Brown Homestead

The family of Hiram and Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead Brown


THEN ...



From left: Ella Brown born 1885 (age 14), Lenna Brown born 1888 (age 11), Elizabeth Brown born 1892 (age 7), Rachel Brown born 1891 (age 8), Minerva Brown born 1884 (age 15), Hayden Brown (dies at 2 years of age), and their parents Maria Elizabeth "Sis" Umstead Brown, and Hiram Brown.

Hayden was born in June 1897 and died in August 1899, (he's standing on the stump), so this picture was apparently taken shortly before his death in the summer of 1899. Ages shown above are approximate based on that date.

... AND NOW!!!



Photos courtesy of Jan Nichols Blankenburg


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