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I am NOT an expert on Gross-Umstadt, but I have this information and I may as well make it available to those who are researching families that have roots there.

THIS IS ALL I KNOW ABOUT GROSS-UMSTADT!!! The book 1250 JAHRE GROSS-UMSTADT is available from a German bookseller - search at I don't know whether they will ship to the US. The book is quite large and is of limited usability to anyone who does not read and understand German well. It contains no index, so it is extremely difficult to find a surname within the text, short of scanning through the entire book. On the other hand, for someone who understands German, it contains a massive amount of historical information.


Recently I was contacted by David Schnur <[email protected]> who lives in England, but who grew up in Gross Umstadt and still has family and local government contacts there. Best of all, he's willing to help with Gross-Umstadt research. Thanks, Dave.

Here is a link to his facebook site with pictures of gross umstadt (you have to create a log-in to use this site):


1. The real noble families of Gross-Umstadt

2. 1832 - 1840 Auswandererliste Gross-Umstadt (Emigrants to North America 1832 - 1840)

3. Weitere Auswanderer - More Emigrants

4. Einwanderer - Wo die Umstädter herkommen (Emigrants INTO Gross-Umstadt and where they came from).

(The words Auswanderer and Einwanderer translate literally into out-wanderer and in-wanderer)


The real noble families of Gross-Umstadt

Herr Volp sent me a copy of one page from an old book, printed in an old German script font, and complicated by ecclesiastical Latin phrases. It lists the families known to have used a "von Umstadt" title. This translation is about as good as I can get it, and I don't guarantee absolute accuracy. If someone is able and willing to provide a better translation, I would be most grateful.


S. 13

Von Umstadt. Unter dieser allgemein gleichen Benennung erscheinen verschiedene Adelsfamilien; Sie sind höchst wahrscheinlich nicht einerlei Ursprunges zu einem gemeinschaftlichen Stamme, denn weder Wappen, noch Lehensverhältnisse und genealogische Data liegen vor, um solches daraus zu schließen. Sie werden bloß des gleichen Beinamens wegen hier zusammengestellt. Vielleicht kommt ihre gleiche Benennung daher, weil mehrerer unter ihnen als Burgmänner den Rahmen der Burg sich zulegten, ohne hier weder angesessen gewesen zu sehn, noch eigentlichen locum originis gehabt zu haben. Es werden folgende genennt:

1) Palas von Umstadt. Rudolph Palas Umstadt, armiger, wird im Jahre 1361als bereits verstorben genennt. Andere Personen dieser Familie kommt nicht vor.

2) Suigger von Umstadt. Im Jahre 1261 erscheint ein Suiggerus de Omstadt als Stifter eines Anniversariums. Mehreres ist von dieser Familie unbekannt.

3) Lupolt von Umstadt. Im Jahre 1410 erscheint Heinrich Lupolt von Umstadt als rector ecclesiae zu Marköbel, und resigniert als Canonicus S. Victoris extra muros Maguntiae. Ihm folgte Ortwein Lupolt von Umstadt. In der Urkunde steht Johann Lupolt als Zeuge. Dieser Johann war Stadtschultheiß zu Umstadt, und der Vater des Ortweins, welch letzterer, laut Traditionsbuches des Pleben Löwenstein, im Jahre 1478 seinen Eltern Johann Lupolt und Dyne Plettin ein Anniversarium in der Pfarrkirche zu Umstadt stiftet. Er starb 1480 als Canonicus und Custos des Stifts Aschaffenburg, so wie auch als Decan des Muntater Ruralcapitals. Diese Familie scheint um diese Zeit ausgestorben gewesen zu sehn.

4) Fulker oder Völker von Umstadt. Zur Zeit, als Johann Volker zu Umstadt mit seiner Gattin das Hospitalbenificium stiftete (im Jahr 1451), wohnte diese Familie schon in Frankfurt. Der Stifter nennt sich Henne (Johann) Fulkers Sohn von Großen-Umstadt, und Erzbischof Theoderich meldet seiner in der Bestättigungsurkunde in folgender Art: Johannes Volker de Umbstat opidanus
Francofurstensis. Nach Lersuers frankfurter Chronik, II. Tbl. (Tablett?) S. 198, gehörten die Volker, die sich vor alten Zeiten Fulker oder Folker schrieben, unter die alten Geschlechter des Erzstiftes Mainz. Es wird hier, jedoch nur als Sache, weiter bemerkt, daß sie von Umstadt nach Frankfurt gezogen sehen; dies unterliegt nunmehr nach vorliegender Urkunde Keinem Zweifel. Ein Kilian Volker von Umstadt, Clerik im Erzstift Mainz, erscheint im Jahre 1509 als Urkundenzeuge.

