Published works and other UM materials found in libraries, and especially at the Historical Society of Montgomery Co, PA, include the following. These items were used by the "Special Research Team" as a base for establishing the origins of the information currently in circulation.

The various writings of Samuel W Pennypacker (late 1800s - early 1900s).

Eyerman, John, The Ancestors of Marguerite and John Eyerman, Private Press at Oakhurst House, Easton, PA, 1899, Umstead Family. (SLC Film #1486616 item 11, filmed at Library of Congress, Washington DC, 1985) John Eyerman, born 1867, was a descendant of John "NS."

Document showing an Umstead chart, found by team member Betty Banmiller in the Umstead file at the Historical Society of Montgomery Co. It had been submitted by Dr Joseph Anderson and Jane Anderson Katzenbach. A note on the document says that it was copied 3/1/1912 from original made by Wm Summers, Conshohocken, PA, April 12, 1905.

"The Addams Family in America," by Addams S. McAllister, New York, a paper read at the Reunion of the Early Members of St. James P. E. Church of Perkiomen, Montgomery County, Pa., June 4, 1921. (Copy for the Montgomery County Historical Society, with compliments of the author, June 6, 1921).

"Perkiomen Region," Vol. X, No 2, April, 1932, Whole No 37, owned and published by the Historical and Natural Society of the Perkiomen Region. Article entitled "Ancestry of Abram Clemmer," pp 47-51.

Umstead Chart (74 pages including index) by Charles Major, part of Family Records made by Charles Major 1935-1936, 276 pages. (SLC Film #21594 Item 3, filmed at the Historical Society of Montgomery County, Norristown, PA)

Research of L.D. Cook:
(1) "Op Den Graeff of Germantown, Philadelphia," from S.W. Pennypacker, The Settlement of Germantown, published in 1899, "with footnotes added here by me, L.D. Cook, Phila., 1948."
(2) 1948 Report to an Umstead client. (Family Records by L.D. Cook, Gen Co 3.3 at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

"UMSTEAD FAMILY," compiled by E. Ray Sullivan, presented by Iowa State Department of History and Archives, 1959. It is the source most often referenced in currently circulated research. When a member of the Special Research Team wrote to the Historical Society of Montgomery County in 1998, this was the paper that was sent to her. The material presented in Sullivan's research paper does NOT include documentation. Hannah Benner Roach states that it was from the ESTATE of E. Ray Sullivan, deceased. They apparently did not collaborate.

Sullivan's work does contain quotes from certain documents, which we believe to be valid, even though we have not been able to find the documents themselves. They are apparently no longer available, but these quotes have been valuable to us. His work also contains undocumented information, some of which is questionable, and some of which is incorrect.

Hannah Benner Roach Collection: Umstead information in "Montgomery Co. PA Families, T-Z" (Gen RO78:19, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)


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