Clara Umstead's Mystery Album


One of the neatest things about our UM website is that people find it. And they contact me. And they have goodies. These pictures come from a rather decrepit but originally lovely photo album which was found in a yard sale in North Carolina some years ago. It belonged to Clara E Umstead, and was given to her by her brother C Howard Umstead, Christmas 1882. The name "Clara" is embossed on the front of the album. The major identifying factor (thank goodness!!!) is the picture of Jacob Umstead and Hannah Hallman which, although this pose is slightly different, is clearly the same couple as the one seen elsewhere this site. See their family page. Clara E Umstead and C(harles) Howard Umstead were their grandchildren, through their son Jacob. The clothing, the quality of the pictures, and the beautiful children are all great to look at.

1 Jacob UMSTEAD b: March 24, 1777 Skippack, Perkiomen Twp, Phila/Montgomery Co, PA d: September 5, 1865 Salem, Mahoning Co, OH
+Hannah (Hollman) HALLMAN b: December 13, 1784 Skippack Twp, Montgomery Co, PA m: September 20, 1801 St James P E Ch, Perkiomen d: November 8, 1864
2 Jacob Umstead b: September 20, 1815 d: November 4, 1870
+Margarhetta(h) Hahn b: October 10, 1817 m: September 22, 1839 d: June 9, 1864
3 Charles Howard Umstead b: October 24, 1854
3 Clara Elizabeth Umstead b: July 19, 1857 d: February 18, 1895

Unfortunately, very few of the photos were identified, so I can't guarantee that they are all UMs. Below each picture is the name of the photography studio if available. It might be neat to see whether some of these studios still exist and might have old identifying records (hint, hint). Some photos have numbers on the back.



Title Page Reads "Presented to Clara E Umstead by C Howard Umstead, Christmas 1882"



 Jacob and Hannah - Edm Dayton, S.W.Corner 15th & Columbia Ave., Philadelphia

 Unidentified - no markings

 Unidentified, F Gutekunst - 712 Arch St, Philadelphia


 Unidentified - Mahan & Keller, 1481 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia
 Unidentified - MacEntire Bros, 1528 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia

 Unidentified - D R Vondersmith, 523 Cinnaminson Ave, Palmyra, NJ


 Unidentified - no markings

 Unidentified - no markings


The above are unidentified, but both were taken at RAMBO (Studio), 4080 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, presumably on the same day, marked L-783 and L-784.

 Unidentified - Entrekin Kuebler, 1204 Chestnut St, Philadelphia

 Marked Anna Nelson - see below

 Unidentified - Harrison Krips, 1500 Columbia Ave, Philadelphia

Anna Jane Umstead 1841 - 1902, daughter of Jacob Umstead and Margarhetta(h?) Hahn, married William Thomas Nelson.


 Unidentified - RHOADS, 1800 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

 Unidentified - P Gutekunst, 712 Arch St, Philadelphia
 Unidentified - A P Beecher, 315 Market St, Wilmington, DE  


 Unidentified - no markings, but this appears to be a later photo, printed on paper.

 Emmy Lindley - no clue who she was - MacIntire, 2104 Columbia Ave

 "Aunt Lizzie" - possibly Clara's aunt - MacIntire, 2104 Columbia Ave
 Unidentified - ??? Studio, 1510 Chestnut St, 1031 Market St, 60 N 8th St, Philadelphia(?)

The two center pictures above were taken at the same studio and appear to have been taken the same day, based on the cardboard and border. The city is not given, but probably Philadelphia.


 Unidentified - same ??? Studio as above

 Bob Getty - I don't know who he was. No markings

 Unidentified - no markings

 Unidentified - "Carte de Visite," Schreiber & Son, 818 Arch St, Philadelphia

 Unidentified - H M Finley, Canadaigua, NY

 Unidentified - E Newwll, Philadelphia

 Unidentified - no markings

 Unidentified - Suppard's & Fennemore, 820 Arch St, Philadelphia

 Unidentified - Pickard's Penny Photos, 31st St & Ridge Ave, Phila

 Unidentified - J Beerwald, 2120 Callowhill St, Philadelphia
 Unidentified - John M Horning Photograph Artist, 237 S 11th, Phila.  


 Unidentified - F R McCarthy, SE Corner Ridge Av & Spring Garden St, Philadelphia

 Unidentified - Mahan & Keller, 1427 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia





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