5) Wambolt von Umstadt. Dieses uralte Geschlecht, welches noch jetzt existiert, hatte hier zu Umstadt unstreitig seinem locum originis, war und ist noch daselbst, und in der Umgegend bedeutend be-… (end of the page).


Steiner, ANTIQUITIES AND HISTORY OF THE BACHGANS, 1827, page 102 and following. (I am fairly certain that Steiner is the author's name, as opposed the the book title being Gems, Antiquities and History. I'm not sure what "the Bachgans" means, but it is a name of some sort, possibly a family name. Herr Volp wrote the name of the book at the bottom of the copy he sent me, it was not printed on the page.)

Page 13

Von Umstadt. Various noble families appear under this same general title; they are most likely not noble in the sense of having originated from a mutual lineage, since no Coat of Arms, land proportions, nor genealogical data is shown ahead of their names, such as would lead to that conclusion. They were simply of the same byname by virtue of being assembled here. Perhaps their same title came as a result, since more beneath (those below), in the capacity of "men of the castle," took on (a title) within the legal framework of the castle, without (it) being known to be set down here, and without their actual place of origin having been known. The following were called this (von Umstadt):

1) Palas von Umstadt. Rudolph Palas Umstadt, peasant, was mentioned as already being dead in 1361. Other persons of this family are not mentioned.

2) Suigger von Umstadt. In the year 1261 there appears a Suiggerus de Omstadt as a donor/founder of an Anniversarium (yearly memorial or stipend). More about this family is unknown.

3) Lupolt von Umstadt. In the year 1410 Heinrich Lupolt von Umstadt appears as "Rector Ecclesiae" (this is Latin and would presumably translate to Ecclesiastical Rector) of Marköbel, and resigned as "Canonicus S. Victoris extra muros Maguntiae." (His Latin title). Ortwein Lupolt von Umstadt followed him. The records state Johann Lupolt as witness. This Johann was a mayor of Umstadt, and the father of Ortwein, the latter, according to the "Traditions book of the Commoners of Löwenstein, in 1748, having presented his parents, Johann Lupolt and his wife, with an anniversarium in the parish church" in (the town of) Umstadt. (I am not completely clear on the meaning of this, the word in Latin means "yearly," and I would assume some sort of yearly memorial or stipend). He died in 1480 as "Canonicus and Gustos" (another Latin title) of the Monastery of Aschaffenburg (a town in the same area), as well as a Bishop of the Muntator Ruralcapitals. It would appear that this family has no known descendants at this time.

4) Fulker or Völker von Umstadt. At the time when Johann Volker and his wife gave the hospital to (the town of) Umstadt (in the year 1451), the family already lived in Frankfurt. The founder referred to himself as Henne (nickname for Johann) Fulker's son Grossen-Umstadt, and Archbishop Theodorish announced his confirmation in the following town: "Johannes Volker de Umbstat opidanus Francofurstensis." (Latin again, misspelled, should be oppidanus, which means INHABITANT of a small town, presumably in the area of Frankfurt, which Gross-Umstadt is). According to Lersuers Frankfurter Chronicles II, page 198, the Volkers, these who from olden times spelled the name Fulker or Folker, belonged under the older generations of the Archmonastery of Mainz. It would be here, but only as a side issue is it further mentioned, that they moved from Umstadt to Frankfurt; after consideration of the records at issue, this gave their questionability (as descendants) new meaning at this point. (This means that there's no doubt). One Kilian Volker von Umstadt, a cleric in the Archmonastery of Mainz, is mentioned in the year 1509 as a witness to the documents.

5) Wambolt von Umstadt. This ages old lineage (name), which still exists, had here in (the town of) Umstadt their location of origin, (it) was and still is there in the very same place, and (they) are eminent in the area … (end of the page)

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1832 - 1840 Auswandererliste Gross-Umstadt (Emigrants to North America 1832 - 1840)

The book 1250 JAHRE GROSS-UMSTADT (1250 Years Gross-Umstadt) includes an "Auswandererliste" and a list of "Einwanders" on pages 263 and following. For the years 1832 - 1840, there is a reproduction of an old printed document, followed by additional information on some of the listed emigrants, added by Georg Brenner. Following that is a list of additional emigrants, not shown on the old document, although from the same time period and also from following years. Then emigrants INTO Gross-Umstadt. I can't absolutely guarantee that I've read all the names from the old printed document correctly, but I should be close. Be creative, look at all the names. If your name is Wünsch, look at Münsch, for example, as it was very difficult to distinguish between a W and an M in this particular printed script.

