Veazey Cemeteries in Butner Area

This info comes from Ann Veazey Davis ...

There are several VZ cemeteries on the Butner Reservation:

1. The oldest one is said to be on Huff Rd. There is no sign indicating the name of the road which is merely a path through the woods. Follow it for a mile and if you look in the right direction, there is a cemetery in a field, rather on a knoll. This is where the oldest grave marked with a tombstone has been found to date and that is of old William Veazey. His wife, Nancy (Hester), their son, Joseph Hester Veazey and several others are there in marked graves. Margaret Elizabeth UMSTEAD, 2nd wife of Joseph Hester is NOT there, at least in a marked grave. The Elizabeth Veazey buried there is J. H.'s first wife and mother of his children. I believe she was also a Veazey, but I have no clue as to whose daughter she was. The handwriting on the marriage bond is terrible! The Elizabeth who is buried there, died before J. H. married his UM 2nd wife.

2. The larger VZ cemetery is located right behind John Umstead Hospital grounds. It is on a hill and is fenced in. This is the burial site of
Squire Alfred Moore Veazey and his wife Margaret Frances Umstead and many of their descendants.

3. The one that Eddie Smith named "Grain Bins" because it was located in the woods behind the John UM Hospital grain bins. Now it might be better identified as being located off the parking lot of the Polk Youth Center in Butner. Maybe "grain bins" should be redefined as Veazey-Waller. No one has been buried there since 1942. This facility was not even there when Eddie first named that cemetery. Polk Youth Center is a brand new facility that was "moved" or at least the inmates were moved from Raleigh a few years ago. When I was very little there was a "path" from somewhere near the VZ cemetery behind JUM Hosp. to this area where the Veazey-Waller cemetery is.





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