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A Brief History of Walkersville United Methodist Church

The church began in 1805-06 as a small Wesleyan fellowship meeting in the house of Enoch Umstead. In 1817 The Israel Creek Meeting House of the Methodist Episcopal Church was erected near the small cemetery at the intersection of Route 194 and Devilbiss Bridge Road. 1830 saw the opening of the Retreat Road School. The teacher, Peter Kemp, held prayer and class meetings on Sundays. The United Brethren Church in Walkersville was thus established. The Israel Creek Meeting House was destroyed by fire in 1855 and was rebuilt on the same site. On Christmas Day 1857 the Georgetown Chapel of the United Brethren Church was dedicated. In 1880 a new Methodist church building was erected using materials from the former Israel Creek Church. The year 1939 brought the former Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Methodist Protestant Churches together under the name The Methodist Church. 1968 saw the uniting of the United Brethren and Methodist denominations as the newly created United Methodist Church. Our church became Walkersville United Methodist Church in 1970. Georgetown Hall was built onto the church in 1985.

Walkersville United Methodist22 Main St
Walkersville, MD 21793
Phone: (301)898-5242

Used with permission of Rev. Albert Lane

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