On this first list, which is taken from the old document, I've listed the entries as they appear, followed by any added information which will appear after the dash (-). In some cases, the additional information corrects the original entry from the old document. As an example, Friedrich Wernigk apparently did not go to North America, he went to Austria.

1831 to North America
Breher, Peter, resident and stone mason
Frieß (Friess), Elisabetha, daughter of Bathazer Frieß 1 (the first)
Frieß, Maria, daughter of Bathazer Frieß 1
Däschner, Christian, with family - with wife and one child
Graf, Heinrich, with family - carpenter with wife and four children
Gunst, Johannes, with family
Rau, Jakob, widower
Heberer, Tobias, saddler - Thomas (not Tobias), with wife and four children
Bea, Peter, maintenance man Hofheim Hospital, with family

1832 to North America
Albert, Daniel, with one daughter from first marriage. His father David was emigrated earlier
Albert, Heinrich, with family - son of Daniel from first marriage, with wife
Albert, Jakob, with family - son of Daniel from first marriage
Emmerich, Georg Ernst, with family
Graf, Georg, with family
Gunst, Johannes, with family
Ohl, Johann Adam, with family
Ohl, Peter, with family - his brother-in-law is Johannes Frieß (the tailor below), his daughter's husband Peter N emigrated with him
Ebener, Georg, with family - without family, she (his wife) had distanced herself from his desire to emigrate.
Eulmann, Martin, with family
Frieß, Maria Christine, unmarried
Hax, Johannes, day worker, with family - with four children
Hax, Johann Wendel, with family
Hax, Valentin, with family -with wife and four children
Kießner (Kiessner), Daniel, with family - migration on 10 April 1932 cancelled abgeschlagen - could mean that he changed his mind or that permission was denied)
Knobloch, Wendel, with family
Popp, Georg Adam, with family
Seibert, Johannes, widower, with family - with two sons, the third stayed here (in Gross-Umstadt)
Umstädter (Umstaedter), Georg Adam, with family - wife and daughter, also a legitimate son from wife's first marriage
Uhrig, Balthazar, unmarried

1833 to North America
Eidmann, Martin, with family
Frieß, Johannes, tailor, with family - with wife and four children, included were: Johann Adam Frieß, shoe maker, unmarried, and Peter Frieß 1
Heil, Johannes, butcher, with family
Holzapfel, August, unmarried
Ohl, Adam - with wife and two children
Ohl, Peter
Ohl, Georg
Seib, Adam - Seip, glazier, with wife and two children

1834 to North America
Hund, Peter, with family
Heiz, Carl

1835 to North America
Holzapfel, Elisabetha, unmarried

1836 to North America
Albert, Daniel - with one child
Bea, Michael, day worker - day worker, with wife and one adult son
Blümler (Bluemler), Friederich - day worker, with wife and two children
Frieß, Peter, widow - widow of Peter Schreiner 1, with two children, joined by the deaf-mute Peter Frieß (whose name follows)
Frieß, Peter
Frieß, Gg. (Georg?) Daniel - knife maker with wife and three children
Holzapfel, Peter Küfers widow (this MAY mean Peter Holzapfel THE Küfer/barrel maker's widow)
Kissel, Georg
Münch (Muench), Gg. (Georg?) Theodor 49
Stuckert, Anna Margaretha
Stuckert, Anna Maria, unmarried
Stuckert, Elisabetha, unmarried
Stuckert, Martin, unmarried
Stuckert, Philipp, unmarried
Stuckert, Valentine, unmarried
Lautz, Johann Gg. (Georg)

1837 to North America
Barth, Jost
Dietrich, Heinrich
Schäfer (Schaefer), August
Schäfer, Jakob
Dintelmann, Adam, resident and tavern owner
Dintelmann, Magdalena
Huber, Valentin
Hinz, Christian
Müller (Mueller), Conrad
Müllmann Johannes (no comma)
Staudt, Peter
Zimmer, Philipp 3.
Albert's, Heinrich, widow, with family

1838 to North America
Hax, Johannes 4., with family
Heusel's, Jakob, widow, with family
Jost, Johannes, with family
Weiker, Jakob, with family

