1947 Umstead Reunion


These were taken at or around the time of an Umstead family reunion in July, 1947. We're not certain that they're all UMs. Anyone recognize any of them?




 Picture taken by James Umstead


July 13, 1947 Aunt Lizzie and Aunt Mary (originally identified by Stacey Anderson), Umstead's Reunion, Worcester, PA. The woman at right (profile) might be Anna Bilger Umstead Watton. The man sitting may be Horace Umstead*

*Aunt Lizzie is Elizabeth Harr Bilger (1880-1955), wife of Horace Shupe Umstead (1879-1943), identified by Tom Hill. Aunt Mary is probably Mary Edith (Cooch/Coch) Koch (1880-1960) wife of Michael Shupe Umstead (1877-1937). Horace and Michael both sons of Henry Harrison Umstead and Sarah "Sallie" Prutzman (Shoat) Shupe.


Photos courtesy of Stacey Anderson


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