Charles E Umsted (1858-1916) and the Coatesville, PA Lynching of 1911

You can read the whole grisly story on the following web sites. Warning: it's not pretty.
The Coatesville lynching of 1911
Saturday, August 13, 2011
By jim zbick [email protected]

"At 6-3 and over 250 pounds, Coatesville Sheriff Charles Umsted had a reputation for being tough. On this day, he added fuel to a volatile situation. As the crowd outside grew larger, he told bystanders that Walker had boasted about killing Rice, but the sheriff made no mention of Walker's claim that it was in self-defense. He also made it known that he would not intervene if there was an attempted lynching."

"The town sheriff, Charles Umsted, a big man of six foot three and over 250 pounds, was familiarly known as 'Jumbo' or 'Jummy' and had a reputation for toughness and a well-honed facility for surviving the fiercely contested elections for town police chief. Umsted was up for re-election in September, and on the night of August 13, as the crowd around him grew, he saw a chance to earn a few votes. Taking care to speak loudly enough for bystanders to eavesdrop, he avowed that Walker had boasted about killing Rice, and he made no mention of Walker's claim of self-defense. Before concluding his staged monologue, with an increasingly roused crowd gathered around him, Umsted virtually promised the mob that he would not intervene in the event of a lynching. 'I would be the devil if somebody should happen to go after that fellow -- Gentleman, allow me to say that I am not going to get hurt.'"

"On September 20, 1911, eight men were indicted for murder in the lynching of Zachariah Walker. Included in this group were Police Chief Charles Umsted and officer Stanley Howe for involuntary manslaughter. Both officers, the report noted, were blatantly negligent in their duties and failed on several occasions to prevent the lynching."

"No one was ever convicted in the lynching of Zachariah Walker."

UMSTEAD, Charles E, 345 W Main, Coatesville, was listed in the Wilmer Atkinson Company 1914 Farm & Business Directory of Chester County, PA.



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