Herman, son of Peter Umstadt, was born in Limerick Twp., Phila. Co. March 16, 1726 m. abt. 1757, cousin Ann Vanderslice, d. April 4, 1806, Robeson Twp. Berks Co. PA

Ann Vanderslice, b. Jan. 12, 1728, Providence Twp. Phila. Co. PA, d. April 17, 1809, Robeson Twp., dau. of Anthony Vanderslice and Martha Pennebecker, granddaughter of 1709 Dutch Immigrant, Reynier and Ann ( ) Vander Sluys, and of Hendrick and Eve (Umstadt [dau. of Hans Peter]) Pennebecker. Ann was a cousin of Peter “PVS” and “NS” John Umstat, of Limerick Twp., and also of the grandchildren of Hans Peter. Ann’s brother Anthony Vanderslice Jr. m. Elizabeth Pennebaker, dau. of his uncle, John Pennebacker and his wife Ann (Keyser) Pennebacker. Their names with their son Derick [m. Hannah Dehaven] are found in the Berks Co. records. ["Along the Perkiomen in the Former Gilbert's Manor", Bulletin of Hist. Soc. of Montgomery Co., PA: “Hendrick Pennebecker's dau. Martha was married to Anthony Vanderslice by Rev. Henry Muhlenberg at St. Michael's and Zion Lutheran Church in Philadelphia.” ; Phila. Co. Will Books: I: 478: Will of Anthony Vanderslice, M:200 will of Martha lists names of sons-in-law, L:255, Will of N. John Umstat, L:298, will of Henry Peters; The Ledger of Owen Evans, Judith A.H. Meyer HSMC Bulletin, Vol. XXX #2, p. 231]

Herman Umstadt in Philadelphia Co., PA
,16 Nov - Harmon bought 110 acres in Providence Township, Phila. Co.from Diedrich and Margaret Ramsauer for 290 lbs. [Phila. Co. Deed Book I-13:117, History of Land]
1757,18 Aug - “Umstadt, wife of Herman, dau. of Anthon and Margretha Van-der-Sluis bap., witness, Widow Van-der-Sluis, Johan Pennebeckers wife etc, etc.” [Augustus Evangelical Lutheran Church, Trappe, PA Recs., “Pennsylvania German Church Records,” Vol. 1, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1983, p. 402]

1760, 28 June - Harmon, mason, and Anne Umstead sold their land in Providence Twp. to Jacob Yocham for 330 lbs. Wit.: John Pennebacker and Nicholas Bunn. [Phila. Co. Deed Book I-13:117]

Herman Umstead in Berks Co. PA
- Harmon first appears on the tax list of Robeson Twp. of Berks Co., PA. As his occupation was a mason, it is probable that he pursued that occupation in Berks Co. by late 1760 after the sale of his Providence land, rather than being a “taxable” until 1763. [Extant tax records include years 1754, 1760, 1762, 1763]
1769, March 7- Harmon finalizes land purchase of 200 acres from Israel Robeson. This land was the western third of 600 acres that had been bought by Israel’s father, Andrew Robeson from the London Co. in 1718. Andrew Robeson was the nephew of the Andrew Robeson from whom Edward Lane bought his 2500 acres in Providence Twp. [Berks Co. Deed Book: 11:237]

Herman and Ann were members of the St. John’s Church in Gibraltar, Robeson Twp. Berks Co.where both he and his wife Ann have "In memory of" tombstones. St. John's Gibralter, Robeson Twp - "Although the organization claiming control of the church was nominally Lutheran and Reformed, Episcopalian and Baptist ministers also preached in the church.” In 1791 Elias Radcay and wife Elizabeth sold land to Herman Umstead and Valentine Geiger "for use of such Christian congregations as should contribute to the maintenance of a graveyard and a church to be erected thereon." The church was built in 1809. [The Lutheran Church in Berk County, 1959; Berks Co. Deed Book:23:51]