1839 to North America
Balde, Justus, with family
Drach, Conrad, sock weaver, with family
Lappe, Georg, salesman, with family
Möser (Moeser), Balth., wagoner(?), with family
Wernigk, Friedrich - Wernkgk was an engraver and emigrated not to North America, but to Vienna (Wien), Austria

1840 to North America
Schiebel, Joh., and wife - shoe maker

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Weitere Auswanderer - More Emigrants

From page 264
"Soweit nicht anders vermerkt, wanderten alle in die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-Amerika 'in der Hoffnung besseren Glücks' aus." Unless otherwise noted, all immigrated to the United States in hope of bettering their luck.

Georg Heinrich Frieß (Friess), tinsmith, with wife and one child
Balthasar Müller (Mueller), with wife and two children
Heinrich Müller, carriage builder, unmarried
Jakob Müller, journeyman shoemaker, unmarried
Anna Maria Pfaff

Peter Frieß, widower, his three children had already emigrated

Margarethe, daughter of Peter Frieß
Georg Heinrich Heberer, shoemaker, married in North America

Johann Jakob Ganß (Ganss) of Frankfurt, son of the Frankfurt-born Georg Bernhard Ganß (Application), no longer visited Gross-Umstadt

Johann Georg Lautz, had already emigrated some years earlier to Hungary (Pesth). Was pursued in 1835 for back taxes.
Georg Heinrich Metzger's widow can leave when she has satisfied her financial obligations (possibly the name is Georg Heinrich and he WAS a butcher - Metzger)

Georg Kissel II, day worker

Balthaser Fischer with wife and four children
Gottfried Hax with wife and four children
Friedrich Lautz with wife and two children
Gottfried Seibert, shoe maker
Gottfried Steinacker, shoe maker

Anton Meubach (?), tobacco factory owner, to Kopenhagen (Copenhagen)

Melchior Gerstenschläger (Gerstenschlaeger), shoemaker, with family

Jakob Albert, bricklayer, four adults and four children
Leonhard Barth, barrel maker
Adam Brücher, brick maker, two adults and five children
Christian Brücher, brick maker, four adults and four children
Johannes Brücher I, carpenter
Peter Dietrich, shoemaker
Georg Ernst Emmerich, barrel maker, three adults and two children
Balthaser Ganß, knife maker
Johannes Hax, IV, sock weaver and wife Barbara
Johannes May, VI, soap maker
Nicholas Kissel, linen weaver
Balthasar Merz, shoemaker, with wife Barbara, five adults and three children
Balthasar Nick II, shoemaker, with wife Helena, four adults and six children
Andreas Pfalzgraf and wife Katharina, three adults and one child
Georg Pfalzgraf and wife Maria, three adults and one child
Andreas Pfalzgraf, retailer
Valentine Schnitzer, shoemaker, and wife Elisabeth, two adults and five children
Peter Feik with wife and five children

According to an agreement of 7 July 1847 with B. J. van der Steen from Rotterdam, for Wambersie Crooswyck, the (shipping firm) Reederei undertook the transport of 59 persons from Gernsheim to New York on July 24. The city pays for the passage 1180 Gulden.

(My Note): See also "1852 Immigrants from Senheim, Grenderich, Liesenich, Mittelstrimmig and Altstrimmig in the counties of Zell and Mosel in Germany, near Koblenz," elsewhere on this site. Apparently it was not unusual for various towns in Germany to send people to North America due to the economic conditions at this time.

1847 or 48
Konrad Schenkel, sock weaver, and wife Anna Maria

Alexander Emmerich, widower

Johannes Dietrich, shoe maker
Karl Emmerich, butcher
Heinrich Jakob Freund, blacksmith
Georg Leonhard Hoffman, dyer
Adam Kissel, bricklayer
Balthaser Kunkel, saddler
Heinrich Popp, carpenter
Friedrich Schohé, knife maker
Johannes Seipel, iron worker
Georg Wamser, farmer
Georg Wenzel, shoemaker

