berks Co. Deed Book 151, p. 144; Berks Co. Deed 44 p. 113]

The children of John and Elizabeth
(We don't know whether dates from St. Gabriels are burial or death dates unless we state a birth date, which would be from a different source)

1. Jacob Umstead b. by abt. 1762, m. Elizabetha nee Umstead (parents unidentified) Oct, 7, 1783 by Wm. Boos; Bur. St. Gabriel’s Oct. 26, 1822.
Will, written Oct. 1, 1822, proven Oct. 30, 1822, names his daughters and four living sons. Wife mentioned but name not given - signed Jacob
Umsted. Seven items in estate file including the petition of Elizabeth, widow of Jacob; which shows that he left 10 children including two minors, Jacob and Charlotte. .John Umstead signs for Jacob, and Abraham Wanger signs for Charlotte. One of Jacob's parcels of land included mills in Norristown. Jacob and his sons John and Nicholas sign as “ Umsted” [UN 1822 Will & Estate Recs. Will also in Berks Co. Wills D:147 ; Church recs]


a. Eleanor b. abt Aug. 1786; m. 1st pre-1812* William DeHaven (abt. 1781-Oct. 19, 1830) of Birdsboro (son of John DeHaven, grandson of Edward DeHaven); m. 2nd Isaac Robeson; d. Oct.10, 1869, bur. at St. Gabriel’s.

Eleanor Dehaven Robeson's tombstone reads: In memory of Eleanor, wife of Isaac Robinson, Formerly wife of William DeHaven, Daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Umstead, Died Sept. 10, 1869, aged 83 years 1 mo. William Dehaven's stone is next to hers. - Barbara Wentz.

Estate Recs. of William DeHaven, shopkeeper:
26 Oct 1830 Abraham DeHaven declines as administrator of his brother William, deceased. 28 Oct 1830, Eleanor, wife of William renounces administration of her deceased husband William who died intestate leaving personal property.
Final Settlement 1832 shows M. Brooke guardian of children. (Says widow was entitled to and retained $50 under the insolvent laws of this Commonwealth).

*Irish, Donna R, PENNSYLVANIA GERMAN MARRIAGES - Marriages and Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churchs, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1982 shows: Dobeeren, -----, Eleonora Umstatt, Cumru, 15 Mar 1808

b. Hannah b. abt. 1788 m. 1st Jan. 13, 1807 Isaac Freed, m. by Johann Wilheim Boos.
[Schwaazwald Churh Register, Berks Co. PA. Rev. Johann Wlhelm Boos, 1781-1810, Vo. 2, translated by C.W. Unger
1939 at Lehigh Co. Hist. Soc., Allentown, PA]
Montgomery Co. Ledger: Feb. 28, 1871: p. 9: “Mrs. Hannah Freed (formerly of Chester county) died in Philadelphia, on the 19th inst., at the residence of Mr. George Williams, her son-in-law, 1510 N. Broad street, at the advanced age of 82 years and 8 months. She was a sister of John Umstead Esq. of Pottstown.”

c. Mary b. May 21, 1790, Bap. Oct. 3, 1790 by Rev. Trautgot Illing, minister Church, Robeson Twp.; m. May, 31, 1812 John Koplin (Aug. 25, 1784-Oct. 3, 1821) bur. May 13, 1845, St Gabriel's. John was the son of John and Mary Cressman and grandson of John Koplin and Mary Rambo, great grandson of Matthias Koplan (Father-in-law of Deborah Koplin, dau. of John and Deborah Umstead) [Microfilm #237A, Rev. Trautgot Illing, Copied by JVR Hunter from data written by B.F. Owen, 1949]

d. Ann/Nancy
b. Oct. 9, 1791, Bap. Jan. 20, 1792 (as Umstadt) by Rev. Illing, Sponsor Catherine Umstadt; m. Feb. 7, 1819 Paul Geiger (1793-1861) at St. Gabriel’’s Church., d. 15 Dec 1847.
Paul’s 2nd wife Elizabet. (son Paul U. m. Mary Elizabeth DeHaven - may be dau. of William DeHaven and Eleanor Umstead)
[Depending on when Paul U. married the following may be his dau.: [Montgomery Ledger: Oct. 10, 1871 [b. about 1851] p. 33: On the 5th of October, by Rev. A. S. Leinbach, Mr. John R. Bechtal, of Birdsboro, to Miss Mary E. Geiger, of Geigerstown, Berks Co.]