Harmon’s will written December 24, 1802, Codicil written March 23, 1806 proved April 11, 1806: (Signed as “Harmon” Umstead.)
- “The personal estate shall be sold at my death and the real at the death of my before mentioned wife Ann,” is written in between in the middle of the closing of the will.
- To dear wife Ann during her natural life all real estate and of personal in cash 25 lbs., together with choice of cows, a case of drawers, and choice of tables. The personal to be her own and to be disposed of at her will at any time with her bed and bedding.
- Werner, son, double share of all of estate in proportion with rest of children and one bed and bedding over and above.
- At wife's death and when plantation and rest of personal is sold 30 pounds above an equal dividend is to be given to son Samuel, dau. Mary Umstead (plus one bed and bedding).
- I give unto my children in Equal proportion, excepting such items as before mentioned to individuals namely John, Samuel, Catherine Beard, Ann Beard, Mary Umstead, Anna Thompson and children of deceased daughter Martha Millard namely, Ann, Samuel, Henry, Mary and Harmon to have their mother's share equally divided between them, all my estate both real and personal except as before excepted.
Notwithstanding the before mentioned, it is my will that my son John Umstead shall not have any share of my personal estate but to be divided between the other legatees as before mentioned. And further that my son Samuel shall hold and occupy the house he now lives in, with all the privileges mentioned his lease from me during his mother’s life, provided he himself shall oversee the same, but he shall not assign the same to any other person.
- Warner and Samuel Umstead Executors.
Codicil: Until property is sold Warner is to occupy the still house he is in possession of now, and one room in “manseant house the same that James Thompson now occupies with firewood sufficient for his fire in said room with free access and recess without hinderance or molestation.”
- Moses Robeson and William Lewis witnesses to both will and codicil. Moses Robeson affirmed will, Wm. Lewis having gone from “the parts.”

Estate Records of Herman: [Berks Co.File RB 1806- Umstead]
Inventory taken April 21, 1806 by Moses Robeson & Samuel Robeson*, who signed inventory May 5, 1806. The total was 452 pounds 17 shillings 9 pence. The inventory had the bequests to Warner (bed & bedding) and Mary (bed & bedding) and the widow's cow, table, case of drawers & bed/bedding.

Estate Records of Ann Umstead [Berks Co. File RB 1809.] Two items in file:
Administration Bond of Warner & Samuel Umstead, sons of Ann Umstead. Samuel Robeson & Christopher Thompson were bondsmen. Ann is deceased and was a widow.
Inventory of Ann Umstead, late of Robeson taken May 31, 1809 by Samuel Robeson & Christr Thompson. There was a note of Samuel Umstead for 10 pounds. Total inventory 187 pounds 6 schillings 10 1/2 pence.

The Children of Harmon and Ann (Vanderslice) Umstead
[Major, Charles, “Vanderslice Families”, SLC film #21594, item 3, filmed at Hist. Soc. Mont. Co.: birth date of Children. Based on other birth information of Anthony Vanderslice Family it would appear to be from a Family Record or Bible]

1. John b. March 17, 1752, living when will was written. The exclusion of John from a share in the personal estate of his father, but not from the real estate, indicates that he had been given money from his father previously. This was typical for 1st sons of German families of that era. No records have been found in Berks Co. that can be documented as pertaining to this John, and only one “John” record that fits the age time frame: John's father, Hermon Umstead, 50, was listed as a Court Martial Man in his Sons-In-laws' [Lt.. Adam Beard and Lt. Richard Millard] Second Company in the Robeson Twp. Miltia. A John Umstead served as Surgeon in the Second Company, 5th regiment of the Berks Co. Militia. [Force, Peter American Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 1, 1776, p. 962/3, Publ. by M.S. Clark, P. Force, Washington D.C. 1833, Cited in: Umstadt: the Rhine to the Skippack & Beyond - the Route of a German Settler’s Family by Elizabeth Madison Coles Umstattd 1999 edition, pp. 104-105] This Dr. John Umstead also disappears from the Berks Co. records. There is only circumstantial evidence that links him to Harmon and Ann Umstead.

A Dr. John Umsted was in the western part (on Haw River) of Orange Co, NC, pre-1783, where he filed on land. In 1783, he married Susanna Hart, widow of Col. Luttrell, who had been killed at the battle of King’s Mountain, NC by Tories, between May 1780 and August, 1781. Dr. John’s will was written 23 Jan., 1829, recorded May, 1829, opened 21 June, 1829. Both his will and the historical records which mention him indicate that he had no issue. [Pruitt, Dr. A.B., Abstracts of land Entries: Orange Co. NC 1778-1795, 1990; Will and Estate records of John Umsted, State Archives, Raleigh, NC; Interview by Ann Veazey Davis with Jean B. Anderson author of Piedmont Plantation and Kirklands of Ayrmont. The people included in these books were the patients, neighbors, friends, heirs, and executors of Dr. John Umstead. She told Ann (1) That Dr. John and Susanna lived at a crossroads in western Orange Co. which Susanna had inherited from her first husband. (2) She had seen no sign of kinship between John and Susanna and these families, even though Wm. Kirkland had a son named John Umsted Kirkland, who was one of Dr. John’s heirs. (His other heir, Morgan Hart probably was a connection to Susanna). (3) She had seen no references to any children of Dr. John, and she was of the opinion that John and Susanna did not have children]
The possibility of this Dr. John Umsted as the son of Harmon and Ann Umstead of Berk’s Co. and/or the Dr. John Umstead of Berks Co. rests only upon the circumstanial evidence that: (1) fit into same time frame; (2) had the same profession; (3) a number of branches of the Quaker families of the Berks Co. area with whom Herman’s family had close contact migrated to the Haw River area of NC both before and during the arrival time of Dr. John to that area. So many branches that it indicates that if Dr. John was not the son of Herman of Berks Co, he did have some PA Umstead connection.

