Mennonite Cemetery Germantown


Krefeld Immigrants, Vol 20 #2, Fall 2003, pages 66 - 68
"According to Edsel B Burdge, Jr in his article 'Germantown Mennonite Cemetery' [published in the Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Vol V#4, 1983]:
'According to the Germantown Mennonite Cemetery Information Center, early records on early deaths [are] not clear. 'In an old Germantown church record book, which attempted to bring together documents for the eighteenth and nineteenth century states that 'Here sleep the remains of many of the early settlers whose graves had never been marked by a tombstone.'"

"Anna Margaretha Umstatt (Umstead) died 10 February 1696. She was the daughter of Hans Peter and Barbara Umstatt. Barbara died 12 August 1702.

"The following is a list of early burials in the churchyard from the William H Shelly collection. This collection contains a list of 180 names taken from the markers in the Mennonite cemetery. Shelly's papers are housed in the church's Information Center ... and was likely compiled by him.

"Umstead, Frances #, wife of Thomas Umstead died in her 33rd year
Umstead, Maria. 'Our Mother,' wife of William born 16 April 1803, died 25 February 1871
Umstead, Mary 1823 - 2 June 1895
Umstead, William 'Our Father' born 17 January 1800, died 18 Sept 1886

"Buried in unmarked or unknown graves:

"Umstead, Elizabeth, 18 March 1779 - 20 August 1850, wife of Thomas Umstead
Umstead, Sarah, died 8 February 1837
Umstead, Theodore, 1814 - December 1885
Umstead, Thomas 1767 - 1 Sept 1846


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