There seems to be evidence, based on material of earlier UM researchers, that there were additional records at one time in various archives in PA. It APPEARS that someone may have taken them, probably sometime before the invention of photocopying machines. If someone took them, and it probably was in the mid-1900s or so, they might still be in existence somewhere. Perhaps they are even in the possession of a descendant of the person who took them, quite possibly unknown to that person. My greatest UM nightmare (and I have many) is that someone will find them and throw them away because they won't realize how incredibily important they are to us. I pray that that hasn't already happened.

PLEASE, PLEASE, if you have old Umstead records, look at them!!! See what's there. If anything appears to be original documents or even copies of original documents, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know. I understand that there could be some embarrassment should the missing records be found - I PROMISE to not disclose the name of any person who might find them. In fact, I'm sure that many of us in the UM network of researchers would even consider a reward for their return. At least return them anonymously to the Montgomery Co, PA Historical Society.




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