e. Elizabeth
b. Dec. 16, 1793, Bap. Jan. 12, 1794, by Rev. Illing- m. Feb. 28, 1819 Abraham DeHaven, son of John DeHaven, grandson of Edward DeHaven, at St. Gabriel’’s Church

f. Nicholas
b. Aug. 28, 1796, Bap. St. Gabriel’’s; m. July 29, 1821 Mary Bannon at St. Gabriel’s. He died May 8, 1831 (or probably buried), according to St. Gabriel's burial records. He was of Birdsboro. He is not on the cemetery list for St. Gabriel's. May be buried in Birdsboro.

g. John
b. Nov. 16, 1799, m. Harriet (Aug. 14, 1810-Oct. 24., 1871); bur. Sept. 16, 1876 at St. Gabriel’s. A John Umstead m. Harriet Evans 18 Oct 1827 at Germantown Reformed Church. A Harriet Umstead, was Baptized 26 Oct 1833, as an adult at St. Mary’s Church Warwick (p. 181) John was “John Umstead Esq. of Pottstown” in 1871.
In 1842 Lewis Evans of Warwick Twp. Chester Co.died. His beneficiaries included in 1844 John and Harriet (Evans) Umstead, and Jacob and Esther Filman. There is a Lewis Umstead bur. in Pottstown.
[PA German Marriages and Marriage Evidence in Pennsylvania German Churchs, Compiled by Donna R. Irish, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1982; The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. XXXVII, 1991, #1 pp. 38, 49; List of Beneficiaries, indicating spouses, estate settlements; St. Mary’s Warwick Baptisms p. 181]

h. Harmon (Herman M)
b. March 18, 1802 m. April 14, 1831 1st Elizabeth Umstead (b. Mar. 4, 1812, d. 1832, his first cousin, dau. of John Jr. and Eliz); m. 2nd Harrietta Curst (Mar. 8, 1809-Feb. 9, 1871) d.. Feb. 26, 1870 bur. at St. Gabriel’s Church. Harriet Umsted, adult was Bap. at St. Mary’s Warwick (p. 181)
Montgomery Ledger Mar. 1, 1870: p. 20: Herman Umstead, a life-long resident of Mt. Airy, Union township, Berks county, died at that place on Saturday morning last, in his 68th year. Mr. Umstead was formerly Postmaster at Mt. Airy. He was a gentleman of considerable prominence in that county, and was particularly noted for his mild and very pleasant disposition. His funeral will take place on Wednesday morning next at 10 o’’clock, from his late residence. Interment at St. Gabriel’s burial ground, Douglasville.
Montgomery Ledger: Feb. 14, 1871 p. 6: Mrs. Henrietta Umstead, widow of Herman Umstead, deceased, (and sister-in-law of John Umstead Esq of Pottstown), died suddenly about 2 o’clock on Thursday morning last, at her residence, Mount Airy, Berks county. She was about 62 years of age. She died of disease of the heart.

i. George b. abt. Jan. 7, 1805; d. Oct. 17, 1808 bur. at St. Gabriel’s, “son of Jacob”

j. Jacob
b. June 27, 1810; Bap. St. Gabriel’s; d. July 16, 1854, bur. St. Gabriel’’s . This would be the Jacob aged 39 living in the home of Harmon Umstead 1850. 21 Jan. 1834 issue of "The Chronicle of the Times" newspaper in Berks Co.: In Phila, on the 14th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Cushman, Mr. Jacob Umstead of Unionville, Berks Co to Miss Elizabeth Freed, of that city. (Elizabeth must have died prior to 1850?)

k. Charlotte
b. May 24, 1813, Bap. Dec. 3, 1815, St. Gabriel’s Church, m. Isaac Hambleton, d. after 1822. Abraham Wanger signed for her for share of her father’s estate in 1822.

2. Peter
b. 1763 ; m. (as “son of John and Elizabeth Aug. 21, 1787 Elizabeth Meylin”( 1767- Nov.30, 1848 “oldest dau. of Frederick") by Rev. Carl Friedrich Wildbahn. Bur. St. Gabriel’s Church Feb. 12, 1835, 72 years old.
Will and estate Records of Peter Umstead: . (Peter Umstead, UN 1835): Will, written Nov. 5, 1834, proved Feb. 17, 1835, names wife Elizabeth, Grandson Elhaner Sidle? Granddaughter Edith Lapsly. Exec. Frederick Linderman, Wit. Henry & David Wamsher Estate Recs. show: Among amounts paid in 1836 : Mary Coplin, Jacob Umstead (niece and nephew of Peter.) Mar. 28, 1836 Heirs who signed were only widow, Elizabeth, William Bland, Jacob Wanger, George Wert, and Jacob Bunn.


