North Carolina Bastardy Bonds

Transcribed by: Betty & Edwin Camin
252 Pages, 8.5"x11", Full Name Index, Perfect Bound, NC-0144, $35.00

The "Bastardy Bonds" of North Carolina contains bonds posted because of the birth or impending birth of a bastard child. These bonds were intended to protect the county or parish from the expense of raising the child. When the pregnancy of a woman or birth of a child was brought to the attention of the court, a warrant was issued and the woman brought into Court. She was examined under oath and asked to declare the name of the child's father. The 'reputed' father was then served a warrant and required to post bond. If the woman refused to name, the father, she, her father or some other interested party would post the bond. In some cases, the mother and reputed father together posted the bond. If the woman refused to post bond or declare the father, she was often sent to jail. The records are indexed by county and complimented by a full-name index at the back of book for easy references. []

Listed on page 90, Granville Co, NC

MOTHER: Lucy Walker
DATE: April 1828
BONDSMEN: Jarret Walker, William Umpsted, William Veazey

The child is not named. I have nothing to connect any of these people, but I'm guessing that this William Umpsted, bondsman, was a descendant of our John of NC.

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