2. Martha b. Mar. 31, 1754, m. Richard Millard, d. Aug. 7, 1784; Richard was a1st Lt. in 2nd Co. 5th Reg. of Berks county Militia under the command of Col. Jacob Weaver, 1777 and was killed in the war. Richard Millard, b. 13 Aug 1750, shows on his Family Chart as the Son of Timothy b. Aft 1700, Berks County. Timothy had Brothers Jonathan, Joseph, Benjamin. Thomas, Wolf. Richard was part of the family of immigrant Thomas Millard, as were Joseph and Mordecai Millard seen in the estate records of Harmon Dehaven (husband of Harmon’s sister, Mary Umstead), and Mordecai Millard who in 1844 had land adj. to Wm. Dehaven and John and Peter Umstead in Union Twp.

Children of Martha Millard listed above in her father’s will:
a. Samuel ... b. Henry ... c. Mary ... d. Harmon ... e. Ann

[On-site inspection of "In Memory Of" stone near "In Memory Of" stones of Harman and Ann Umstead lists Martha as wife of Richard Millard, St. John’s Church Yard by Elizabeth Umstattd.... Note: This denotes a mistake in"Tombstone Inscriptions", 6A C971 Vol. O, p. 1 Robeson Twp., Berks Co, Berk’s Co. Historical Society July 2, 1998]


3. Catharine b. Apr. 10, 1756, m. Adam Beard Nov. 9, 1775. Adam was born May 18, 1753, killed during the war, serving as a Capt .in the 2nd Co., 5th Bat. Berks Co. Militia. We don’t know if Catharine remarried. There is some confusion on this line regarding that.

4. Warner b. Aug. 12, 1758, served in the war, d. abt. Dec, 1, 1821. No rec. of marriage. No issue.
Estate Records [RB 1821] About 9 items in file -
- Earliest inventory taken Dec. 1, 1821 by Edward Bland and Philip Huett. ...Petition for sale of real estate by Elisha Bard, [Beard] Admr. dated April 11, 1823 ... Warner died intestate, personal estate insufficient, plantation & tract of land in Robeson adj. to lands of late Samuel Umstead, etc. totaling 132 acres. ... Orders of sale, accounts, Auditor's reports. No mention of any heirs. [Will Abstracts of Berk’s Co. mention Elisha “Bard” Brother-in-law]

5. Mary b. Sept. 19, 1761 (or 1763), d. 1827 Robeson Twp.Berks Co.; m. Oct. 10, 1810 at St. Mary’s Church, Warwickshire, Chester Co. PA; Matthias Kaler/Kayler. Berks County. Matthias was b February 2nd , 1750/51 in Gzle, Hannover Germany. Mary was Mary Umstead on Dec. 24, 1802, in father's will, and his gifts to her indicate that she was single. Letters of Administration were issued on the estate of Matthias in 1825, and were issued on the estate of Mary 1827. [Historical Society of Berks County, 2/15/2005 read by Barbara Wentz, Episcopal Churches, Morgantown ? Caernarvon Area, Indexed by B. F. Owen, Esq., Reindexed & Typed by David M. Hollenbach: St. Mary’s Church, Warwick (Episcopal) p. 185: Matthew Kaler and Mary Umstead, 10 Oct 1810, both of Berks; Berks Co. Courthouse, read by Barbara Wentz 2005: Berks Co. Administration Books 9:351: Matthew Kaler d. intestate, to son John Kaler, 1825, 10:203, 28 Oct 1827, To John Kaler, a friend of Mary Kaler, formerly Mary Umpstead, late of Robeson Twp., deceased, “Whereas Mary Kaler, formerly Mary Umpstead died intestate Inventory due 20 Nov. next , Account due 20 Oct 1828, John Kaler Administrator]