Johannes Bickel, barber, and wife Elisabeth

Adam Ittmann, knife maker
Peter Kissel, bricklayer
Katharina Zimmer

Valentin Bety ('s) widow
Georg Betz, butcher, and wife Margarethe, wanted to leave secretly
Johannes Busch ('s) widow
Heinrich Frieß II ('s) widow, assembly worker
Heinrich Gerstenschläger, assembly worker, and wife Eva
Sophie Holzapfel
Katharina Holzapfel
Johannes Jünger, assembly worker, and wife Maria
Johann Georg Lautz, knife maker
Martin Lippert II, assembly worker, with wife Margarethe and four children
Johannes Müllmann, shoe maker
Josef Reinewald, tanner
Georg Schardon, shoe maker
Balthaser Seibert, II, farmer, and wife Katherina

Adam Dietrich, son of Johs. III, shoemaker*
Christian Forschler, shoemaker, with wife Maria and three children*
August Holzapfel, assembly worker, with two children and two infants
Georg Peter Holzapfel III, shoemaker, with wife Sofie and two grandchildren, (children)
of his daughter who had already emigrated to North America)
Georg Hoffman, dyer and wife Eleonore
Christian Pfalzgraf ('s) widow with three children*

*For the three immigrant families there was a open invoice at the Preller Agency in Mainz (Germany). The stated ages of the children was false, presumably to save money.

Georg Ackermann, blacksmith
Jakob Biener, assembly worker
Anton Bischoff, assembly worker
Martin Däschner, farmer, and wife Barbara
Georg Dietrich Hollerbach, assembly worker, with wife and family
Johann Dietrich's third child, shoe maker, and three children
Friedrich Dörr, shoe maker
Johann Emmerich III, barrel maker, with wife Maria Dorothea and family
Johann Freiss, assembly worker
Heinrich Forschler II, assembly worker, and wife Barbara
Wendel Hamann, assembly worker
Georg Ludwig Hax
Johann Karpp III, tailor, and wife Anna Marie (Application)
Martin Kunkel, assembly worker
Friedrich Lautz, assembly worker (Application)
Johann Lautz, butcher
Wilhelm Lautz, butcher
Karl Daniel Lengfelder, assembly worker
George Merk ('s) widow Katharina, assembly worker
Adam Pfaff, Weisbinder - PROBABLY a house painter
Stefan Schmitt ('s) widow, assembly worker, with eight children (?)
Eva Schlegelmilch, assembly worker (Application)
Johannes Shraut's widow Maria (Application)
August Schütz, blacksmith
Georg Heinrich Seltzer, assembly worker
Salomon Sichel, tradesman (with wife?) and five children. 2 March with the ship
"Florida," Captain Sannermann, from London to New York
Leonhard Stuckert, butcher
Johann Vonderheit I, barrel maker
Friedrich Weber, saddler
Elisabeth Bausch

Johann Hintz
Johann Oswald with family
For both families it was confirmed by Reederei V. Mirziou & Co, Havre, that on 15 November, they set sail to New York on the ship Confederation, Capt Corning, with a sufficient supply of food.
Elisabetah Becker (?)
Isaak Breidenbach with wife Esther and two children (?)
Samuel Breidenbach with wife Blümchen and four children
Johann Füßler's widow with three children (Fuessler) (?)
Georg Wamser with daughter Katharine (?)

Heinrich Jakob Lampe (Release documents)
Heinrich Forschler III

Wilhelm Arnold, his daughter Wilhelmine and one child
Margarethe Arnold (?)
Johann Brücher
Peter Hund's widow
Georg Balthaser Lautz
Karl Oßwald (Osswald)
Friedrich Rexroth
Karl Christian Schlachter

Peter Fix, journeyman shoemaker
Georg Heinrich Hamann
Jeremias Manewal with wife Elisabethe and three children

Friedrich August Pfaff
Jakob Zibulski, son of the chimney sweep Karl Z

Ludwig Hermes
Leonhard Hermes

Karl Wilhelm Hax

Wendel Ludwig Lautz (?)

Theodor Depréz
Heinrich Kling (Application)

Karl Friedrich Josef Kirchmeyer (Application)
Hirsch Marx (Application)
Jakob Kirschmeyer (Application)
Marx Marx (Application)

Johann Kissner (Application)
Johann Georg Pullman (Application)

Ferdinand Ludwig Mohr (Application)

Georg Franz August Baum (Application)
Jakob Lindheimer (Application)

Johann Heinrich May
Friedrich Wilhelm Drach
Moses Marx, butcher (Application)
Johann Karl Theodor Büttenbender (Application)

Friedrich Mangold
Karl Jakob Georg May
Heinrich Kunkel with wife
Bernhard Götz

Source records: Stadtarchiv Groß-Umstadt. Department XV/5 (City Archive)

Balthasar Gerstenschläger, after 1842
Johannes Dietrich, after release 17 March 1849
Georg Theodor Bork, after release March 1852
August Karp, 12 August 1863, permission to go to Frankfurt and immigrate
Johannes Pullmann, after 1684

Stadtarchiv Groß-Umstadt, Department VIII/5


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Einwanderer - Wo die Umstädter herkommen - Immigrants INTO Gross-Umstadt and where they came from

There are eight pages of them, with details. Perhaps I will find the time to translate the details and add them here at a later date. If there is someone out there who is able do it, please let me know. For now, all I can do is list the names, but if your name is on the list, you can email me for the details - please limit your request to one or two names.