Daughters listed in Peter's will:
a. Mary (descd) m. Jacob Bunn Jr. b. 1786, d. 2 July 1849, bur. St. Gabriel’s.

Jacob was not a part of the family of Nicholas Bunn. His family traces back to the following marriage: “ Veronica (Ephronica) Conrad, daughter of Peter Conrad, and John Bunn were married at Trappe Church (Phila. Co.) on 15 August 1757.” Veronica and John were in Berks Co. by 1766, when Veronica was Admin. of John’s will. [John may or may not be a descendant of Peter Bunn of Van Bebber’s Twp. We have not been able to trace his ancestry]

Jacob Bunn’s part of the distribution of Peter’s land gives an insight into the whole distribution.
Berks Co., PA Deed Book 44:113-116, 15 April 1836
Frederick Linderman, Executor of Peter Umstead to Jacob Bunn, Jr. of Union Twp.
Three tracts of Land - first tract Beginning at a small hickory marked for a corner in a line of John Dehavens Land thence by the same the three following courses & distances to wit - S 39 deg. & 38 deg. & 3/4 W., 53 pers. to a poplar tree Thence S 35 deg. W 52 pers. to a stone formerly a Spanish Oak Tree. Thence S 35 deg. W. 52 pers. to a stone formerly a Spanish oak tree. Thence N 13 deg. W , 100 pers. to a black oak tree a corner of John Umsteads Land. Thence by the same N 70 & 3/4 deg., E 39, 39 and 3/10 pers. to a stone a corner of John Wangers Land thence by the same N 60 and 3/4 E, 100 and 117 & 7/10 pers to a white oak tree Thence N 38 and 1/4 deg E, 35 pers. to a stone corner of John Umstead Land. Thence by the same the three next courses & distance N 42 deg.W, 74 & 7/10 a stone S 67 and ½ deg. W deg., 8 and 2/10 pers. to a stone & N 30 deg. & 3/4 W, 36 pers. to the place of Beginning, containing eighty eight acres & twenty perches of Land be the same more or less -- the Second tract Beginning at a corner of said John Umsteads Land thence by the same NE 40 deg. pers to a corner in a line of Casper "Linghass" (?) Land, thence N 50 55 pers. to a black oak tree. Thence SW 40 pers. to a Black oak tree & SE 55 to the place of Beginning containing thirteen acres & three quarters of an acre be the same more or less, It being the same messuage & two tracts of Land that John Umstead & Elizabeth his wife by their Indenture bearing date the twenty first day of May A.D. 1794 reciting as therein is recited & that the Consideration therein mentioned did grant release & Confirm unto the said Peter Umstead, deceased, & to his heirs & Assigns the said recited Indenture not yet recorded relation being thereunto had will appear - the other of them beginning at a stake & stones a corner of John Umsteads Land & thence 36 & 3/10 pers. to a stake & stones. Thence by Land of William Dehaven N 26 deg. E, 22 and 9/10 pers. to a stake a corner & N 56 & 1/4 deg. E, 27 and 3/10 pers. to a stake & stones thence by Land of Mordecai Millard S 51 & ½ deg. W, 19 pers.south fifty one & a half degrees west to the place of Beginning containing four acres & eight perches of Land be the same more or less, It being the same messuage & four acres & eight perches of Land that William Dehaven & Eleanor (Umstead) his wife Their Indenture bearing date the fifth day of January A.D. 1820 Reciting as therein is mentioned and for the Consideration therein mentioned did grant Release and Confirm unto the said Peter Umstead, deceased, and to his heirs and assign, the said Recited Indenture not yet recorded but Relation thereunto had will appear - - . Wits: Isaac Linderman, Henry Flannery.

