John Horning Letter 1832



Barbara Wentz submitted this letter and did the transcription. She has the original. It was written by Samuel Horning to his brother John, a few days after the death of their sister, Catharine "Kitty" Horning Umstead.

Jonas Umstead (John B, Henry B, Johannes), was born 1767, Upper Providence, Philadelphia Co, PA, and died 1833. He married Catharine "Kitty" Horning April 14, 1799, at St James P E Church, Perkiomen, PA. She was born 1774 and died August 18, 1832. Her father: was Michael Horning and her mother was Hannah Roberts. Jonas and Catharine are both buried at Lower Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

The John Heffelfinger mentioned is probably connected somehow to Jacob H Heffelfinger who married Anna Umstead in 1808.



Montgomery Co. Upper Providence August 21, 1832

Dear Brother,
When I contemplate on the various scenes that are taking place among our Relations and reflect on the affectionate regard we ought to have for each other and the short interval of time that will pass away before we shall be numbered with the Dead – my heart is very much affected for the loss of our dear sister Catherine Umstead who departed this life the 16th Day of August at 6 o’clock in the evening. Her long and tedious Illness which she bore with Christian fortitude from the Revival that has taken place in that family I have a belief that she is gone happy. On Saturday 27th of July John Heffelfinger and his brother Lim’s [Lewis?] in company with several others of their neighbors came to Schuylkill to fish. But O how soon doth these Earthly enjoyments end – as they were drawing the sane [seine] through a place it caught fast in the bottom. John Heffelfinger being the activest among them went in to loose the sane [seine] and there drownded within three pole of them that were with him. Yet none could save him. It was a distressing scene for his brother and his old mother who is yet living – I was at his Funeral the next Day and a greater collection of people I never saw on such an occasion all of whom mourned the loss for he was a man that was very much respected in his own neighborhood. The Cholara has visited our neighborhood. My wife had a very severe attact of it but survived it. My tennents wife had an atact at 9 o’clock in the evening and died next morning at 9 o’clock which was only 12 hours.
Doctor R. Davis had an atact of Cholera and died in 12 hours and was buried yesterday and there has been various other cases in this neighborhood and where it is going to stop I know not.
We are all well at present and so is all our family so far as I know.
My Father has his health as well as can be expected. He enjoys himself very well. His principle home is at Jonas Umstead. He will come and stay with us a week or so then he will be away so he keeps going from one to the other.
I hope that these few lines will find you in good health and spirits and I should be very much pleased to see you down here once more. But don’t Delay to Write to me and let me know how you all are and what the world is about in that quarter for it is very seldom I get to hear from you.
We have had a very good harvest here both of grain and hay the Corn is very good in the neighborhood.
We have had some very fine rains lately.
No more at present but to Remain your Affectionate Brother,
Saml Horning Sen

Mr. John Horning
N.B. We are getting a new bridge over the Perkiomen Creek which will be a great advantage to the people of this vicinity. I am a cripple at present by a cut I gave myself on the foot But I expect to run about in a Day or so.



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