1911 and 1913 Jordan.


Mary NOT Pennebecker - The "Brother-in-law" Statement


1911 Jordan, John W, LL.D, COLONIAL & REVOLUTIONARY FAMILIES OF PENNSYLVANIA, VI, Lewis Publishing Company, New York, Chicago, page 480-81.


"Hendrick Pannebecker ... the earliest record we have of him being his marriage at Germantown, 1699, to Eve Umstat, who had come with her parents, Hans Peter and Barbara Umstat, in the "Francis and Dorothy" from Crefeld 1685. On February 28, 1702, a patent was granted to Matthias Van Bebber for 6166 acres of land on the Skippack and Perkiomen, thereafter for many years kown as "Bebbers Township." This patent was made by virtue of a purchase of 5000 acres by Dirck Sipman and 1000 acres by Govert Remke, which Van Bebber had acquired after about 750 acres had been laid out in Germantown. Immediately on the location of this tract a number of the Germantown residents settled upon it, among whom were Hendrick Pannebecker, AND HIS BROTHER-IN-LAW, Johannes Umstat.

"Hendrick Pannebecker married, at Germantown, 1699, Eve, daughter of Hans Peter and Barbara Umstat, granddaughter of Nicholas Umstat, who died at Crefeld, on the Rhine, October 4, 1682. The son, Hans Peter Umstat, with his wife Barbara, and their three children, Johannes, Eve and Margaret, came to Pennsylvania in the "Francis and Dorothy" and located in Germantown, where the wife Barbara died August 12, 1702. Johannes Umstat, son, joined HIS BROTHER-IN- LAW, Hendrick Pannebecker, on the Skippack, 1702, and has left numerous descendants, the name being later modified into Umstead. The Umstats brought with them from Crefeld a German Bible published at Heidelberg, 1568, which has been in the family since 1652. Eve (Umstat) Pannebecker died some years prior to the date of death of her husband."


It is regularly seen in undocumented Umstead material that Johannes's wife was Mary PENNEBECKER. There has been NOTHING found in the way of documentation to prove this. Several years ago I dug through every piece of information I could find on Henrick Pannebecker, trying to figure out when and how and with whom he had come to Germantown, but to no avail. I thought that if I could find his family's immigration information, it would tell us whether he had had a sister Mary. I have checked LDS film records from Flomborn - basically they don't go back that far. There is NO documented evidence that's been found to support Johannes's wife's having been Mary Pannebecker, altho we DO know that her name was Mary.

That being the case, how did this myth get started? Betsy Umstattd suggests, and I agree, that most likely some genius took Jordan's statement that Johannes Umstat and Hendrick Pannebecker were brothers-in-law and decided that therefore Mary had to be Hendrick's sister. DUH!!!! Johannes and Hendrick were brothers-in-law by virtue of Hendrick's marriage to Johannes's sister Eve.

If the statement had been made by someone prior to Hendrick's and Eve's marriage in 1699, it would hold water, but nothing else has been found other than this statement by Jordan, made in 1911.

Now, the other side of the coin. There is also nothing to prove that Mary wasn't a sister of Hendrick or nee Pennebecker from a different family. This particular spelling of Pennebecker is mostly only seen in conjunction with Mary, with one exception noted below.

It is interesting to consider the ramifications though, should it turn out that Mary was in fact Hendrick's sister. We already have a number of Pennypacker/UM marriages which have produced multiple cousin relationships. But if Hendrick and Mary were siblings, every UM and every Pennypacker/UM descendant would be double cousins - at least.

There seems to be evidence, based on material of earlier UM researchers, that there were additional records at one time in various archives in PA. They have apparently disappeared. These could have included more info on Mary.

Note that Samuel W Pennypacker spells the name PENNEBECKER in his 1894 "Hendrick Pennebecker, Surveyor of Lands for the Penns, 1674-1754."



The Umstats were not from Crefeld (Krefeld) and the Bible notation on Nicholas's death does not mention Crefeld. See Nicholas Original Records and Hans Peter's Passport elsewhere on this site.


1911 Jordan, John W, LL.D., COLONIAL FAMILIES OF PHILADALPHIA, Vol 1, The Lewis Publishing Company.

A surname index to this work at Rootsweb.com lists UMSTED, Hans Peter, Anna Margaretta, Barbara, and Eve as coming from Crefeld, with a reference to page 21. I have not seen this page. If anyone has a copy, please let me know. I did not find this book or index listed in the LDS catalog, but according to Rootsweb, the index is on film FHL US/CAN Fiche #6331279.

The 1908 "Krefeld Anzeiger" article may have been Jordan's source for stating that Hans Peter came from Krefeld.


Jordan, John W (Editorial Supervision), "A History of the Juniata Valley and Its People, Vol II, Lewis Historical Publishing Co, New York

As found at http://members.tripod.com/solte/pannebaker.html January, 2002. Quoted on that site is information about Heinrich Pannebecker from pages 577 - 581 of the book.

"The first record of him (Hendrick Pannebecker) is of his marriage at Germantown in 1699 to Eve Umstat, a daughter of Hans Peter and Barbara Umstat, who arrived on the "Francis and Dorothy" from Crefield in 1685." ... "His wife Eve was a granddaughter of Nicholas Umstat, who died at Crefield in the Rhine, October 4, 1682. Her father, Hans Peter Umstat, came with his wife Barbara and three children, Johannes, Eve and Margaret, settling in Germantown. The Umstats brought with them from Crefield, a German Bible, published at Heidelberg in 1508, which has been owned in the family scince 1652."


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