[All info on Jacob Bunn courtesy of Jane Hall, descendant of Jacob’s brother, Henry.]

b. Rebecca b. Feb. 2, 1793, Bap. Sept. 18, 1793 by Rev. Illing, minister of Robeson Plow Church, John Umstead sponsor, m. Samuel Lapsy July 7, 1816, St. Gabriel’s. [This marriage is also listed at St. Mary’s Warwickshire p. 188]

c. Hannah
m. 20 April, 1823 John Lewis. The Chronicle of the Times, founded in Reading in 1823(?) by a Douglass Hyde, 26 April 1823 edition: On the same day [being "Sunday last" from an article preceding this one], by the Rev. Mr. Pauli, Mr. John Lewis to Miss Hannah Umstead of Robeson.

d. Lydia
b. 1801, m. 16 Sept 1830 George Wert. The same periodical as above shows the marriage to George Wertz in the 21 September 1830 edition as "on Thu. last, by the Rev Wm Pauli."(Cris note: I have more info on Lydia and George from descendants).

e. Elizabeth
Bap. Sept. 6, 1804, St. Gabriel’s Church, Douglasville m. Jacob Wanger, son of Samuel Wanger and Catherine Haldeman.
Estate settlement of Samuel Wanger: deed to property in Union Twp., Berks Co from John Wanger to Jacob Wanger, dated May 22, 1844 names: “John Wanger, Anna Kupp widow of George Kupp and Jacob Wanger to whom the same by the laws of Pennsylvania did descend and come. And the said Anna Kupp and “Jacob Wanger and Elizabeth his wife by their Joint Indenture ...." etc
Administration account of Jacob's estate dated 18 July 1871, shows the following children of Jacob and Elizabeth: Mary Ann Hunter (m. William Hunter), Catharine Yocum, Jacob Wanger, Elizabeth Wesner, Susan Hunsberger, Sarah Wanger. Henry Harrison Wanger, m. Mary Jane Root, dau. of Eli Root and Sarah Pennypacker. [Sarah was dau. of Richard Pennypacker and Catharine Roberts, and great granddaughter of Jacob and Ann Adams Umstead] (Research of Lynn Marshall, descendant of Sarah Pennypacker AND Elizabeth Umstead)

f. Sarah b. Oct. 26, 1806, Bap. May 6, 1809, St. Gabriel’s Church, m. William Bland Dec. 25, 1828 at St. Gabriel’s Church..
(Bap. Recs. St. Gabriel; Microfilm #237A, Rev. Trautgot Illing, served Plow Church 1781-1791 ) Copied by JVR Hunter from data written by B.F. Owen, 1949)  

3. Elizabeth b. Jan. 3, 1777, Bap. St. Gabriels Oct. 15, 1777, “ Parents John and Elizabeth.”1st Umstead Bap. at St. Gabriel’s; no marriage info

4. John Umstead Jr. b. Oct. 21, 1770, m. Elizabeth ? ( Oct. 8, 1773-Oct. 14, 1831), d. Oct. 2, 1826, bur. St. Gabriels, proven by firm Circumstantial Evidence. We know that John Sr. had a son John living when he died because his tombstone says “John Sr.” John’s land was adj. to Jacob and Peter’s, and the wills and estate recs. of the families confirms the relationship. Estate Recs. of John show that he owned land adj. Peter Umstead, Jacob Rahn, Nicholas Sidel and others. This land was on the Warwick line. Petition by eldest son Samuel Jan. 5, 1827, and estate settlement in 1829 reveal his seven children. Clement Brooke is guardian of minor dau. Susanna, and Abraham Wanger is guardian of minor dau. Elizabeth. The estate settlement of Samuel, unmarried, in 1835 reveal later marriages. John had some children baptized at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown.


a. Samuel b. June 12, 1799; Bap. Aug. 29, 1799 Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown, “son of Johannes and Mrs. Elizabeth Umstead”; Sp. Bartolomaus Wambach, d. Oct. 4, 1830, unmarried, bur. St. Gabriels.

b. Mary “of Berks Co.” b. Feb. 20, 1802, m. Henry Crouse “of Montgomery Co.” (Nov. 22, 1797-Oct. 7, 1862) at St. Mary’s Warwick 3 Mar 1825; d. Sept. 13, 1869; bur. St. Gabriel’s. (Historical Society of Berks County, 2/15/2005 by Barbara Wentz, Episcopal Churches, Morgantown ? Caernarvon Area, Indexed by B. F. Owen, Esq., Reindexed & Typed by David M. Hollenbach , St. Mary Warwick p. 194)

c. Hannah (Anna) b. Oct. 12, 1794, Bap. April 19, 1795, Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown, ( “dau. Johannes and Mrs. Elizabeth Umstedt” sp: Christopher Schöner, Hanna Wambach); m. Jacob Wambach bet. 1827-29 [Maria Wambach dau. of Johannes and Eliz. Wambach, b. Jan 19, 1800 bap.Jul. 6, 1800 Emmanuel Lutheran, sp: Johannes Umstadt, Elizabeth]

d. Eleanor m. Jacob Souder Dec. 15, 1831 St. Gabriel’s Church.

