Hungarian and Yugoslavian UM Immigrants


1786 (and 1800+) - Reinhard Umstadt, born 1755, emigrated FROM MANNHEIM, GERMANY to HUNGARY in 1786, according to EIGHTEENTH CENTURY REGISTER OF IMMIGRANTS from SOUTHWEST GERMANY (to America and Other Countries), edited by Professor Werner Hacker, Closson Press, 1994, page 465. A second entry shows another Reinhard with basically the same information except for an emigration date of 1800+.

The book is actually a compilation of Hacker's earlier works published in German, which he created especially for an American readership when he was 95 years old. Both of the Reinhard Umstadt entries reference Hacker's AUSWANDERUNG VON UNTEREN NECKAR (1982). He states that the information was collected from many different sources, including immigration data, tax records, bondage release papers, bills, etc. It is therefore possible that Reinhard showed up in Hungary in a different sort of record after an initial emigration in 1786 - or there may have been two different Reinhards. Hacker lists no year of birth in the later 1800+ entry. No other UMs are listed.

Mannheim is a large city located only about 20 km (12 miles) south of Worms, so it is quite possible that some of the Kriegsheim UMs lived in Mannheim, although no connection has yet been investigated.

It is not unreasonable to suspect that the Hungarian immigrants below were probably Reinhard's descendants, although I don't know for sure. I have NO intervening information, but I would welcome contact from members of this Hungarian UM family!!!



The Hungarians

The following info comes from ships manifest images at Some are difficult to read, so this information may not be absolutely correct in all details. Good quality copies of these manifests may be ordered from the Ellis Island website (expensive), but if the information is of great importance to someone, I would suggest they do so.

1906 - MRS Magda Umstadt, a widow, age 23, (born about 1883), in Uytaine/Nytaine (?) Hungary, of German ethnicity, arrived from Uj Sove, Hungary, 22 October 1906, aboard the ship "Finland" out of Antwerp, Belgium. Her husband's name is not shown, nor is her maiden name. Her husband would have died sometime before her arrival date 1906, and he would have been the UM. Magda's occupation is shown as housekeeper, and she was unable to read or write. Magda MAY have been a non-immigrant alien. She had paid her own passage in steerage and had $26. She had not previously entered the United States. Her destination was Cleveland, Ohio, to visit her sister, Elizabeth Hammer of Cleveland, presumably a married name. Magda was 4' 8" tall, of dark complexion with black hair and brown eyes. Magda is probably of the same family as Jakob who came in 1908, possibly the wife of a brother of Jakob's.

1908 - Jakob Umstadt, age 49, (born about 1859), in Bulrosji, Hungary, arrived 24 October 1908, on the ship "La Provence" out of Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France. He was married, traveling alone. wife Katharina of Bulrosji listed as nearest relative in ccountry ountry whence he came. His destination was Cleveland. Jakob was in the hospital (on board ship or after arrival not stated) and discharged. His health is shown as good. He had $16.00 and had been in Cleveland previously, 1902-1907. He was to join his daughter, (husband) shown as Jakob Schwaben (?) with an address in Cleveland. Jakob is shown as 5' 7" tall with black hair and grey eyes. Jakob's listing is NOT stamped NON IMMIGRANT ALIEN, so it is possible that he stayed. It looks as though his father paid his passage in steerage. Jakob is probably father of Helene Umstedt who came in 1910.

1909 - Adam Umstadt, age 33 (born about 1876) in Kisker, Hungary, of German ethnicity, arrived in New York from Kisker 10 April 1909, on board the ship "Slavonia" out of Carnaro, Triest, Austria. HE WAS A NON-IMMIGRANT ALIEN. His profession is unclear, but he was able to read and write. His wife in Kisker is listed as his nearest relative in the country whence he came. I can't make out her full first name, possibly Ada----. His destination is Cleveland, Ohio. He paid his own passage in steerage, had $19.00, and had a ticket to Cleveland, where he had previously visited, in 1907 and 1908 (not completely clear, years may be slightly off). He was to visit Jakob Schwaben or Schramack (?), at the same street address as that as shown in the record of Jakob Umstadt who came in 1908. Adam was in good health, 5' 8" tall, of dark complexion with brown hair and brown eyes. Jakob was only 17 when Adam was born, but he may have been Adam's father. The name Umstadt appears to be spelled with an umlaut - Umstädt, which would make it sound like Um-schtate in German, but I have no clue whether the umlaut is in fact a Hungarian symbol of some sort.

1910 - Helene Umstedt, age 4, (born about 1906) in Sowa, Hungary, arrived in New York 15 September 1910, on the ship "President Grant" out of Cuxhaven, Germany. She traveled with Karoline Haller, age 51, born in Sowa, a widow and housewife, and Klara Haller, age 2. Karoline Haller was unable to read or write. All three were of Hungarian nationality, but of German ethnicity, with a last permanent residence of Sowa, Hungary. Karoline's sister, Lisbeth Hamlin is listed as her nearest relative in Sowa. Their final destination is Independence (south of Cleveland), Ohio. The three traveled third class. Karoline paid for her own passage as well as that of the children, and it looks like she was in possession of $40.00. Karoline had been in Cleveland previously from 190? - 1908, and Klara was born in Cleveland in 1908. Helene had not previously been in the United States. Helene's father is shown as Jacob Umstedt, and it appears that he may have been living in Independence, Ohio. Karoline was probably the children's grandmother, "Grdch" is written after Klara's and Helene's names. Karoline appears to have had a son, Ernst Haller, living in Independence, presumably Klara's father. Helene's father is probably Jakob Umstadt above who came in 1908.

1912 - MRS Katharine Umstadt, age 53, (born about 1859) in Bulkeszil, Hungary, of German ethnicity, arrived in New York 10 June 1912, aboard the ship "George Washington" out of Bremen, Germany. Her husband is listed as Jakob Umstadt with an address in Cleveland and it shows that he's been in the U.S. for two years, so he is probably the Jakob above who arrived in 1908. With Katharine was daughter Katalin Umstadt, age 29 (born about 1883) in Bulkeszil, Hungary, of German ethnicity, single. Katharine is listed as a carpenter and housewife, I can't make out Katalin's occupation. George Schwaben(sp?) of Bulkeszil is shown as Katharine's father and Katalin's grandfather. Their destination is Cleveland, Ohio. Katharine paid her own passage in steerage, someone other than Katalin paid Katalin's passage, possibly Katharine, but I can't read it. Katharine had some sort of problem with her right hip joint and some sort of certificate is mentioned, but it is unclear whether it refers to Jacob's residency in the U.S. or to Katharine's hip problem.

I still have more to do with this, so stay tuned. I have several maps of Hungary and will look at the proximity of these towns to each other.

The Yugoslavians

Will be added later.


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