FOLLOWING ARE TWO LISTS OF SURNAMES, be sure to check them both ...

Alum - Alum, Niclaus, Balbier aus Laudenbach, geb. Laudenbach, So. d. Adam Alum u. d. Anna N., Laudenbach/Bergstraße 19.11.1616. This means Alum, Niclaus, Balbier (I assume an occupation, but it's not in my dictionary) from Laudenbach, son of Adam Alum and Anna N. Laudenbach/Bergstraße probably means the Laudenbach (there are several others) in Bergstraße-Odenwald, an area of Germany.


Betzel - Betzel, Carolus geb 6.2.1698, So. d.Petro Betzel u. d. Anna Maria N. Gaubickelheim 9.4.1733. This means Carolus Betzel born 6 February 1698, son of Petro Betzel and Anna Maria (unknown) arrived in Gross-Umstadt 4 September 1733 from Gau-Bickelheim. The N may be the first letter of Maria's last name. Gau-Bickelheim is west of Gross-Umstadt east of Bad Kreuznach.


Dietherich - Dietherich, Philipp aus Dudenhofen, get. 22.6.1620, So. d. Heinrich Dietherich, Schäfer in Dudenhofen u. d. Catharina, Wwe. d. Reinhard Wagner in Babenhausen, Niederroden 20.1.1651. It means Dietherich, Phillip from Dudenhofen, christened 22 June 1620, son of Heinrich Dietherich, shepherd in Dudenhofen, and Catharina, widow of Reinhard Wagner in Babanhausen, Niederroden 20 January 1651


Emmel - Emmel, Johann Conrad, geb. 6.9.1685, So. d. Johann Melchior Emmel zu Manubach u. d. Maria Margarethe N. Manubach/Amt Bacharach 23.3.1712. This means Johann Conrad Emmel, born 6 Sept 1685, son of Johann Melchior Emmel of Manubach and Marie Margarethe N. Came from Manubach/Bacharach district 23 Mar 1712. The N. is presumably the first letter of Maria Margarethe's last name. Manubach is northwest of Bingen, which is west of Mainz and Wiesbaden, Rhineland-Pfalz, Hessen.


Hahn - Hahn, Elisabeth Catharina geb. 2.8.1703, To. d. Johannes Hahn, Schmiedemeister zu Erbenhausen aus Homburg/Ohm u. d. Christina Engel Kirttorf, 17.4.1724. verh. mit Johannes Heinrich. Hahn, Elisabeth Catharine born 2 August 1703, daughter of Johannes Hahn, blacksmith of Erbenhausen from Homburg/Ohm and Christina Engel, 17 April 1724. (Elizabeth came to Gross-Umstadt in 1724 and married Johannes Heinrich).


Heyl - Heyl, Heinrich, Bender in Umstadt, So. d. Matern Heyl u. d. Margarethe Künzler, Klein-Umstadt 25.2.1650. Heyl, Heinrich, a Bender (presumably his occupation, not in my dictionary) in (Gross-) Umstadt. Son of Matern Heyl and Margarethe Künzler. From Klein-Umstadt 25 February 1650.


Holtzapfel - Holtzapfel, Hans, So. d. Henn Holtzapfel u. d. Anna N., Schlechtenwegen 2.10.1675. It means Holtzapfel, Hans, son of Henn Holztapfel and Anna N, Schlechtenwegen 2 October 1675.


Junginger - Junginger, Johann Georg aus Altheim, So. d. David Junginger u. d. Angelica Hertzog, Altheim 29.12.1713. It means Junginger, Johann Georg from Altheim, son of David Junginger and Angelica Hertzog, Altheim 29 Dec 1713.