Son of Matthias Kaler and stepson of Mary (Umstead) Kaler:
May 12, 1815 John Kaler (17 Apr 1784-28 May 1859) (of Berks Co), son of Matthias, married Elizabeth Umstead (16 Mar 1792- 19 Dec 1851) (of Chester Co.) at St. Mary's Warwickshire 12 May 1814. John and Elizabeth had a son Matthias Kaler (14 Apr 1815-20 Mar 1887) bap. 1815.
[Elizabeth Umstead Kaler was dau. of John Umstead and Catherine Boyer, granddau. of Herman Umstead [son of “N.” John and Deborah of Limerick Twp] There is a tombstone in same section “Esther, blank spot, blank spot, 1812- 30 Apr. 1883. Possibly wife of Matthias.
[Elizabeth Kaller of Robeson Township, wife of John Kaller and daughter of John Umsted, Sr., late of township of West Brandywine in County of Chester, deceased. Divide equally between children ? not named. Real Estate: Kaller farm in Robeson Township not to be sold while husband lives. Sons Matthias & Levi B. Kaller, Executors, DOW 17 November 1851; Probated 2 January 1852]
[p. 186, St, Mary’s Warwickshire Recs.12 May 1814 John Kaler of Berks Co. & Elizabeth Umstead (written in by someone daughter of John & Catherine Boyer Umstead); St. Mary’s Cemetery Recs. copied by Barbara Wentz. Berks Co. Will of Elizabeth Kaler DOW 17 Nov 1851, Probated 2 Jan 1852]

6. Samuel b. Nov. 6, 1764, m. Christina (Christiana?- sp. of Majors) Knauer (as of Exeter) Dec. 8, 1789 by Rev. Wm. Boos; d. at Birdsboro, Robeson Twp,Berks Co. PA, abt. Oct. 1821.

Estate Records of Samuel:- About 7 items in file [RB 1821]:
- Earliest inventory of Samuel of Robeson, taken Oct. 22, 1821 by Elisha Bard and Edward Bland. - Petition of James Wells & Harman Umstead, Admrs. at Orphan's Court Apr. 11, 1823. Intestate left issue two children Margaret and petitioner [Harmon], personal estate insufficient, 3 plots of ground.....15 acres in Robeson adj. to land of Warner Umstead, dec.; 1/8 part of Island in the Schuylkill opposite Birdsboro in Robeson Twp., also a lot of ground in Exetertown. etc.
-There were reports of sale, auditor's accounts, etc. No widow mentioned.
Berks County Will Abstracts says James Wells was son-in-law --[Schwarzwald Church Register, Berks Co., PA, Rev. Johann Wilhelm Boas 1730-1810, translated by CW. Unger, 1939,Vol. 2 p. 77; Orphans Court, Vol. 8 203; Research of W.O. Umstead]

A few particulars of interest from this line:

 [Montgomery Ledger: Apr. 2, 1872 p. 18, Apr. 9, 1872 p. 20]:
p. 18: On March 23rd, 1872, of diphtheria, Herman Umstead Wells, son of Oliver and Catherine M. Wells, aged 4 years, 2 months and 27 days. On March 28th, 1872 of diphtheria, Harry M. Wells, son of Oliver and Catherine M. Wells, aged 11 years, 1 month and 22 days. On March 31st, 1872, of diphtheria, J. Edgar Wells, son of Oliver and Catherine M. Wells, aged 6 years, 6 months, and 26 days. p. 20: 9 Apr, 1872, On the 1st inst., of Diptheria, Olivia, infant daughter of Oliver and Catherine M. Wells, aged 1 year, 6 months, and 26 days.

*Hannah Wells daughter of Margaret and James Wells, m. John Adams Pennypacker, b. 1827, son of Richard Pennypacker and Catherine Roberts, and grandson of Jacob Pannebecker, Jr. and Hannah Umstead. Lived in 1879 in Clair Montgomery Co. PA. They had 2 children: James Wells Pennypacker b: 1856 in PA and Wilhelmina Pennypacker b: 1859. [Samuel W. Pennypacker Unpublished manuscript, Individual #2059, copied by Sherry Johnson]

7. Ann b. Feb. 12, 1767, m. Elisha Beard Feb. 6, 1787 by Rev. Wm. Boos.
[Berks Co. PA. Marriages 1730-1800, Frederic G. Paul and Jeffrey J. Howell, HP Publishing, Vol. 1 1986, Vol. 2 1987, Vol. 2 p.67 Marriages by Rev. Wm. Boos; Major, Charles, “Umstead” Families”, SLC film #21594, item 2, filmed at Hist. Soc. Mont. Co.,p. 25]

8. Anna b. May 1, 1769, m. James Thompson of Robeson December 6, 1790 by Rev. Wm. Boos .
[Ibid marriage list of William Boas p. 81; Will of Research of W.O. Umstead]


For further information on children and additional descendants, please email Cris at the Email link below. Information will often be undocumented and will be offered only as clues for your further research and documenting.

This document comes from the UM research team and was compiled by Eleanor Mayfarth.


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