e. Jacob b. 1805, m. Elizabeth Freed (1815-1885), 14 Jan. 1834. [21 Jan. 1834 issue of "The Chronicle of the Times" newspaper in Berks Co.: In Phila., on the 14th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Cushman, Mr. Jacob Umstead of Unionville, Berks Co to Miss Elizabeth Freed, of that city. Both buried South Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. Five children, all buried at South Laurel Hill, apparently none of them married, hence the end of this line.

f. Bartholomew b. Oct. 12, 1808, Bap May 6, 1809, & bur. St. Gabriel’s; d. 1811
g. Susanna b.Oct. 12, 1808, Bap May 6, 1809 (twins) m. “as of Berks” 18 Oct 1827 Henry Buckwalter of Lancaster Co. ( St. Mary’s Warwick. p. 195)

h. Elizabeth b. March 4, 1812, Bap. Aug. 30,1812 St. Gabriel’s, m. Harmon Umsted, her first cousin, son of Jacob Umstead and Elizabeth Umstead; d. 1832. Her estate admin. by Harmon, shows a cash balance in “hands of guardian,” Feb. 20 1834. Harman, father of Elizabeth E.Umstead, minor under 14, petitions and receives guardianship. She inherits her share of Samuel’s estate in 1835 thru her Guardian, Harmon Umstead.
[Much of the information on these families comes from a search of Historical Society of Berks County, 2/15/2005 by Barbara Wentz, Episcopal Churches, Morgantown ? Caernarvon Area, Indexed by B. F. Owen, Esq., Reindexed & Typed by David M. Hollenbach ), and St. Mary’s Church, Warwick [Episcopal]

5. Helena/Eleanor Umstead b. May 16, 1756; m. Dec. 29, 1774 John Kirlin Jr/ (Mar. 13, 1753-May 24; 1821 Berks Co.) by Rev. Wm. Boos; d. Aug. 31, 1823. Bur. St. Gabriel’s as “Elenor, wife of John Kirlin”. John was the son of John Kirlin Sr.. (St. Gabriels Burial Records state John Kirlin Sr., of Amity Twp. died Mar. 13, 1812, age 90 years) and the brother of Jacob Kerlin and the brother of Catharine Kirlin who m. Peter Jones.
The children of John and Helena/ Eleanor of Amity Twp. as shown in St. Gabriel’s Church records and 1821 will of John Kirling Jr.
a. Jacob Kirlin b. Jan. 10, 1776, Bap. Jan. 14, child of John and “Helena”, sponsors Jacob Kirlin and Hannah “Wimpsted” (1st name in will.) ....
b. William (in will only, heir and executor.)....
c. Samuel Kirlin b. April 17, 1777, bap. Oct. 15, 1777., son of John and “Helena” (not in will) ....
d. John ....
e. George and f. Elias Kirlin, twin sons of John and “Eleanor”.b. Apr. 2, 1796, Bap July 17 [George not in will]....
g, Elizabeth m. Matthias Scheifley ....
h. - j. daus. Hannah, Mary, and Esther ; sons in law (not designated as to wives): Eli Trago and David Lupold.
[Children bap.Emmanuel Lutheran Church: (a) Johannes b: Sep 6, 1798, bp: Oct 4, 1798, sp: Johann & Eleonora Kerlin, g-parents ... (b) Mathias b: Apr 18, 1800, bp Jul 12, 1800, sp: Jacob & Hanna (Umstead, strange spelling) Kerlin ... (c) .William , bp: Jan 31, 1808, sp: Heinrich Missemer, Susanna ...(d) Hester b: Feb 14, 1809, bp: Sep 10, 1809, sp: parents ...
e. Eleonora bp: Apr 26, 1812, sp: parents]
(Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Pottstown, Recs. O. B. Lessig & J. J. Kline's compilation)

6. Mary Umstead b. abt. 1762 m. John Harrison (Jr.), Quaker (Nov. 18, 1850- Feb. 8, 1810 of Union Twp.) June 2, 1783 by Rev. William Boos. John “got in trouble for this but “apologized” in 1785. Widow Mary was the adm. of John’s estate in 1810. Mary Harrison is bur. Exeter Friends Burial Ground, d. 1822. There is also a John Umstead Harrison bur. there.

For further information on children and additional descendants, please email Cris at the Email link below. Information will often be undocumented and will be offered only as clues for your further research and documenting.

This document comes from the UM research team and was compiled by Eleanor Mayfarth.

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