John Marshall Holt, (1827-1882) , in 1848, married Parthenia J Umstead (1829-1863). Parthenia died during the Civil War.

This story appeared in the Jackson Sun (TN) February 25, 1979 in a column by Bob Parker. I ran across it in a typewritten sheet I obtained from PERSI (code TNFF) "Tennessee Family Findings," headed THE HOLT FAMILY. It was submitted by Nancy Atchison of Humboldt, TN, as told to her by her great-aunt, Mrs. L. D. (Mattie Fly) Holt. I'm quoting from the Holt Family sheet, I've not seen the newspaper article.


"Before the Civil War, John M Holt came into possession of the land which is located near Medina. A colonial house was built there and here John M and his family lived. John M was a prosperous farmer as well as a good worker. A rumor went around that he had buried many gold coins on his farm land. This rumor reached the ears of the carpetbaggers who were roaming the rural areas demanding food money, or anything of value for them selves. They came to John M Holt's home and demanded that he tell them where he had buried the gold. Since there was no gold, John M had to deny the story. The carpetbaggers did not believe him and took him out to the woods to a tree. Here they hanged him. After he went limp, the carpetbaggers let the body drop to the ground thinking he was dead and rode off. What they did not know was that John M Holt would survive the hanging with only a few broken bones. John M Holt lived to tell the story to his children and his grandchildren."



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