Lippert - Lippert, Margarethe - To. d. Wendel Lippert aus Niederklingen u. d. Barbara Friederich, Hering 18.11.1624, verh. mit Hans Kerner. It means Margarethe Lippert, daughter of Wendel Lippert of Niederklingen and Barbara Friederich, Hering 18 Nov 1624, married Hans Kerner. Hering is a small town just south of Gross Umstadt. I don't know what happened there in 1624, but as these records tend to go, it might be where she came from, or it might be where and when she married. Nieder-Klingen is nearby.


Müller, Anna Elisabeth, geb. Lengfeld 13.1.1678, To. d Johannes Müller, Gerichtsschöffe zu Lengfeld u. d. Margarethe Büchler, Otzberg 4.11.1712, verheiratet mit Johannes May, Megzger zu Umstadt. Müller, Anna Elisabeth, born Lengfeld 12 Jan 1678, daughter of Johannes Müller, Gerichtsschöffe (a Gerightshof is a court of law. A Gerichtsschöffe would have been some sort of official, I'm GUESSING, in the court), of Lengfeld and Margarethe Büchler, Otzberg 4 Nov 1712, married Johannes May, butcher of Umstadt.


Preisendorffer, Johannes, Schneider geb. 29.12.1644, So. d. Johannes Preissendorffer, hochfürstl. Jäger des Werner Schenck v. Stauffenberg u. d. Maria Schüler Kitzingen 24.7.1670. It means Preisendorffer, Johannes, tailor, born 29 Dec 1644, son of Johannes Preissendorffer, (the father being) hunter for the illustrious Werner Schenck v(on) Stauffenberg, and (mother) Maria Schüler. Kitzingen 24 July1670


Rollen, Margarethe, geb 1614, To. d. Anthoni Rollen u. d. Elizabetha N., Rechtenbach 15.8.1650,Verh. mit Hans Lippert, Schuhmacher in Umstadt. It means that Margarethe was born 1614, daughter of Anthoni Rollen and Elizabetha N. She came from Rechtenbach 15 Aug 1650 and married Hans Lippert, a shoemaker in Gross Umstadt.


Sahm, Peter von Winßweiler, geb. Zweibrücken, So. d. Hans Sahm u. d. Margarethe N.
Lauterecken 17.4.1615. It means SAHM, Peter from Winssweiler, born Zweibruecken, son of Hans Sahm and Margarethe N. Lauterecken 17 April 1615


Schneider, Kunigunde von Raibach, To. d. Gerlach Schneider, Gerichtsfreund in Raibach u. d. Katharina N., Raibach 16.11.1607. Schneider, Kunigunde from Raibach, daughter of Gerlach Schneider, attorney(?) in Raibach, and Katharina N. (Kunigunde came from Raibach to Gross-Umstadt in 1607).


STORCK, Elisabeth
get. 6.9.1657, To. d. Nicolaus des Jungen u. d. Eva Kolb Lengfeld 10.9.1690, verh. mit Johannes Holtzapfel in Umstadt. Elisabeth Storck, baptized 6 Sept 1657, daughter of Nicholaus des Jungen (might mean the younger, not sure) and Eva Kolb Lengfeld on 10 Sept 1690 married Johannes Holtzapfel in (Gross-) Umstadt.

STORCK, Rosina Catharina, To. d. Johannes Storck, Gerichtschöffe in Hering u. c. Catharina N. (space) Lengfeld 30.3.1705 verh. mit Hans Heinrich Pfalzgraff in Umstadt. Rosina Catharina Storck, daughter of Johannes Storck, (a gerichtshof is a court of justice/law court, so his profession had something to do with that, perhaps a judge or attorney) in Hering (presumably a town) and Catharina N (space) - I'm not sure what Lengfeld is about - it is a place, I think - apparently Rosina married Hans Heinrich Pfalzgraff in (Gross-) Umstadt, possibly 30 Mar 1705, altho it may mean that there is a record that was seen in Lengfeld showing the marriage.


Valentin, Johann Junior, geb. Wolfershausen 23.12. 1657, So. d. Peter Valentin, von Senta u. d. Lucia N., Kassel 23.8.1688. Johann Valentin, Jr, born Wolfershausen 23 Dec 1657, son of Peter Valentin from Senta (or perhaps von Senta as a fuller surname, I don't know) and Lucia N. Came from Kassel
23 August 1688


More ...


Fischer, Wilhelm, get. Sickenhofen 19.3.1723, So. d. Conrad Fischer u. d. Anna Margarethe Schäfels, Dieburg 11.2.1750
verheiratet zu Umstadt mit Anna Margarethe Frieß. Wilhelm Fischer, christened Sickenhofen 19 Mar 1723, son of Conrad Fischer and Anna Margarethe Schäfels, Dieburg 11 Feb 1750, married in (Gross-) Umstadt Anna Margarethe Frieß.

op den Kamp

Lauth - Lauth, Juliane, geb. Volckertshain, To. d. Thöll Lauth, Landwirt von Stockhausen, später verzogen nach Volckertshain u. d. Elisabeth Schaub. Stockhausen 20.5.1652. Juliane Lauth, born in Volckershain, daughter of Thoell Lauth, farmer from Stockhausen (later moved to Volckertshain) and Elizabeth Schaub. Stockhausen 20 May 1652.


Maser - Maser, Anna - geb. Umstadt 28.2.1658, To. d. Gabriel Mauser, Schuldiener zu Umstadt, ab 1690 zu Lengfeld (Extrakt aus dem Hausbuch des G. Mauser) verheiratet mit Conrad Korner. It means Anna Maser, born in (Gross) Umstadt 28 February 1658, daughter of Gabriel Mauser, teacher in (Gross) Umstadt, then 1690 to Lengfeld (extract from the "house book" of G Mauser) married Conrad Korner.


Mößer, Johann Nikolaus aus Klein-Umstadt, geb. Klein-Umstadt 23.4.1706 So. d. Johann Peter Mößer aus Klein-Umstadt u. d. Barbara N. . . . 10.5.1776.
Mößer, Johann Nikolaus from Klein-Umstadt, born Klein-Umstadt 12 Apr 1706, son of Johann Peter Mößer of Klein-Umstadt and Barbara N. ... 10 May 1776.

Müller, Eva von Lengfeld, To d. Friedrich Müller u. d. Veronica N., Hering 12.12.1607. Müller, Eva from Lengfeld, daughter of Friedrich Müller and Veronica N., Hering 12 Dec 1607

Müller, May von Büdingen, Pfannenschmeid hinter der Burg vor der Stadt, So. d. Philipp Müller aus Schweickartshausen u. d. Catharina Fritz, Büdingen 1631
verh. mit Magdalena, Wwe. d. Georg Forstler. Müller, May from Büdingen, (occupation) Pfannenschmeid (something to do with pans) behind the mountain in front of the town. Son of Phillip Müller from Schweickartshausen and Catharina Fritz, Büdingen 1631, married Magdalena, widow (Witwe) of Georg Forstler


Saupp - Saupp, Anna Catharina, geb. Mercklingen 1.5.1655, To. d. Hans Jacob Saupp u. d. Walburga Schmid aus Leonberg, Mercklingen Herrnalber Klosteramt 29.7.1672, verheiratet mit Hans Michael Fischer, Schuhmachergesell. It means Saupp, Anna Catharina, born Mercklingen 1 May 1655, daughter of Hans Jacob Saupp and Walburga Schmid of Leonberg, Mercklingen Herrnalber Klosteramt 29 Jul 1672 (Monastary/Convent office, presumably the location of the marriage), married Hans Michael Fischer, journeyman shoemaker.


Schifferdecker - Schifferdecker, Anna Catharina, get. Mosbach 24.2.1684, To. D. Andreas Schifferdecker. It means, Schifferdecker, Anna Cathartina, getauft/christened, Mosbach (town) 24 Feb 1684, daughter of Andreas Schifferdecker.


Vogt - Vogt, Johann Conrad, Lakai und Schneidergesell geb. Cleeber-Sälzbach 9.12.1745, So. d. Wolfgang Vogt u. d. Maria Barbara N. Brezfeld 12.11.1722.
It means, Johann Conrad Vogt, lackey and tailor shop, born in Cleeber-Sälzbach 9 Dec 1745, son of Wolfgang Vogt and Maria Barbara N. Brezfeld 12 Nov 1722.


Wirwatz, Heinrich Essaias, So. d. Johann Daniel Wirwatz aus Überau, Reinheim 18.6. 1727. Heinrich Essaias Wirwatz, son of Johann Danial Wirwatz of Überau. Came from Reinheim 18 June 1727.


I have not requested permission to quote these items from the book. I believe that the intent of the authors was to make the information available. There is no English version, to my knowledge. My only intent is to present this small section of the book for the benefit of the genealogical community. I have no potential financial gain from doing so. I will, however, cheerfully remove it upon the written request of any legal copyright holder.

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